10 Things to Avoid when Starting a Website

Starting a website here are 10 things to avoid doing.

Starting a website is easy these days, but there are some things you should avoid when building it.  I thought it would be helpful to talk about what NOT to do when you want to start blogging or build a website.

There is a lot of things you need to do, but here we will talk about what not to do when starting a website.


Starting a website

1– Choose a niche that you don’t really like – Things to avoid when starting a website.

The purpose of your blog is to share things you like with other readers. Blogging is like having a chat with someone.

If you don’t like the subject that much, you will quickly get bored (and your reader too). And creating the content for your blog will quickly become torture.

To create content that captivates your readers, you will need to spend hours applying yourself to that content. Do some research to make sure your content is useful and interesting.

So you can quickly realize that if you are not particularly interested in the niche you have chosen, you will lose your enthusiasm very quickly and blogging will quickly become a hassle.

And, that’s not the point. Your website must above all be a space that allows you to share what you know and that makes you happy. If not, what’s the point?

So love what you do first because your readers will feel it.

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2– Spending too much time on the logo or the ‘about’ section 

When you start, you can easily get lost in the small details … like finding the exact angle of the tilt of your logo, or even spending hours changing the background of the logo because it’s not quite yet. that.

Then once the logo is done, it’s the turn of the “about” section. And once more…

We waste hours to find the exact words. And during that time… you aren’t creating useful content for your readers.

The best advice I can give you when you are starting out, choose a simple logo and write a simple About Page.

Chances are your logo and your tone will change over time. As you create yourself, your identity on your blog post will evolve. This is normal and these changes will come about more naturally.

Don’t look for perfection in the detail when you’re going for it. Readers won’t follow you because of your logo or your appropriateness (except when you specialize in a specific area and your blog serves as a platform to sell your services).

How many logos or related things do you remember from the blogs that you follow?

If you want to stand out as a blogger, it’s the content you offer your readers that will make them remember you.

3 -Choosing a free platform – Things to avoid when starting a website.

Free platforms are a good idea only if you just want to try blogging and see if you like it or if you don’t want your blog to become more than a hobby. In my opinion, there are only two advantages to free platforms:
  1. it’s free
  2. it’s easy to use
But, it’s good to know that free platforms just won’t give you the same possibilities as a platform that is self-hosted (such as wordpress.org)
  • Among the disadvantages, there are
  • No or very few possibilities to add plug-ins (extension modules that allow you to add new features to your site)
  • a domain name that displays the extension of the platform,
  • advertisements that appear on the blog (for which you will not touch anything)
  • a limit in the customization of the design of the blog
  • If your goal is to have a professional website and earn, I don’t recommend free platforms.

4- Wait until your blog is ‘perfect’ to launch it – Things to avoid when starting a website

At the very beginning of my journey, I had met someone who was in the creation phase of their site. She spent months perfecting her site, taking professional photos, writing her up-to-date… and not posting anything the whole time.

To me his site was ‘perfect’ and yet in his eyes there was always something to change. And the more time passed, the more she found that her site was wrong. It took him 8 months to start his blog.

You really don’t have to wait that long. Your best bet is to start your MLM blog and improve it as you go. The most important thing is always the quality of the content you have to offer your readers.

You can have the best-looking blog, but if you don’t have any content or your content is average, your readers will desert you anyway.

5– Invest in expensive APPS – Things to avoid when starting a website

When you start, you can quickly be dazzled by all the APPS and plug-ins available on the net.

But know that at first, you won’t use it.

As long as your website is not generating traffic, there is no need to invest in tools with high-performance features.

Always go for the free versions at first (apart from the hosting platform.  It’s large enough.

The fees add up quickly if you don’t keep a careful eye on your subscriptions. And even if you’ve budgeted for your blog, you usually don’t need to invest in APPS until you have a good number of visitors to your site.

6 – Waste your time on the net – Things avoid when starting a website.

We all got a little tricked at this level. Especially when you’re just starting out. You start with the intention of writing an article and end up on Facebook with a half-started article.

If this is the case, don’t get confused when you catch yourself doing it. It’s not serious. As long as you notice it, that’s a good thing.

To be an effective blogger, you have to learn to ignore all distractions. It’s not that hard, but it does require a minimum of discipline and willpower.

7- Duplicate the content of other bloggers – Things to avoid when starting a website.

That’s a big mistake and yet a lot of bloggers do. But a friend’s advice, don’t copy another blogger’s content.

The idea of ​​a blog is precisely to share your own personality with the world, to enrich the world with your own originality.

You don’t have to reinvent the world, you can get inspiration from other bloggers, but most importantly, don’t copy.

If you think you need to copy others to make your voice heard, maybe you’re not blogging for the right reasons, or you’re blogging in the wrong niche.

When you write your articles, always try to share your personal touch, your experience, and to add that little extra to you. This is what will make you different from others.

8 – Stop learning – Thing to avoid when starting a website. Never stop learning!

Now that you’ve decided to start your website, it’s time to expand your skills and learn more.  Learn to Earn!

You will quickly learn that being a blogger requires that you wear different clothes, among which you will find those of:

photographer, marketing, author, publisher, leader, entrepreneur, graphic designer, coach, etc.

The good thing about blogging is that you can afford to learn on the job. One of the best ways to learn, in my opinion.

It is also a good idea to dedicate and invest part of your budget in your training, your learning. After all, your blog will never grow more than you.  So don’t be afraid to get involved with a great hosting platform.  

A Platform that will help you learn to get on the top first page of Google. Where you’ll learn about SEO, keywords, get free traffic, and earn a good income from your blog website.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform, where you’ll learn to earn!

9 – You forget Pinterest – Things to avoid when starting a website.

Important things to know …

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly users
85% are women
85% of searches are done via mobile
100 billion + pins on Pinterest
Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms for redirecting traffic to your blog.

Investing yourself in Pinterest right away is essential to make yourself known quickly.

The advantage is that the platform is mostly visual. What makes its use easy and pleasant.

Another important thing to know is that people who go to Pinterest are looking for specific information.

And if you’re already familiar with Pinterest, how many times have you clicked on an image because it was visually appealing with a clear title?

hmm…  Almost every time!


This is how a lot of bloggers get their blogs out there.

10 – You get discouraged quickly because no one is visiting your blog

The key element is patient.

Tell yourself that if you are consistent with your blog and create useful and interesting content, readers will find you. But don’t expect to have thousands of visitors right away, either.

It’s part of the game.

At first, try not to focus too much on the number of visits and visitors. It may demoralize you, especially if you start to compare yourself with bloggers who have been in the business for several years. Don’t compare yourself

Focus only on the quality of your content. I have said this several times, but it is so important for SEO and free traffic.

Starting a blog website the most important is to love what you do, find fun doing it, stay consistent and be patient. Never give up!

If you do all of this, you are on the right track.

Final Thoughts

Starting a website it’s important to avoid doing those things you just read about. The one thing that is crucial is to choose the niche you’re going to write about.

The thing you’ll like the most to do or talk about is the choice for your niche website that you will be choosing.

Thank you for reading this post, if you’ve come this far it means that you are ready to start working for yourself and make a good income from it.

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