15 Steps to Get Your Website Traffic

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How to Get Traffic – My Website Paid and free traffic


What is the main source of research for many people?  Of course, it’s Google, everybody I know,  search on google.  People search for pets, how to train a dog, search for homework, search for recipes, and more.

SEO:  Search engine optimization

It is very important to businesses that you rank highly when people are searching for products or services you provide.  You must find the special keywords that people search on google to rank highly for businesses. 

And you create content out of these keywords, valuable content, and helpful for your soon customers.

Businesses are going online

Today with COVID 19 a lot of businesses are going internet, and more as the years go on, a lot of people want to have an Online Business, so you need to have a good online presence.  

As a business owner (from home) or working for an online business, it is really important to be found on the search engine SEO. 

When writing posts for your website, you must use good keywords when people search on the net and want google to find you easily.  

When people search on google and you have to use good keywords on the title or/and on the content you will be happy to rank highly for those people who find your website become potential customers

15 steps to increase your website traffic

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

15 Steps to Drive Traffic

1-Need to find customers, not everyone is a customer, some people will want what you offer, but that doesn’t mean that they will buy from you. You will need to develop and gain the trust of your customers

2-People usually don’t like to be bothered to purchase, you will need to persuade people with what you propose and how you know about your products.

3-Organic marketing (free traffic from media) can be difficult to engage

4-You will need to establish a budget for marketing and advertising for your audience to find your website, and to find your audience.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everybody the free traffic, and it can take a lot of time, even years if you don’t pay for advertising 

5-Subscribes to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook group, Instagram, 

6-Not all social media will work for you.  Even if you’re persistent sometimes it doesn’t seem to work for you.

7-Family, sorry but don’t count on family and friends for some the family can be the worst to count on! …. ‘’sometimes I said.”

8-Never give up, stay positive

9-Establish a budget start at only $30 per month to buy advertising, and it will help

10-After a couple of months put another $30 so, you will have $60 of advertising, and just for one month sometimes it enough to get customers.

11-Starting an Online business, with affiliate marketing does not have to be too expensive.

12-You will need to be positive, persistent, patient, and believe in yourself.  Enhance your development

13-Not everybody can work online it is a big responsibility but, It’s possible to achieve if you have discipline, diligence, and constancy, and don’t forget a lot of Motivation.

14-To do Affiliate Marketing, it is possible with Wealthy Affiliate

15- To work online from home do an opportunity like freelance,  you will need to find what you are good at, what is your experience where you can use your ability, your knowledge.


Link placement.

If all your affiliate links are at the bottom of the page where people rarely scroll, clicks will be few and far between. You need to balance link placement with the other factors below. 

Using callouts like buttons, tables, and boxes can help attract your readers’ attention and make the post more skimmable.

If you need help advertising, I can help you with how to establish, where your customers are and how you can reach them.

The reason why I decided to create an Online Business is to help people like me at 55 years old who don’t have a good Pension for retirement to stop working a 9 to 5 job. 

I wanted to learn how to do it so I can share my knowledge with people who want to have a Passive Income. 

My saving for my pension went on other issues I had ones, so now I want to work from home and help people make a Passive Income from Home just like I did. 

lynesplan.com Hello! My name is Lyne, Welcome to my space on the internet. Here you’ll find writing about topics such as creating More Income For Yourself By Working From The Comfort Of Your Home, online jobs, affiliate marketing, Deals, scams, saving, and making money.

It Can All Begin For You Starting Right Here with one click…

In affiliate marketing, two conversions need to take place for you to make money.

  • The first conversion is the click to the product page. You’re 100% in control of this action. 
  • The second conversion is the visitor purchasing the product. In the case of affiliate marketing, the merchant controls the checkout, and their conversion rates are out of your control.

The trick is to play the game to your advantage and look for merchants with programs that convert well.

If you’re interested to start for Free, this is my number 1 recommendation to make a passive income from home.


Public income reports

If people are making decent money from an affiliate program, then it’s likely that the product converts well.

How do you know if people are making money?

Look at public income reports where bloggers publicly reveal how much money they’re making from their affiliate deals.

You can find these reports on Google.

For example, if you search for “income report amazon affiliate”, you’ll see a few blog posts showing how bloggers have made money from Amazon Affiliates.


If you’d like to learn how to start your Online Business see the post here!

Thank you for reading my post!

Which you all the Best!


8 Replies to “15 Steps to Get Your Website Traffic”

  1. Thank you for your article, Lyne. I, too, have an online business, and I like that you start with discussing the importance of being found on a search engine, and especially Google. Without Google, it would be hard for people to find our sites, and thus, almost impossible for us to be in business, right?

    Thanks for sharing your 14 tips to drive traffic to our sites, and for sharing your personal touch about generating income in order to enhance your retirement. I am close to retirement and will be supplementing my income with my online business also.

    The best to you in your endeavors.

    1. Hello Joanie, my pleasure to share this article, if I can help anybody with this adventure I would. I’m happy to have join the Wealthy Affiliate program to have started my own journey on this wonderful tour that we are in, and If I can help you with anything he’s let me know.
      thank you for your comment

  2. These are fantastic ideas about how you can drive traffic to your website. Having some money put aside for marketing is definitely useful. Some social media platforms are offering just one dollar a day to expose your contents to millions of people out there. Wealthy affiliate is the platform which will provide you all the training and support to make your money freedom dream come true.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas with us.

    1. Hello Habib, I really appreciate your comment, yes sometimes it doesn’t work just sharing posts, sometimes some people will need to paid a little advertising for it. But not always, for some, it works well without advertising.

  3. Hi lyne,

    Thanks for putting together this article on how to bring traffic to your site.

    I’m glad that you mentioned online marketing isn’t for everyone. I find that’s the case with most things in life.

    You just have to find a good fit.

    Thank you once again; there’s some really good bits of wisdom in here.


    1. Hello Michael, I appreciate your comment. For anybody who wants to achieve the goal of having an online business it is possible but they will need to have good patient, and be aware that its not a one day job and get paid tomorrow. It takes time, patient, constancy, and perseverance.

      thank again

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