15 Ways To Increase Traffic for your Website. 

Increase traffic for your website – 15 ways to do it!

Hello again, in this post I want to share with you what are the important ways to increase the traffic of your site. This one is mostly Free traffic from SEO.

Beginners can find it hard to start a blog. Especially if you’re not sure how to get traffic on your site.  And here we talk about free traffic from SEO. To Increase traffic on your website you’ll need to follow those 15 ways I write below.

Here, are 15 ways to increase traffic on your website.

increase traffic, for your website

1- Knowing  your target audience

Your visitors are looking for answers when they stumble on your blog. They want to be involved and understood. You need to connect with your audience.

Knowing your readers can help you what type of content and message they care to see.

Learn more about your audience by having an email list, by looking at your stats, and by figuring out when your site is more active.  Read their comments, conduct surveys, etc.

2- Write content that’s helpful to your audience

Content is very important, as long as you create great and helpful content, your visitor will keep coming back and back for more.

The better your content is the more your audience is going to be active on your website. They’ll promote and share your posts.

Use power words like; scary, you, your, silly, invasion, discover, free, killer, elite, tools, unexpected, etc.

Use headers and subheaders. People don’t read posts (well some do) but some just scan your post.  If your readers can’t find the information they are looking for easily they’ll leave your site or if it’s just a big blob of text, it’ll scare them away.

3- Get social media to Increase traffic

Use your other social media platforms to promote your website.

Instagram is a wildly popular platform to connect and share with people around the world.  Make a mini blog post in your description box with a simple picture that relates to it.  Add hashtags to connect with others.

Twitter is great for links and short quotes from your site. Again, hashtags can be used to connect with followers.

Pinterest is very very popular among bloggers because a lot of people are looking for inspiration and answers on this platform.

4- Consistency is Key 

Make yourself a schedule for your posts.

Do it according to your traffic. For example, if on Mondays and Thursdays your traffic is booming publish your posts every Monday and Thursday at 7 am or 1 pm depending on your stats.

Or, you can always go according to your work schedule, but be consistent and post on the same days and around the same hours.  It’s very important to stick to it.

You’ll waste less time if you have a deadline for a post, it’ll give you more structure not only to you but to your audience as well.

5- Be active in comment sections

Respond to your readers in comment sections not only on your site but on other websites in your niche.

It’s a great way to connect and relate with readers and visitors. Instead of just leaving your name in the section, you can leave your blog name. People get curious.

 Plus sometimes you may catch the attention of the blogger.

6- Incorporate videos

When adding videos to your site, it becomes more engaging and more exciting for your reader. It attracts visitors and holds their attention. They stay longer on your blog and that is good for your traffic.

It’s a good way to recycle old content in a new more dynamic way.  It increases visibility and it may get viral if done well.

Videos help your audience to get to know and trust you. Videos are fast and convenient.

You can make tutorials, video summaries, or vlogs. You can create an about us video, or share video reviews. There are many ways in which videos can improve your traffic and engagement.

7- Mix it up – To Increase traffic

There’s no magic formula for content creating. There’s no absolute rule to write a blog.

You should vary the length and format of your posts to make them more appealing to your readers.  It will appeal to different types of visitors.

Add images, graphics, or videos. Maybe data-driven content for maximum impact.

You can give out tips, or answer quora questions. Try a storytelling approach in one post. Make a long-term post, short ones with a lot of images, maybe a detailed tutorial.

Use readable fonts big and medium, don’t go too small; some readers might have a hard time reading.

8- Advertise – Increase traffic

This one may be a little obvious but ADVERTISE your blog.

You can do it for free on your social media, or Pinterest. Maybe with a blogger community, in a Facebook group, family, and friends.

There are paid ways to advertise as well. Some sites will promote your blog across thousands of other similar blogs and sites.

 BUT, be careful,  do some research before committing to one advertising website.

9- Write Irresistible Headlines

 Headlines are very important for your website!

This is what will capture your audience’s attention. It’s the first impression of your blog and your brand.  First impressions are very important.

This alone can make or break your website, even if you have the best content in the world if your headline is ‘’Crap’’ people won’t be interested.

Use power words, (like said earlier) numbers to make an impact.

Research what other blogs used as headlines, DON’T copy them but get inspired by them.


10- Optimize your posts for SEO

Update old posts from 6 to 7 months old.  Some rank on the top page of google don’t touch them, but the other ones add some information.

If SEO will show your posts when you have a lot of useful information.  Add some pictures with detail write into the picture.  The Alt text of the picture is very important on write keywords in the Alt text.


11- Link internally + externally

When creating content be sure to look out for opportunities to put in links.


Link words to some of your other popular posts that connect with it. It’ll give a more useful experience to your users, and they’ll stay longer on your blog.


liking words to some other bloggers from the same niche. Link to products to buy.

This will help you get more authority on google in which will help you increase your ranking and your traffic.


12- Examine google analytic data

Keep a close eye on your Analytics data, it’s a valuable source.  It can tell you from your most popular pages to your audience’s demographic.

You can use this information for promotional and content strategies.  It’ll help you write more posts that connect with your visitors.

This data will help you to make a schedule for your posts,  you’ll see when your visitors are more active.

You can also see, on Google’s analytics the growth of your blog.


Heads up: My posts may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links You won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

13-Use long keywords – Increase traffic

Use long keywords tags, the more you put the more people will find your site on SEO.  Use some words like “how to do this,” “how can I do that” or even “What is this for, or what can I do for my.”

Search on the Research tool for good keywords.  A tool like Jaaxy!.  To read the Jaaxy review click here.

But… If you know Jaaxy and want to create an account.

14- Have a Navigation Menu – Increase traffic

A clear menu will help your visitors search and navigate your site very easily.  What users want is to search for content they are interested in, not get lost on your blog.

Make categories in your menu but not too much so that it doesn’t overwhelm your readers.

Make sure when you publish your posts to tag them in the right categories so that your menu works clearly.

15- Guest blogging – Increase traffic

Securing a guest post on a well-known website can increase your traffic and help you build your audience and brand.

Standards may vary for each blogger but it can be a great opportunity for you to expand your blog.

You can always invite other bloggers to write a guest post on your website. These guest bloggers are likely to share the link of their post on social media and their site which could bring new readers.

Just make sure that you’re posting high-quality content and that there are no spammy links because that could break your site.

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Final Thoughts – Increase Traffic

So these were my 15 tips to increase traffic on your site. I can say that they work because I use these ways for my blog.

Hopefully, you like this post and let me know in the comments which tip you are going to try out.

Please share with your friend who wants to start an Online Business.

All the Best, take care!


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