2 best Factors for Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing Factors to read

You probably know by now that affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses for anyone who wishes to earn regular income on the internet. The long term relationship that I talk in my other post is one of the best investments for a Passive Income from home and for retirement.

When I say investment, I don’t talk about money, I’m talking about time and hard work. Hard work you’ll need to do but only while you do the training and building your website. After training done you will enjoy the free time you will gain.  

You’re here right now and glad you’re seeing what factors you should consider when starting an affiliate marketing business.  In this post, I’ll share with you the affiliate marketing strategies that I have used in the affiliate marketing business is not as easy as most think and it involves a lot more if you want to be successful at it.

You will want to start working on it the proper way so that it will ensure a long term income stream. So let’s see below the factors to consider when starting an affiliate marketing business: 

  • Choose A Niche (link(.com)) See Post Niche                 
  • Start the training
  • Build your Website (with the training)
  • Work hard don’t forget it’s for you
  • Consistency and perseverance
  • Set up goals 

Before choosing your Niche I Strongly Suggest you write a couple of pages on google document or word and after those pages (about me page/ brainstorm about Niche) you will be more sure about your Niche you’ll choose and want to talk about.  Many don’t see how crucial it is when choosing your Niche it is going to be your Online Business.  When you start checking different niches, you’ll realize that there are so many of them out there.


Keep in mind that niches are not made equal, some are more profitable than others.  No worry about the training and work, yours will become profitable as well.  And you will talk about a lot on your website. One good rule to choose a Niche is you need to be passionate about it, better if you have a vast knowledge and experience with it,(easier to talk about).  If you don’t have vast knowledge it’s okay as long as you’re very interested in the topic you chose and willing to do some research.

Ideas for the most relevant niche, here are some of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing and they don’t go out of style.

  • Wealth and Money
  • Health and Wellness
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Gaming – Sports
  • Hobbies – pets
  • Cooking, sewing/knitting, 

What’s a Niche?

A Niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products. Small companies can do extremely well if they can fill a specific market niche. Ex.: Etsy.com is a niche, ”kidsactivitiesforhome.com” is a niche. Niche is a name you’ll write with your domain name (.com, .org, .net).

Niches are broad and can be broken down into sub-topics or sub-niches. What is a sub-niches or sub-topics, here some good example:

Let’s say your Niche talk about Garden, well as a Niche,  Garden or gardening are Niches already taken as a domain name but a sub-niche can be “best flowers” or “garden flowers” or this one you will recognize is  “Miracle-Gro”,  these are all subtopic or sub-niche. There are thousands of different Niches to chose from. Google Trends is another good way to see if your niche idea has a steady interest.  Don’t forget to choose something that for you will be easy to talk about, because you are doing this for the long term.

Choose a Niche as you start 

Some people start with one Niche and decide to change and try to work on two websites, “as I did.’’  Don’t do like me, I decided to fast on my Niche name and after 30 posts didn’t do much good on that site. My first website is on hold, didn’t work on it for quite a time.  That’s the reason I suggest you think really well about your Niche. 




There is a lot of training to learn in the beginning so focus on one website it’s very important.  You will see results much faster if you put all your energy and work effort into one site instead of spreading your work on 2 or 3 sites which will thin your work per site. 

Instead of having 2 or 3 websites, it will take much longer to see results from any of them because instead of putting 3 posts on one site, you’re putting 1 post on each site.  The more content on one site, the more it will rand faster, tho more traffic it gets earlier and the more money you will earn 


Build Your Website         

Once you have determined which niche is best for you, your next step is to start the training and building your website while training (with help).  It is the easiest way to build your website with Wealthy Affiliate training and all it’s platform people. 

I strongly recommend that you create a website, to have an online presence and without this online presence, it’ll be very hard for you to build free traffic.

In addition, many affiliate programs prefer affiliates who have their own sites.  Some even ask for your site’s URL before you can join their program.  Companies are more particular with their affiliates  The main reason is they want to make sure that your site and reputation will not affect their brand.

It can be intimidating to build your own website, Today in a matter of minutes. You can check out the training platform I use to build my affiliate marketing business, which has a very easy Site Builder on it. 

It’s really easy to use just follow the steps, and you’ll have your site up and running in no time. 

Find The Best Affiliate Programs

Well, the website is on the run, cool now it’s time that you look for affiliate programs you can join.  There’s a lot out there, so many it won’t be that hard to find which ones are the best for you.

Although you need to invest your time in figuring out which ones you’re going to join.  Learn more about the company, the products they are offering, the commission you’re going to receive as an affiliate, how in-demand their products are, and so on.


Make sure that you have the right company. After all, it is where you’re going to get your commissionThe fastest way to find affiliate marketing programs is by doing a Google search. Simply type in “niche + affiliate program”. You will then see various companies that offer affiliate programs.

Time to choose a program.  When choosing affiliate programs, most of the companies let you become an affiliate for free.  However, some may charge you, It really depends but, Personally  I wouldn’t join any that make me pay, that really depends all on you.

If you need to pay to become their affiliate, make sure their products are high quality and profitable. Don’t forget this is your referred website(your name).     

You will put Time and Hard Work (at first).

Now you have an affiliate product to market, it’s time for some real work to be done.  You have partnered with a company, it doesn’t mean you’re going to start earning right away.  You’ll need to create a post for the product you’re about to promote and talk with trust. 

If you’re a blogger or an influencer and already have an audience of followers, then you can actually market those products right away and will likely earn in no time.

 However, if you’re just starting out as I did, you need to build an audience first. It’s not going to be easy selling something when no one really knows you or trust you. The most effective way to build your audience is to keep creating useful and unique content.

Providing people with solutions that they can use in their everyday lives can be pretty tricky sometimes.  Focus on a Niche and determine which problems your audience share. 

Once you actually gain the trust in helping people, that’s the time when they go visit your blogs and will most likely share your content.

You will be trained to know how to write your content in a way that will rank your blog posts on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

If you can learn how to get your blog posts ranked, then your website will be able to generate a stream of FREE traffic to your blog and you’ll start making money!  If you don’t know how to do this you should really check out the Wealthy Affiliate training program that I’ve used here. My business is growing very well.








8 Replies to “2 best Factors for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I like your post very much even I am going to start a new affiliate Marketing. Your article gives a piece of great information to make the right decision.

  2. Thank you for such a detailed overview of affiliate marketing which is easy to understand. You are so right that choosing multiple niches is a bad idea. While you’re learning everything involved in building a profitable business it’s best to stick with one blog, as you can put all your focus and energy into it. Thanks for the advice on finding affiliate programs, Google is often a good place to start.

    1. Hi Kathy, Yes don’t make the same mistake I did, It’s my theird niche and this one is the good one. The other two I don’t know what I’ll do with them, one website is down but the other one I might continue to work on it
      thank you

  3. Great article on affiliate marketing. Very useful guide for the beginners who are interested and looking into starting an online business.

    I really enjoyed the read and liked the way we went through each of the step and made it so simple and easy for anyone to follow on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    All the very best

  4. Hi Lyne,

    Yes, if you just started your online business, I would say to focus on one website first. Otherwise, you will feel huge stress when you need to keep creating content for each site, which might lead you to quit.

    As for the specific niche you are going to choose, I would suggest trying something you have passion about, so. You will feel like you are doing for fun instead of work, work, and work.

    I hope my feedback helps your readers too.

    1. Hi Matt, thank’s for your comment and your suugeestion as well. Yes it’s better to focus on only one niche that’s the reason I decided to focus on this website were I try to help people earn good pasive income from home

      thank you for your comment I appriciate it

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