Tips on How to change your life

Advice to change your life

Decide – Committing

There is a big difference between Wanting to change your life and decided to change your life  The moment you decide between the moment you actually do it can take some time. Some people need all the planning to be perfect and without any mistake or missing something.  It is good to plan but stop planing, jump into starting, even if you’re not ready to start-stop planning, take action.


Take the action to change your life. Getting out of your comfort zone that what most people are scared of, and that’s when something happens. When you’re scared, it can put a wall between growing and staying still. These are the needles that need to get off of your life.  You need to take off all the needles, and push the wall in front and start changing it.

Those needles sometimes are people you will meet during your adventure, the mistake you will do, the huge lessons you need to take. These needles can be tasks that you push away to do another time and stop you from going forwards, put a deadline for those boring tasks.

All these things, all these needles that you take off your way, are going to bring a massive change in your life. Getting out of our comfort zone can be very scary for some people. Feeling un-comfort that means it’s a signal that you’re leaning, that you’re going forward,  and you are growing!

Yes, you need to plan, don’t do it too much because a plan needs to be put on executing or it won’t work.  Need to make things happen to have the change that you want to achieve in your life.

Take action, start with small goals at the beginning, and upgrade them within the time. One day you’ll be better as the new life you decide to take action for. Your goals and dreams will grow over time from taking action achieving small goals, and then with the time, you will have some bigger goals to go for. 


Don’t believe negative people or comment on your journey, push those negative people, and thought away –  Get Start On Your Journey of new life.


Those Unproductive Days…

Some days where you feel unproductive at home when you can get your things done, or you feel like you have a never-ending to-do list.  You don’t have the motivation to move forward.

This can happen to anybody who works at home. Ups and downs can be more often than working with co-workers.  Motivation is not an easy mindset to keep while working alone on your business.


Tips to stay productive!

Tips 1 – Stay Active

When you get up in the morning, take 20 minutes to activate your body, do exercise, take a walk, or ride a bicycle, get out of the house it helps motivation and gives energy to your body.  At the same time listen to music help to get your mind off things while workout outside.

A common indulgence that tends to happen when working from home is the craving to stay in your pajamas or sweatpants all day, it can kill your productivity take time to dress up. Take time to eat, and look at the other video content for 10 minutes.

Now you are ready to start your working at home day shift.

Tip 2 – Take a good lunch break!

When working at home it’s easy to fall into bad habits, it is important to take the same lunch break that you would take if you’re be working and outside 9 to 5 jobs.

If you want to stay productive, you will need to eat healthy and take a break after eating.  Take a walk or just go outside and get some fresh air.  After an hour’s lunch break and staying active outside, you will see that your energy is getting better.

Tips  3 –  Clean your workspace every day.

After every day of work clean your desk, take time to organize it for the next day of work. Clean up all un-necessary things you will not use the next day, empty your trash, close your laptop.

Plan your next day before closing the day. Sort two (2) or three (3) tasks to do for the next morning, so you’ll be organized for work. Prepare what you will need to work with so your day will be ready to start in the morning.

These are some tips you should do to make your next day a good start. Stay positive and believe in yourself!




When it’s time for you to take action in your dream to work from home, don’t lesson to the negative people who don’t believe in making money online.  Take your life in your hand and start working online.  If you want just work online and make online revenue by becoming a Freelance, Take action if you want to open an E-commerce or if you want to do affiliate marketing like we do, register with us at a wealthy affiliate where we have a community of positive people who are there to help you, follow you on your journey and will be there for you all the way.

Thank you for reading,

All the best!