4 Steps to make more digital product sales

4 Steps to make more digital product sales

Make more digital product sales.

This is a goal that everybody would like to do! And maybe you offer digital products like training, webinars, paid events, or ebooks. It may be your full-time business model or an additional source of income.

When you create a digital product, the goal is to sell it, just like a physical product. Not just to sell it for the act of buying itself, but to bring a transformation or something “extra” to the person who chooses to buy it.

digital product sales


And to sell a product, you have to have… Notoriety. And here I am not saying that you have to be known to everyone, but rather to your ideal client.

There are different phases to making yourself known to your ideal client and to instilling confidence in them to make the purchase.

This is called a “sales funnel” in marketing.

Below I’ll give you 4 tips to make more digital product sales.

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4 Steps to make more digital products sales

Step 1: Get qualified traffic on your site – More digital product sales

At the base of the sales funnel, you need qualified traffic. And for that, there are several ways:

  • Make you known via social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others)
  • Work on your natural referencing (Google, Bing,)
  • Work on your soft natural referencing (Pinterest)
  • After that, there are other steps, especially those where your audience sees you as a reference in your field thanks to your different content.

Step 2: convert your audience into newsletter subscribers

And before the act of purchase (or not), there is the 1st step of confidence: the fact that some of your visitors subscribe to your newsletter. It’s a guarantee of ultimate confidence!

Do you give out your email address to everyone? Of course not!  And the same goes for people who have subscribed to yours.

Step 3: Add value to your email list – More digital product sales

The third step is therefore to provide maximum value through this medium. In fact, this is the medium that will help you the most to convert your email list into customers.

How to make more sales of your digital products? By having a qualified and pampered email list. Of course, the more subscribers you have to your newsletter, the more likely it is to make sales.

To read on the subject: Get more subscribers to your newsletter (thanks to Pinterest).

But the basis is the quality of your subscribers and the quality of the content you deliver to them for free.

Step 4: A product that meets a real need – 

And finally the loop, but this would actually be the 1st step in the process of creating a digital product: the content of your product must meet one of the current needs of your community. And not your need or your desire to monetize this or that subject.

This is why it is important to understand the needs of your audience and to respond to them in the form of a digital product, such as a training course, an ebook, or a webinar. Whether your product is expensive or very affordable, this is not what will influence the buying decision.

And you, do you sell digital products?

Final Thoughts – More digital product sales

Now that you have seen the 4 different steps how to make more digital product sales

It’s time for you to think about you’re future and start working online. Work for you the real thing in these crazy years.

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