7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

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During my two years of work and experience as a web designer and web developer, I have worked with a lot of people who already had a website.

But often the same errors were present on their site. It’s important that you do not make the same mistakes as I did.  Today I am giving you tips if you already have a website.

7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

7 Mistakes to avoid for your Website!

1) The backups of your website, the classic mistake

I did it myself. I forgot to backup my site and at that moment I had 70 posts and 5 pages…

This is a very important point that unfortunately, too many people underestimate. You must have your own backup of your current version of the site. Don’t make the mistake of not making backups for your website for whatever reasons your site may:

2) Being hacked – 7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

Get an error during an update
A problem with your free web hosting (no problem with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting)

With a backup, you can quickly restore your site and it won’t be unavailable for too long.

For a WordPress site, many plugins offer you to create backups automatically.

Here is some plugin for backup:

  • VaultPress(Jetpack Backup)
  • Up-Draft Plus
  • BackUpBuddy
  • BoldGrid Backup
  • BackWUp


7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

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3) Update WordPress, plugins & themes

If you have a site with a CMS, like WordPress. You will then often have suggestions for updates. You may be missing out every day telling yourself that you won’t do it for fear of breaking your site.

However, all updates should be done on your website for the sake of updating, but also for security. Not updating is a risk for your site, and it is a big mistake for your website. But do not forget before each update to make a backup with a suitable plugin.

4) Username: the error that can be fatal to your website

The username to access the dashboard area of ​​your WordPress site is very important. It is important not to choose “admin”, “wp-admin”, “root”, or the name of your company.

If this is the case I recommend that you immediately go and change it by creating a new user.

Putting a very complicated username on WordPress is a good solution, even if you don’t remember it, you will be able to log in with your email address. It reduces the risk of hacking by entering admin with a password, which is a mistake made by many website owners.

5) The GDPR, the compliance of your website with the law

The GDPR, or the general data protection regulation, was introduced on the Canada web in 2019.  It requires that each site collecting personal data, for example via Google Analytics, or Aweber, must allow each user to say whether he is whether or not they consent to the collection of their data.

A website needs a data confidentiality policy, which is most often accessible in the footer.

6) The key pages of a successful website

If you deal with multiple subjects, such as cooking and your freelance activity, you should have a separate site for each activity. For two reasons :

Placing your site on two different SEO keywords is complicated
Don’t lose your visitor in 5 seconds, not knowing what you are doing.
A website always has the same key pages

A home page that is the gateway for the visitor of your site, he must immediately know what he will find on your site.

An about page, to get to know you or your company. Ideal for humanizing an activity

Some posts presenting the activities, products, or services offered.

A contact page with a form to allow you to contact you quickly and easily.
One CTA per page

For a site to work, you have to guide the user through your site. What should he do after visiting your service page?

Go to your about page or make an appointment via your booking service? Guide your visitor through a clear call-to-action with words like

“Book”, “Discover, click here or related post”

7) Take care of your site/Update/upgrade your site, answer comments.

Taking care of your site does not mean going over it once a week to check that it is still alive and to make a backup. Managing your website takes into account:

  • Updating plugins
  • Uploading new content
  • A check for broken links, SEO alerts from search Console
  • Sorting files regularly: Unused images, superfluous themes
  • And of course a backup.

How to create this website?

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7 Mistakes to Avoid building a Website

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  1. All the classic mistakes revolving around website creation I’ve already done! I’m still experiencing a bit of it, but have observed through Wealthy Affiliate I don’t have this problem.

    I have one site not with them and so far can’t migrate it over. As a result, I’m in the process of replacing that site, and making a point to not repeat the mistakes I’ve already made.

    • Hello Millie, I’ve made a lot of mistakes myself… But you need to take this as a learning process. Making mistakes is learning and we don’t do it twice. so that is why I call it a learning process. Thank’s again for stopping by

    • Hello Yvonne, these steps are very important to do for your website to work well. Don’t worry about avoiding these mistakes I write the post because I makes 2 of those mistakes I wrote in this post. You learn from your mistakes so I decided to share with people. Doing mistakes is a part of the process of learning. Thank you for your comment Yvonne I appreciate that you come back to my site!


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