7 Tips on What to talk about in your blog?

7 Tips on What to talk about in your blog!

You want to start your blog, or maybe you’ve already had your blog from but voila… you just don’t know what to talk about in your blog. If this is your case, then this article will surely be very useful for you.

Know that not knowing what to talk about in your blog happens to the best of us and especially that it is something that can be overcome so soon that we change our approach.

what to write in your blog

Not knowing what to talk about on your blog is also called blank page syndrome and like I said, it happens to pretty much everyone at least once. It happen to me more than once.

Every time you think you don’t know what to talk about on your blog, it’s always a reminder that we’re getting complicated. a little too much. And that it’s time to get back to basics.

Knowing what to talk about on your blog doesn’t have to be complicated. When things are too complicated, it is not sustainable in the long run. And you risk giving up.

So, here are 7 simple techniques to help you.

What to talk about on your blog?

1. Write about what you’re talking about every day!


If you don’t know what to talk about on your blog, it might be because you are trying to be what you are not. Do you ever not know what to talk to your partner about? Your friends or your family?

In prior no …

Because you always have something to tell AND because you are yourself. The approach should be the same in your blog. That is, write exactly as if you were talking to me directly if I was a co-worker or a good friend.

After all, your blog is an extension of who you are, things that interest you, and that you want to share. So whenever you think you don’t know what to talk about on your blog, talk about a topic like you’re talking to a friend.

2. Change your approach

Stop telling yourself …

“I don’t know what to talk about on my blog!” “I don’t know what to write”

“I don’t know”

You have to BAN this sentence from your mind. Saying “I don’t know what to talk about” will not solve anything. And worse, it’s that (negative) mental attitude that keeps you in doubt … of not knowing what to talk about.

It may be true that at the moment you don’t know what to talk about on your blog, but being assertive all the time certainly isn’t going to do anything to change that.

One effective approach to replace this negative “I don’t know what to talk about”  is to approach it differently:


I wonder what I could talk about on my blog that might interest my readers?

What have I learned recently that might be useful to share?”
“What questions did I ask myself when I first started that might be of use to my readers?”
“What do I want to talk about, ME?”

Change your approach – What to talk about in your blog?

You have to change your approach to this problem which between us is not really one. Again, not knowing what to talk about on your blog is just telling you that you’re making things too complicated. And that we have to get back to basics.

Take note, write what you think in a notebook. Write a brainstorm of everything that comes to your mind and write it down. I do that every morning and sometimes I have so much written and would like to do it all in one day!

With this method, I take my coffee in the morning and I write down in my little journal everything that comes to my mind and I write it down.  And within no time I have almost a post for my site and sometimes more with my thoughts.

3. What is your goal?

Sometimes we lack inspiration because we lack clarity about our goals. Why did you start your blog initially? Why are you writing? For who? What is your goal?

If you are not sure of the answers, then a reassessment of your goals is necessary for relation to your blog. The clearer your goals, the clearer your message will become. And the reverse also applies. The less clear you are about your goals, the less clear your ideas will be.

So why did you start this blog? What is the purpose? What did you mean when you said to yourself “I’m going to start a blog”?

Once you clear up these questions, it will be easier to come up with quality content.

4. Inspire you from others

Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from other blogs. I said to inspire, not copy. If you lack direction, take the time to be inspired first. Identify the things that speak to you, the themes on which you have an opinion.

See how you can take inspiration from other people’s content and maybe express it in an article your way, with your personal touch.

But it is important not to copy the posts of other bloggers. Google doesn’t like duplicate content and that’s a bad way to do it.

5. Don’t compare yourself

One of the reasons you may not know what to talk about on your blog is comparison. Do you compare yourself to other bloggers who are “so much better and so much better known?” They start a long time ago. Never compare yourself.

The idea is to be inspired by others, not to compare yourself. We all have qualities to offer and the beauty of blogging is in the diversity. Use the blogs you admire as confirmation that it is possible for you too. Because if they can do it, you can do it too.

It’s not about doing like other people or doing better than others, but talking about what you want to talk about.

The moment you go to see what others are doing to compare you, it’s lost. It’s no longer inspiration, but competition.

The only person you have to compare yourself with is who you were yesterday

6. Take a break

When you don’t know what to talk about on your blog, a simple tip if it doesn’t really come, is to take a break! Give yourself permission to take a break.

Change air.  Go outside in nature it can do a lot of good. Taking a deep breath of fresh air or getting some sun on your face will only help.

It happens to me some mornings but mone in the evening (I write in the nighttime) that the words are less fluid than usual. This is almost always resolved after a quick walk outside asking myself the right questions.

Reread point 2 for this. Change your approach!

7. Create a routine

Creating a routine helps a lot when writing. Because you know you have to write 3 to 4 posts every week, you can’t just write when you feel like it. To keep your blog going, it won’t be enough for you to write only when you feel like it.

It will be a task ’that will need to be built into your routine, whether it’s daily or weekly. It’s an online business and it needs to be taking care of.

Having a routine also allows you to think about the topics of your articles before you sit down in front of your computer. It will also allow you not to postpone the creation of your article content.


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