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Hello People, I’m Lyne, I’m from Canada I’m a mother of two children (adult now) and I’m an artisan as well. I create handmade bags, purses, and backpack make of recycling jeans and new material as well.

I love seeing and creating new things for my customers. If you’ll like to visit my Etsy Shop here is the link below.

Etsy Shop Creation Kalin


With this hobby, I worked a lot on my laptop for my Etsy shop and that’s how I decided to learn affiliate marketing. I was a little septic about all those videos I saw on youtube where people say ” I make 5 figure income online with affiliate marketing, or I work online doing affiliate marketing and make 4 digits.” 

I start to read some websites, listen to videos, I read for 2 months, and found an add about Wealthy Affiliate, where it says ” register for free,”  learn about affiliate marketing, start your online business, and make money online!

So I did… I register for, start to learn affiliate marketing, and from the courses and lessons, I learn and decided to create this website to help people make a Passive Income From Home

I start my journey with Wealthy Affiliate in March 2020.  I use to work a 9 to 5 – days job when I started and now I’m working only 2 to 3 hours a day out and the rest of the day from home on my online business to be.  Been an adult with ADHD and having dysorthography, I did it, never thought that I could do it, but with hard work, and persistence I did it!

My goal for you, readers is to achieve the laptop lifestyle and make a passive income from home. I want to help people who think that they know nothing about computers, the internet, and software. I want also to help people who don’t have a good pension and don’t want to work until their 65 years old.  An even you Students who want to make a living out of online work.

Thank you for reading my About me page and if you’ll like to read more and learn more about how I did it see post here.

Wish you all the best!!!



This is one pattern of the bag I create