Affiliate Marketing-Top10 Reasons People Fail

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Why do 97% of people fail in affiliate marketing?

At first sight, affiliate marketing is simply a dream come true for online businesses. No need to own product, no storage, no shipping, no customer support, etc.

Almost everyone online wants commissions for promoting other people’s products online.

But truth is, more than 97% of people fail to do affiliate marketing with success.


Top 12 Reasons Why People Fail in Affiliate Marketing.

affiliate marketing - 10 reasons why people fail in

1) Not Enough Valuable Content!

When doing affiliate marketing, blogging, your post needs to have valuable content.  Very Unique content to have SEO put your post in the first position. 

Here we talk about content you create, valuable, informative content for your audience to read. 

I can tell the most reasons for failure in this business are caused by the wrong mindset or the lack of proper skills.  

2) Why Visitors don’t stay long enough on your Site?

Mist understanding what you write. Not enough information for what they search about.

Too many pop-ups on your site, or the speed of downloading is too slow.

Not a good format for your post and it can be hard to read.  You need to help people and not sell products.   

3) Doing too much at the same time

Some beginners start with too much work to do and give up!  They start with one website and a second one on the road to make more money and fast.  

Because of the work that needs to be done for one website.  They get overwhelmed and try to feed both websites and don’t get the result they expect. 

 think that blogging is easy and write not enough words or good information for a post.   The minimum number of words you need to have in a post to get SEO rank your website on the first page is around 1200 to 2500 and more.

4) Many OnlineBusiness fail due to the wrong expectation!

Some people start their Online Business and they think that they will make money right away after just a couple of posts.  They write 3 to 4 posts and try to sell their products.

Affiliate marketing is not selling products business.  Marketing is helping people to find the right product, the right service and why would they purchase from you.

You need to gain the trust of your readers.  To gain that trust your post must be informative, creative, and unique.  

5) Choosing a good affiliate program

It’s important to get a good affiliate program to work with.  A good program where you’ll learn with the right tool.  An affiliate program where you don’t just learn affiliate marketing but you get all sorts of other courses from the community.  

This Wealthy affiliate program has a community of beginners and Expert people that are there to help you. Guide you in your journey to learn affiliate marketing. 

In affiliate marketing, strong relationships are mainly built on great helpful content and your interactions with your audience. Try to offer help whenever you can and deliver it when people ask for it. Go and answer questions people leave in your comment section or on social media.

6) Knowledge is Power

All marketers said that you don’t need any experience and that is true.  But getting some knowledge on how to do it and doing it the right way so you won’t fail.   I can say here that in affiliate marketing, knowledge is powerful 

Think like when you start a new job, you’ll get some training. Maybe two weeks training and after you can do the job by yourself, and continued to learn…  Then it’s the same for affiliate marketing!  If it’s not done the right way you won’t make money from it.

7) Success take time to build – Affiliate Marketing

Time in affiliate marketing is the thing you need the most. You will need to be patient to succeed in this business.  Patience is one of the best qualities to have while starting this kind of business.  

Write some posts, update the old post that was written six months ago.

8) If you don’t quit you cannot fail

Never give up!  These are three words to keep in mind.  The effort you put in today will be rewarding within the time. You never know how close you are to succeed.     

This is my favorite image from Google

Never stop trying

If you don’t quit you can’t fail.

9) Choosing the right niche or topic

Another reason why people fail, some people choose the wrong topic so after a few written posts they have nothing to say since they don’t know their topics.  Choosing the right niche is not always easy.  

When choosing a niche it is very important to have knowledge of what you want to talk about and help people.

You don’t have to blog to do affiliate marketing you can have a Youtube channel, you can do it on Tik Tok and it can also be successful by placing links on social media.

10) Don’t fall for shiny object syndrome????

Promises of overnight riches are very tempting, but in reality, 95% of them don’t work as promised. Many new affiliates stop building their sites to hunt for the latest program that will make them rich in a matter of days. I did this with my first website.

Have you come across any scam programs? There are several and I myself got caught in two precisely.  The reason why I’m writing all about these products today.  It’s to save people from getting caught up and wasting their money!

The main reason for choosing Wealthy Affiliate was the fact that it is free. You can look around and take the first 10 lessons of the 2 main training courses and it costs absolutely nothing!

Final Thoughts – Affiliate Marketing-Top10 Reasons People Fail

Getting started in affiliate marketing is the easiest part to do. It’s being consistent that is difficult. The important thing is to have a lot of motivation, persistence, and patience.

Success takes time. It needs work! I am a mother with no technical skills and I did not go to college and I did it!

So if I was successful, so can you!

It’s not easy, I admit it takes a lot of motivation. With some patient, and consistency you can succeed. And all these efforts put in today will have the ROI over time. (return on investment)

Do you have a hard time writing? Don’t worry, there are programs and plugins that can help. You’ll learn all this within the time with us at Wealthy Affiliate.

These are just a few of the reasons people fail at affiliate marketing.

Do you have what it takes to make it work?

If you do, join me on Wealthy Affiliate to get started!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, I will be happy to answer them for you.

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