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Create Your Own Passive Income Profit Machine With the World’s Best Affiliate Marketing Platform and my personal help!

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Hello, my friends!

Since when you have been looking for an Answer to this question

“How to make money online?”

Well people the answer is here and I will let you know how I did it, and how you can do it too! This is not a scam this is real!

I’m Lyne, and I’m so glad you’re here to learn about how I made a passive income from home.  

YES! I did it!!! And I want you to learn how to do it too! So you can generate a passive Income from Home.

I want to show you how I did it and the path I took when I started.

Guys, I’m only a mom who worked part-time (semi-retired) who just wanted to make some extra money for my family and, as it turns out,  I am making a pretty good income with it.

Many of us spend our entire adult lives working in a job we hate and answer to a boss who has the power to tell us what to do and can generally make our working life pretty miserable. It’s time for you to say, Bye-Bye Boss!!!

The method I use to generate this income is affiliate marketing as I was just explaining, it’s a really simple business model where you earn commissions from creating sales for companies and brands. No inventors, nothing to send.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing creates a win-win situation because the companies who sell the products or services don’t have to pay affiliates until affiliates make new sales for them and affiliates like myself have a way to earn money from home by building this kind of online business.

There are three important reasons why we believe that Affiliate Marketing is just the best business you can run online.

  • You don’t have to create any products yourself – just make reviews of awesome products created by others!
  • Incredibly low Start-Up costs – Create a website and you’re ready to make money.
  • Completely Scalable – Start small and build as big as you are prepared to make it!

You, as an affiliate, will earn commissions when you create sales for the products and services you want to promote and so the companies don’t pay anything until people purchase the product.

This business model works for pretty much any niche you can think of as long as a merchant has an affiliate program for it, you can earn from it.

So, if you want to learn more about how I use affiliate marketing on this website you’re on,, let me explain a little further below…

How Does it Work:

The internet offers many opportunities but I have learned that the best way to earn money from home is by creating a simple website.  

Don’t freak out yet, bear with me, and just keep reading about a topic you love.

Let’s say you love horses and you’re going to talk about how to take care of horses for your topic (this is called a niche).

Then on your website, you will write helpful content about how to take care of your horses and how to take care of certain breeds or talk about quality horseshoe, etc, high-quality content that will get your website ranked on search engines like Google.

When someone searches on Google about taking care of horses, with the good strategy you’ll get, they will see your website and click on it.

Your visitor will see you have lots of helpful info about how to take care of your horses and when you recommend changing the horseshoes, your visitor will most likely take your advice and click on your link about a particular tool for horses for example.

Clicking on that link will take them to a site like a merchant like or Tool horses store and if they buy the tool for the horseshoes care, you will make a commission from Amazon or that merchant you’ll choose!

This process is called affiliate marketing and it’s a business model many are using on the internet to earn money from your website.  It’s a proven path and many successful internet marketers use this method.

But I Know Nothing About Websites!

That’s why you need an affiliate marketing training platform like Wealthy Affiliate where you could build websites without knowing any line of code! I never thought that I would be able to do it, especially me with my dysorthography, and I did!

You need a place that will:

  • Give you an easy site builder
  • Host your website for you with optimal security and speed
  • Then you’ll learn how to build your website in a way that will 



Yes, my website has been online only since July 2020 and has 5k visitors on it and I didn’t pay a penny for that kind of traffic!

That’s the power of the training inside Wealthy Affiliate and why I have been using them since day 1 in my affiliate marketing journey, this time around that is the help you can receive there.

You’ll Need Guidance

You will be guided by their training and perfect for affiliate marketing beginners as they have step-by-step lessons and tasks to follow so you are literally building your affiliate marketing business alongside your learning.

There’s no better way than to apply what you learn right away to your online business and be able to ask a community of like-minded people any questions you may have if you struggle with a lesson or task. 

Working online and get the help you need when need it! This is priceless.  All the training has an update written by the expert affiliate who made a 5 to 7 figures business.

I’ve been down that lonely path before, I tried doing affiliate marketing back in 2018/2019 and failed miserably.  Because I had no idea what I was doing and no one to help me.

Tried other things with little success so when I wanted to go back to affiliate marketing again, I wanted help. But this time, I want to do it right from the start.

That’s why when I found Wealthy Affiliate in February/2020, it made all the difference for me.  It was exactly what I needed to help me learn the online skills I needed in order to be successful with this affiliate marketing business.

The Community

The community was there for me every time I asked a question, I had an answer.

Having help and support is a big factor in your path to success as you will come across many things to ask about, and there’s no better way to navigate this online platform than to have a community of people who are all doing the same thing as you.

You’ll literally begin like me, and become a Super Affiliates, and even to a 5 to 7 figure earner, all at your fingertips to access!

Wow!  5 to 7 figure earners, this is a little high don’t you think?

Here let’s have a look at some blogs from our Super Affiliate Marketers, I’ll show only 3 Experts Affiliate but there are tons of successful members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Super Expert Affiliate – Dylan

Wealthy affiliate member

Super Expert Affiliate – Littlemama


Super Expert Affiliate – Nathaniell




Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners

The Training: 

Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform leader of affiliate marketing in the industry and they offer step-by-step guide lessons for beginners like yourself to learn at your own pace.

You’ll be guided from the beginning of how to find your niche for your Online Business, from beginning to the end of earning commissions from your website

The many steps in between include

  • How to find your niche/topic
  • How to find keywords and where to put them on your site
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • Create high-quality content that will attract its own traffic from SEO(search engine optimization)
  • SEO will drive free traffic to your website that will help without  advertising
  • How to choose affiliate products
  • how to use affiliate links on your website, so that it creates sales for you.
  • How to write to attract your visitors
  • Monetize your Website

Once you have created enough free traffic, trust, and established authority, you’ll then start earning commissions from the products and services you promote on your website.

This model of affiliate marketing has been working for many years now, even before the internet, it was done on TV, board or people would go door to door to sell the products in order to get commissions. 

We are lucky with the internet today it’s easier than it was before! So now start to follow a proven path that still works today.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme at all.  It’s a very real online business that you’re building that takes time to grow as you’re trying to rank on SEO(Google/Bing/Yahoo). 

In fact, this first year of work is very and the most important in order for you to get results for the second year. 

Never Give Up, it’s worth it! 

I’ve seen some people quit in the first 6 months, of their journey because they don’t have results right away. Affiliate Marketing takes time to learn, built, get free traffic, and monetize. You’ll need to go through these phases to start earning.

After the first six months, I almost quit myself because of the overwhelming work you need to do.  But start to read posts from the community and start to chat with them and they help me stay committed to my business, and now very happy I Never Give Up!!!

My website starts to earn a small commission at first.  After it starts to grow with the traffic and now I’m making a living out of it now.

As an affiliate marketer, that’s earning a full-time online income from my website and I’m a stay at home mom doing this, 

How about you?

  • Are you ready to LEARN?
  • Are you ready to WORK HARD?
  • Are you ready to STAY CONSISTENT?
  • Are you ready to NEVER GIVE UP? 

If you say “YES” to all those, then you’re a good candidate for building your own affiliate marketing business! Don’t forget this will be your online business, no more Boss, and work from home!

Premium Membership

As you saw above, the best way to start an affiliate marketing business for beginners is right here at Wealthy Affiliate and the Premium membership is what you’ll NEED since the Free Starter membership is very limited and you won’t get very far with it.

Since the Free Starter Membership is limited and you won’t get very far with it. You’ll have only built about 20% of your website done and it will already be online with a few pages. 

You will need to start your Premium Membership plan to be able to learn all the 80% of courses you can’t see as a free member. 

However, to be successful, you’ll need this 80% of the training to learn how to build it so your affiliate marketing business can attract its own free traffic and learn how to make money with affiliate marketing properly.

So, ultimately, you’ll want the Premium membership as this will unlock the entire platform for you with the following payment plans:

When you’ll promote Wealthy Affiliate it will give you an ROI (return on investment).

First month $19 after – Monthly $ 49/month
Yearly $ 495/year – cheapest Option 

The only other cost for your business is a custom “.com” domain name which is around $15/year.

Long Term Strategy & BONUSES:


Remember, the strategy taught at Wealthy Affiliate is long-term, your affiliate marketing business will build and grow gradually.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to consider the cheaper plans like the 6-month or the Yearly plans to save the most money as well as getting that “monthly” thought out of your mind so you can FOCUS on building your business.

I’ve been with WA since Feb/20 and I’m still here because I want to start a new website with them.  Yes, a second that I’m going to work on but still getting this one on the top of SEO.

  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching
  • Weekly Live Webinars with Jay
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (free/premium members)
  • Live Chat Instant Help
  • Access To All Training Courses
  • Access to The Amazing Community
  • Highly Secured & Fast Web Hosting
  • Access to 10,000’s of Tutorials
  • Access to Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

With the Premium membership, you’ll have access to the training that will push your business to the online success you’ve been looking for!

I’ll be there to help you in your Journey if you need anything.


Wish you all the Best!

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