10 Things that kept people engaged during COVID-19 Lockdown

10 Things that kept people engaged during COVID-19

Lockdown and some start to get paid to do it!

During Covid19 Lockdown, what do to?

Coronavirus lockdown was a troublesome period for everybody. Nonetheless, individuals began discovering inventive approaches to keep themselves engaged. We should examine a portion of those engaging ways. 

The world saw a progression of occasions in the year 2020. It was not exactly a thrill ride since the existence of people has been modified definitely. The episode of a worldwide pandemic for the sake of Covid-19 fundamentally affects the social just as the monetary existence of individuals. 

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Mindset that allowed me to Reach my Goals!

The mindset that allowed me to reach my goals!

A mindset is a powerful tool that you will need to work on when starting an online business. When people start a new business they really need to change their mindset to gain their goals.

Maybe you are starting this year with great ambitions and a strong determination to achieve your intentions. Today I am sharing with you the changes that have been decisive for me in 2020.

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Write Good Introduction for Your Posts

Write a Good Introduction for your blog post?

A good introduction to a blog post will allow you to immediately add value to your audience. It helps to arouse curiosity to make you want to read more and also plays a role in SEO. In short, it’s a super powerful 3 in 1 paragraph.

Writing a good introduction to a blog post is, thus, an important step in the writing process. Yet it can be overlooked. Personally, I know that if I am tired or in a rush, I will tend not to think about my intro. And chances are that you too find yourself in this situation on a regular basis!

However, your intro is the first impression you will have when you open your article. It must thus be treated.

So what should you think about in the introduction to your blog posts? When to write it? What elements can you add to make it look great? Here are all my tips on the subject!

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10 Things to Avoid when Starting a Website

Starting a website here are 10 things to avoid doing.

Starting a website is easy these days, but there are some things you should avoid when building it.  I thought it would be helpful to talk about what NOT to do when you want to start blogging or build a website.

There is a lot of things you need to do, but here we will talk about what not to do when starting a website.


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