Posts, 6 Things you Must Include in

Posts 6 things, you absolutely must include

What should be in each of your posts for your website? If your goal is to increase your traffic, there are some things you cannot pass. 

All of your Posts must absolutely have those 6 important things for SEO to find you.

As I often repeat in my Posts, creating articles is great, but it won’t be enough to get you traffic. So, let’s talk a bit about these things that must be in all of your posts.

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Digital marketing Seven Skills to master

Digital marketing: Seven essential skills to master

To successfully complete your online business project, it is highly recommended that you master a certain number of skills, especially in digital marketing.

To create a business on the web is almost impossible to do without digital marketing methods.

Indeed, you will certainly create a website, create accounts on social networks or even launch emailing campaigns. Digital marketing is a collection of different marketing methods.

I had already mentioned content marketing in a previous article.

In my opinion, there are seven essential digital marketing skills to master.

So what are these skills and what is their usefulness when developing an online business?

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Content Marketing Essential For business

Content marketing: Essential for your business on the web

What is content marketing? Why is content marketing is so important to your business?

Without realizing it, every day you are caught up in what is called “content marketing” or even called “content affiliate marketing”.

This content marketing strategy is used by any business, whether it is a small SME or a multinational, everyone has followed suit.

Whether the business sells physical products, do e-commerce, or a classic store, no one can do without.

Most importantly, content marketing has become the new eldorado of business on the web.

And for good reason, the acquisition of prospects, conversion, and retention are essentially based on the content strategy put in place.

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4 Steps to make more digital product sales

4 Steps to make more digital product sales

Make more digital product sales.

This is a goal that everybody would like to do! And maybe you offer digital products like training, webinars, paid events, or ebooks. It may be your full-time business model or an additional source of income.

When you create a digital product, the goal is to sell it, just like a physical product. Not just to sell it for the act of buying itself, but to bring a transformation or something “extra” to the person who chooses to buy it.

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