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Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks that helps to link product owners (also known as merchants, advertisers, vendors, product sellers) with affiliates.  The company was founded in 1998 and is based in the United States. Since launching, Clickbank affiliate marketing has grown to become one of the most popular websites of its kind.

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Clickbank gives owners the chance to sell a variety of digital products, such as computer software and ebooks. As well as providing a marketplace, Clickbank is also a payment processor.

How Does It Work?

Clickbank is the middleman between creators of digital products, such as video, ebooks, music, and more, and people who can sell those products, as affiliate marketers.

Obviously, depending on which party of the marketplace are you, Clickbank fulfills one of the two functions:

A Product Marketplace For Affiliates

It’s free to join and there’s no screening process. No cap or complicated metrics. It’s basically a simplified affiliate network, open to anyone that wants to give it a shot.

As an affiliate marketer, you can jump right in, create your unique website also create affiliate links for thousands of products, and start to drive traffic right away to start making money. Make Money Online with Clickbank.

Drive traffic

The traffic you and your network will generate is directly proportional to the chances of earning money. Make an effective strategy and make your content appealing so that potential buyer clicks your affiliate link.

To achieve this, first, find out the keywords which are commonly searched by buyers when they are looking to purchase the product from the category you choose. For example, popular keywords for bags shopping are bags shop, where to buy shopping bags, the bags shop store, the bag shop online, and more. Generate your content based on these keywords.

If you perform this step smartly and include long-tail keyword phrases too, the chances are high that you can get traffic from search engines also without paying them. Use more protracted and much more specific phrases.

Also, try to come up with phrases with keywords that do not have much competition online, i.e., if you are going to use the keyword of shoes only, it won’t be that effective. There are thousands of shoe stores working already.


After generating traffic, things are simple. On each sale, you will get a commission, which can be up to 75%. Payments are either every week or bi-weekly.

You will see your earnings in real-time. 

ClickBank open account

An E-Commerce Platform For Information Product Owners

As a product owner, you can add your product to the database, and ClickBank will take care of all the checkout and e-commerce parts, as well as offering an affiliate program for it.

A charged $49.95 one-time activation fee will be charged to you, for becoming a seller. I believe this fee does a good job of keeping some low-quality vendors out of the platform.

This is great if you don’t want to handle the technical part ClickBank will take another fee off your sales ($1 + 7.5% of the sales).

Why choose Clickbank?

As an affiliate marketer, you might ask yourself, why sell ebooks and online courses from unknown producers if you can just sign up with say CommissionJunction or Amazon Associates and sell reputable products.

  1. Online education is a huge market and Clickbank generates close to a quarter-billion dollars in sales revenue each year.
  2. There’s an enormous amount of digital products, that is the highest margins possible
  3. 100%  of the revenue can be considered the profit
  4. High profits mean high affiliate commissions
  5. Clickbank pays up to 75% on some product


Clickbank is an effective way to advertise their products, and affiliates can pick them to promote and earn some of the best commissions available on the internet.

That being said, there are some genuinely high-quality products on offer, and few affiliate programs are bigger than ClickBank, especially in selling (primarily digital) books.  

Niche Information

ClickBank previously focused primarily on digital products, particularly marketing-type courses, but has now vastly expanded its offering to include both digital and physical goods.

Is it for you?

It’s a great choice for people entering the affiliated platform for the first time.  Clickbank allows an affiliate to join for free, and the approval process is virtually automatic.   It has some information, FAQs, walkthroughs, and videos available, so the barrier to entry is quite low.

There’s a second-tier program called the “joint venture program” that allows you to collaborate with ClickBank partners, a type of second-tier affiliate program.  There’s an approval process for this, but the commissions are higher.  ClickBank is superbly positioned for publishers working in smaller niches.

There’s also a  paid program call ClickBank University with courses and assistance from experienced marketers.

Pros & cons of Clickbank:


  • Weekly payouts with many different payout options
  • One of the biggest and most robust affiliate programs out there
  • The program allows for e en higher earnings.
  • Click Bank enforces 60 days, no questions asked money-back guarantee on All products
  • Instant approval process.
  • Can be done without a website but will need a Good Advertising Ad


  • Strong competition from other affiliates selling the same products
  • refund policy improves conversion rates but can eat into your income.
  • Some of their digital products being sold are very low quality.
  • Initial payments are made by check only
  • after a minimum number of sales can you get payouts via wire transfer or Paypal.
  • Limited range of physical products


Final Thoughts

My choice here with Clickbank I do both, Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I Advertise some Clickbank products with ads on my social media, drive traffic.  I also promote ClickBank products on my site. Instagram.

Heads up: My posts may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, if you have questions leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer you.

Which you all the Best!

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  1. Congratulations on your Clickbank success.! I have been looking into using this site myself.
    I found a product that was very concerning and it appears to be a scam so I wrote a review on it.
    Do you know about how people can report these products to Clickbank?

    • Hi Catherine, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I can say that ClickBank is one of the oldest platform of all, I would have to look at this, how to report to Clickbank, but I,m sur if you try to respond with your email that they send you when they approve you for affiliate. I,m going to make sure of that and come back to you

      thank you


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