Digital marketing Seven Skills to master

Digital marketing: Seven essential skills to master

To successfully complete your online business project, it is highly recommended that you master a certain number of skills, especially in digital marketing.

To create a business on the web is almost impossible to do without digital marketing methods.

Indeed, you will certainly create a website, create accounts on social networks or even launch emailing campaigns. Digital marketing is a collection of different marketing methods.

I had already mentioned content marketing in a previous article.

In my opinion, there are seven essential digital marketing skills to master.

So what are these skills and what is their usefulness when developing an online business?

digital marketing, 7 essential skills to master

# 1 content marketing

Content marketing is about writing content to attract your prospects and retain your customers. Publishing content makes it easier for prospects to trust and project themselves to the benefit of using your services or products.

It is not uncommon today to find a blog section with different articles on the websites of major brands.

Content marketing requires knowing your ideal customer and their needs.

It’s not writing for the sake of writing, either. You have to put in place a whole strategy whose goal is obviously to sell your offers.

Content marketing can also take the form of a podcast or Youtube channel.

Regardless of the medium, publishing content remains the best method to naturally attract your potential prospects and make your customers’ real ambassadors.

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# 2 search marketing for digital marketing

Search marketing is the lifeblood of all web entrepreneurs. We often talk about natural referencing or even SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These are a set of techniques that position your website at the top of the google search page. Such a coveted place and for good reason, we usually view the first 3 sites appearing at the top of the first page when searching on a search engine.

So you understand the value of positioning yourself at the top of the page!

For that, it is necessary to use certain software which makes it possible to find the keywords most typed on google by the Net surfers.

You should use in your articles, for example, the most searched keyword as well as the relevant semantic field. Your entire website can be optimized so that Google can easily recognize your area of ​​activity and put you at the top of the bill when someone requests it.

Imagine that you are a Micronutrition Coach and that you write SEO optimized blog posts and that allows you to rank first on google search results.

Therefore, I let you imagine the potential of visits to your website and therefore your potential turnover.

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes a little practice but can pay off big for years to come.

# 3 social media marketing

Social networks, another essential area of expertise to master.

Social networks allow you to build a community of future customers or even real ambassadors of your products, your brand.

This helps humanize a brand and create a strong bond. It is a great tool for listening to the needs and issues of our ideal clients in order to be able to respond to them with great precision.

We have the opportunity to broadcast polls, see reactions, and read various comments and testimonials.

You have to know all the different features present on some social networks.

It is also imperative to know the principles of the algorithm for each platform.

For example on Instagram, you have to understand the hashtag strategy.

# 4 video marketing

Video remains one of the best ways to convert your prospects into customers.

The possibilities are endless with video, you can do interviews, show testimonials, demonstrations.

It is still necessary to optimize videos for search engines using descriptions and tags with keywords and have an in-depth knowledge of video editing, production, and animation. It requires technical, analytical, and creative know-how.

# 5 website design – digital marketing

It is impossible for any business today to do without a website.

A website can generate leads and sales as long as it is obviously well designed.

It is not uncommon to find a blog section with different blog posts divided into different categories.

To create a website, we generally use WordPress software which allows you to create a very beautiful website, with beautiful designs and a lot of features.

It is important to create a responsive design site, that is to say, adapt to different media such as tablets and phones.

You must include a registration form for sending a newsletter.

You can also install a pop-up to download an ebook for free in order to collect an email address.

A website must comply with your graphic charter previously defined in relation to your visual identity.

# 6 Electronic marketing

Email remains the most profitable sales method in digital marketing today.

You have to master the email automation strategy at every step of the funnel and know the importance of headlines and other teasers.

You need to be able to measure and analyze click-through rates, open rates, conversion rates, deliverability, and engagement.

You also need to be able to schedule emailing campaigns with the addition of images and videos.

We generally use a software called “auto-responder” such as, for example, ActivCampaign, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.

They allow a lot of features such as the ability to create email campaigns, segment your leads and create groups of subscribers.

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# 7 Data  analysis – Digital marketing

In this area, it is very important to build your strategy on concrete data. You have to study a number of indicators and constantly adjust.

All current applications have a “statistics” section.

All social networks, whether Instagram, Facebook, or even Pinterest, offer you the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of each of your actions.

There is also google analytics for analyzing data from your website which holds valuable information.

We can analyze data such as rush hours or even the origin of our visitors.

As you can see, the field of digital marketing is divided into several segments that are essential to master in order to create a successful web business.

These skills include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, video marketing, and most importantly, data analytics.

To succeed on the web, your know-how alone will not be enough. It is a complex field that cannot be improvised. I advise you to train yourself on these different methods either on your own with blogs, videos, podcasts on the subject or to invest in complete training in order to help you in the success of your project.

Tell me in the comments if the field of digital marketing scares you and if there is a skill that you master more than others? With good training, does this seem accessible to you?


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