Fro Knows Photo Guide Review

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The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour
Guide to Shooting Video

Now you can learn the fast track system used by a world-class photographer and videographer to
shoot, direct, and produce any type of video, regardless of your current skill level.  This will be another good way to make money online, selling pictures.

What is Fro Knows Photo?

With this brand new video guide you’ll:

  • Be able to shoot any type of video with your DSLR, micro 4/3’s, or mirrorless camera
  • Instantly make more money with your DSLR by adding an in-demand and high-value skill to your arsenal
  • Learn the video production secrets of an award-winning filmmaker and photographer so you can start shooting high-quality video faster than you ever thought possible

What if you could take a massive shortcut and get ALL of the information you need to shoot video in a matter of days instead of years?

What if you could learn exactly how an award-winning filmmaker and photographer shoot, produce, direct, and edit breathtaking HD videos using an entry-level DSLR?

What if you could look behind the scenes, follow them on video shoots to learn their secrets, and see exactly how to do it for yourself…all at the same time?

With the brand new FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video, you can do all of this and much, much more with ANY DSLR that shoots video.

This guide will introduce you to our “one-man-band” concept which means that you will be able to:

  • Easily shoot, direct, produce, and edit videos on your own without a crew or any extra help
  • Create breathtaking videos, even if you have an entry-level camera and no expensive equipment (even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can do everything we teach)
  • Create dynamic scenes, tell inspiring stories, and capture high-quality video

This guide was carefully designed to be invaluable to professional, hobbyist, and newbie photographers alike

Whether you just bought your first DSLR or you’re a seasoned photographer that wants a fast and systematic approach to DSLR video, this guide is going to be extremely valuable to you.

FroKnowsPhoto Guide

Do you want to shoot a video like a pro?

Have you ignored video because you don’t know exactly how to set up your camera, audio, lighting, or video shoots?

Have you had a DSLR for a while but haven’t ventured into shooting video because you’re not happy with the results you’ve been getting?

Or, do you just think the video is too expensive and complicated to produce?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I have some GREAT news:

It doesn’t matter if you want to make more money with your DSLR by shooting professional videos like interviews, electronic press kits, music videos, and movies…

Or you just want to shoot better videos of your kid’s sporting events…your sister’s wedding…or your own passion projects…this new guide has you covered.

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video will give you all of the tools you need to shoot…

This guide is going to help you:

  • Learn the entire process of shooting any type of video from start to finish (with step-by-step detail and real-world examples)
  • Shoot high-quality videos of ANYTHING you can imagine – our rules and secrets apply to virtually every type of video!
  • Shave months or years of time off the process of learning to shoot solid video of anything
  • Discover the secrets of shooting video straight from an award-winning filmmaker and photographer
  • Learn from someone who focuses on just video and someone who has successfully transitioned from stills to video

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Shooting Video will help you take better video than you ever have before, even if:

  • You’ve tried shooting your own videos and got mediocre results at best
  • You’ve tried learning video from other places around the Internet but still aren’t confident with your video skills
  • You’re on a budget and can’t afford fancy equipment or a crew
  • You just got your DSLR and don’t know where to start
  • Shooting video frustrates you and you think it’s too complicated
  • You’re a seasoned photographer with years of experience but have little experience with video

This guide is for you if you:

  • Don’t want to spend months or years hunting for all the information you need to shoot video
  • Want to make more money with your DSLR
  • Like learning from experienced pros with a solid track record
  • Think shooting high-quality DSLR video is too difficult or aren’t sure where to start
  • Are already shooting video but want to see how an award-winning filmmaker does it from start to finish
  • Are a seasoned photographer who wants to quickly add a video to their arsenal

A few of the secrets waiting for you in this section…

  • The #1 reason why you should always shoot video at your camera’s highest resolution (most people completely forget about this)
  • How to tell if your camera is automatically lowering your resolution and how to prevent it from happening again
  • How to “future proof” your work so you can keep up with industry standards

Secrets Tips

  • Why a basic kit lens with a slower aperture may be easier when attempting to follow focus
  • The exact parts of the exposure triangle you should focus on locking in (this is different than with stills)
  • Our video exposure triangle demonstration where you get to visually see the “cause and effect” when we make changes

Shutter speed

  • Our “rule of thumb” to determine your exact shutter speed in comparison to your frame rate in under 10 seconds (this works every time!)
  • The differences between shutter speed for photos and video (many new videographers take months or years to really understand this)
  • What happens if you break the rules and shoot at a much faster shutter speed
  • Our simple and easy to remember advice for making sure your videos are ALWAYS in focus
  • How to tell if you should shoot wide open vs. closed down
  • Our selective focus method makes your videos even more interesting


  • How we determine how high or low of an ISO to use in each shot
  • One simple adjustment that will allow you to dramatically lower your ISO
  • How you can use higher ISO to gain the “artistic look”
  • How you can get a stable video every time, even with no budget for more equipment


  • Our favorite techniques to utilize the gear you already have to stabilize your video
  • The #1 reason why you want to get stable video in the camera as opposed to doing it in a post (this is huge for video quality)
  • The best gear options for adding professional movement to your videos
  • Todd’s weird tip for adding movement in the RIGHT places to make your videos look much more professional
  • The best stabilizer to use to create dramatic scenes and openings

Simple lights setup

  • How you can build a simple lighting setup to be used on almost any shoot
  • One simple way to create more dimension by making subtle changes to your key and fill lights
  • How to decide if you should use natural or artificial lighting
  • Our favorite ring light to create hard light and contrast in your scene
  • Our best pro tips for making sure your levels are ALWAYS in check

Sync audio

  • How to properly sync audio to save a ton of time in post
  • A complete guide to microphone options and when you should use each
  • A simple rule to “guide the audience” towards what you think is important in the scene

Position your Camera

  • Where you should position your camera to tell the exact story you want
  • Why do you need to create a “character axis” BEFORE shooting any scenes
  • Why it’s critical to pay attention to seemingly minor details from scene-to-scene
  • How to help your audience better understand the world you’re creating in your videos
  • A walkthrough on how to tie together coverage and continuity to make your viewers feel immersed in the scene

Crash course

  • A crash course on the 180 rule and why you need to follow it strictly
  • How to avoid confusing the people watching your video
  • A simple strategy to apply the 180 rule on all of your shoots
  • How to pull out the emotion in your scene from an actor
  • What to look for during an interview that will give you even better results
  • Three subtle tips that will take you from being just another person shooting video to a bonafide director
  • How to make sure you always select the right location for your shoot
  • The one thing to always remember that will jeopardize your shoot and cost you A LOT of time and money if you forget
  • Our simple strategies for dealing with situations when out on a shoot

Price of Pro No photo

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