How did I double my site traffic in two months?

How did I double my site traffic in two months?

One of the recurring problems in blogging is the lack of visitors and traffic. A few weeks ago, I decided to give my blog a boost. Find out in this article how I double my site traffic in two months, and how you can do it too.

How did I double my site traffic in two months?

The observation – Double site traffic

At the beginning of the summer, I did a little review on my site. And one main problem struck me:

I didn’t have enough traffic. I already had a loyal community, but it was no longer growing. The number of visits was stagnating, and I didn’t have enough new people signing up for my newsletter.

My goal for the start of the school year was therefore well defined: to boost the traffic of my site.

The secret weapon:  Pinterest

To do this, a new tactic had to be tested. And I knew very well where to start. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen entrepreneurs praise Pinterest.

So it was time to get started too and see if I was going to have some magical results on my site traffic as well.

The principle, How did I double my site traffic in two months?

Pinterest is not a social network. It’s a search engine, like Google. Haven’t you also spent hours looking for decorating ideas, cooking recipes, …

Pinterest is a very powerful research tool. And the public isn’t just looking for pretty photos. It has become very common for Pinterest users to search for articles on this platform. A bit like on Google.

Do you see the link now?

When a Pinterest user searches on Pinterest, they should now land on your posts.

How does it work?

In order for your posts to rank on Pinterest, they must be “pinned”. To do this, always create a vertical visual. These must respect your graphic charter and must allow you to be identified quickly.

If you haven’t already, create a professional Pinterest account. You will then create a board that will list all your articles.

I also advise you to join a minimum of 10 boards group related to your sector. On these 10  boards, you will share your articles, with all, those others.

Every time you publish an article, pin it on the boards’ groups of Pinterest.  For the month of July and August, I pinned a post every day for 2 months on those 10 boards group, and my view when from 200/months to 6.6k/months!


How did I double my site traffic in two months?

Follow-up – How did I double my site traffic in two months?

Of course, you are not going to have a boom in your visits overnight. Pinterest requires a little investment in your time (10 min per day is enough).

Follow other people’s accounts, and re-share Pins every day. As you go along, you will also be followed by new people who will re-pin your articles in their albums.

And as you go, your articles will be disseminated and will be read by new visitors.

The result: How did I double my site traffic in two months?

I doubled my traffic in two months, and it’s just going on! Typically, it takes 90 days to see Pinterest results on their site.

But I quickly saw that my number of views was increasing rapidly!

Since I started this site, Pinterest has been my number 1 traffic source! In front of Facebook! (While I invest a lot in this network and do pay advertising).

For the little investment in money and time, I am really blown away by the results! In July 2021, the article that received the most views was

How to use Pinterest to grow your business

This article was shared widely on Pinterest. If I hadn’t pinned this article, I never would have had all of these hits.

Between mid-July 2021 to the end of August 2021, I more than double my number of visits. From  200 visitors monthly to 6.6K!!!

I’ve been very involved in social media, but Pinterest has really given me a boost.

Since then, I have had new people signing up for my newsletter every day and joining me on my Facebook group.

I continue to work on Pinterest to share the best strategies with you. If you have any questions about this platform, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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Thank you to take the time to read my post!



4 thoughts on “How did I double my site traffic in two months?”

  1. Wow. Those are really great results that you’ve gotten with Pinterest. Indeed, it is one of the top search engines today, and it’s got great potential in terms of traffic. Some niches tend to do better than others, but the point is the same. Thanks for sharing your approach to sharing content on Pinterest. It’s great to read about getting traffic from this platform from someone who has actually gotten real results. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Yvan, I agree for some niches it’s difficult, yes I already had results but Pinterest is one of the good media social to have. It really is a good place to go to let people know you.
      thank you for your comment

  2. Lyne,

    I heard that pinterest is one of those social sites that most people don’t pay any mind to. I have to admit, I get a decent amounts of views on pinterest every time I post, but it’s not as much as yours I’m afraid. I only get about 1.5K visitors per month, but I saved that article link that you provided so I can look more into how to get more visitors. But, I do have to admit, I get way more views on pinterest than I do on FB. Thanks for this information!!

    I’m going to read your link next!


    • Hi Katrina, same here I get more views on Pinterest than FB. I share one’s day a post on differents boards and I get all those views. It’s important to share your post in a couple of board and it grows your view and some people register to your site. Thank you


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