How to Create Content For a Website?

How To Create Content For A Website 


Every day, Google has more than 5.5 billion searches on how to do this? and how to create this?  This is a lot of searches for and there are more than 2 billion websites out there so this makes a lot of competition for a website…

So How can you get people’s attention from all those websites already built and running in the SEO(search engine optimization.).

There is a way to do it, there are certain strategies and tricks on writing content that will help you boost your website and this is what I’m going to show you in this article.

You’ll need to learn about SEO to optimize for search engines and try to be on the top of the search results and get readers’ attention.

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1 – Know your audience

  • Who is your primary audience?
  • How can the audience find my website?
  • Can there be a second audience that will influence my primary audience?

Those questions will help you along the way of creating content on your website.  It is really important to know your audience and what their needs are.  Don’t forget you’re writing content for them and not for you.  It can sound simple but it needs a little hard work and constancy.

It is important to make your content accessible and interesting for all of your audiences. You will need to understand your audience, their needs, their questions, then it can be a little easier to write your articles based on your audience’s needs and solve their problems.

This will build a connection between you and the reader and gains more trust and credibility.  Try to put yourself in their shoes, try to ask yourself what are the questions that they would ask Google to find your site.

Make a research about the most common phrases and keywords that your audience would use,

  • what kind of question does your audience have?
  • What kind of information do they need? 
  • How can I help with this topic?

2 – Write simple and short sentences

I learned with my training at Wealthy Affiliate that you’ll need to write small and easy sentences. It is even recommended to write as if a 16 years old teenager would understand so that is a good way to reach your audience to capture the attention of your audience, and this can even reach a wider audience.

When I read a website I get interested in courses on the topic but also I will stay and read a website when it’s writing with short sentences and display in a nice way with space between sentences and pictures that sometimes would say all you want readers to know. 

How to create content for a website


3 How to engage your readers? 

A good way to engage your audience is to write with calls to action. When I say the call to action in your content, I mean that what you want your readers to do after they finish reading your article. 

  • Do you want them to leave a comment? 
  • Do you want them to like and share the post? 
  • Do you want them to join your email list? 
  • If they have questions to leave them in the comment section

This will lead to a good connection between you and your readers, and you’ll caption more attention with some questions.

Some people like to interact with questions and will leave a comment to answer the question or, even ask a question of their own in the comment section below.  

You can even capture attention from people, who will not answer those questions and will even register or purchase without leaving a comment on your website but you still have captured their attention.

It’s important to leave some questions at the end of your posts to try to interact the most with people and get their attention.

4 – Make your text scannable!  

It is important when you write your text it is easy to skim.  Don’t write on one big piece of text, it doesn’t look good and you can lose a lot of readers like that.  Some visitors prefer to read a nice presentation than a bunch of words all in a big block.

It is better if you divide your text into small paragraphs of two to three phrases only.  When writing like this, your text becomes much easier to look at and read so your readers are more likely to stay until the end of the page.

By dividing your content into sections, it is easier for the search engines to identify what your content is about and it will lead to better rankings.

It is also recommended to write headings and subheadings to your text, the first one ends and the second one begins.  This will help your readers find the information they are looking for, and It also helps with SEO.

how to create good content for a website






5 – Importance of multimedia

Just as they say in a restaurant. ” Customers eat with their eyes.” If they don’t like what they see, they won’t eat at this resto!

Scientifically it is proven that 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain comes from visual sources, such as images, video. That is a reason why using visuals in your content is important if I can say it is crucial for your website. 

Using images that will intensify the message you want your readers to receive. Images are very captivating for some people and it makes the text easier to read.  

One thing you need to know about the images. You’ll need to take images that are free of writing. I leave you some web addresses where you can find good free images.

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6 – Internal and external link

For SEO it is a good thing to have a website with an internal and external link, where you can send your readers to another page or post of your site. 

The importance of having external links is that it’s good for SEO and it’s important that external links open on a new page of google so it sends your readers to other sites but with a new page of google your site still stays open, and external link is good for SEO.

For the internal links, they keep your customers engaged on your website and it gives them a walk of your website.  


Learning how to create content for a website is extremely important, all those keywords are needed, internal and external links to learn if you want people to find your site on the SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)(Google/Bing/Yahoo).

Learning to write and get your audience to engage and read more about your content and stay connected with you is not an easy task. That is why I recommend you if you’re interested in learning to create a website here is my number one software to do it.

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