How to Start Etsy Shop

What is Etsy Shop?

Etsy is a platform where you can create your E-commerce and where you can sell your products.  As an artisan, you create your own products and sell those on the Etsy platform.

What is good about Etsy is that they have their own customers and followers, so that helps you a lot at the beginning because it’s not easy to find your own customers.   They have the cheapest registering fees than any other platform where you sell your products.

How to open an Etsy shop

Sell Etsy: Best Selling Platform

You just need to register and develop your shop.  No monthly fees, 0.20 $ for each product you post, the product up sale is active for four (4) months When you sell a product you have a transaction fee of 5%  shipping and a  0.25 cent fee is a charge for each product.   If your bank’s currency is not USD, the price may vary depending on exchange rates.

8 Tips to optimize your Etsy Shop

  1.  The picture must be high quality, white background
  2. Optimize your listings for search engines (SEO) keywords in listing titles, tags description
  3. renew your popular listings to keep them active
  4. create as many listings you can, the more listings you have the more visibility you get
  5. you must open your Etsy shop at least once a day and do anything re-listing products, improving on descriptions
  6. if the product doesn’t get views re-listing them try new keywords
  7. Advertise on Etsy ads as a short-term strategy to kick start your store’s visibility(Etsy recognizes activity when ads are made and show your products on the search engine.
  8. Use Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook-group are good ads Twitter, Instagram to advertise your products

Etsy Plus:

Advanced tools to accelerate your development and express your creativity. CA.$13.70 ( per month. Price can be a little different depending on which country you are from. (I’m from Canada).

For every upsell (product)  put in your Etsy shop, you’ll receive a credit that will be given to you once a month. Credits that you can use for renewal. Every month you’ll receive 15 credits.

It features Access to millions of buyers around the world. All the tools you need to create, manage, and grow your business. Powerful paid advertising,  Optional features such as Pattern, and Etsy’s website builder.

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My Etsy Shop

I have an Etsy shop where I sell my creations, All bags, and purses on-sell or handmake bags & purses and I have other products to sell as, pet toys, key older, and more.  Go see the link to visit my Etsy shop.  Thank you for reading!

Etsy shop handmade bag

dog toy sugar daddy

Création Kalin is my shop where I sell all of my creations. I create different bags, purses, backpacks, and some little key chain toys, and more.  When you register with Etsy you just need the name of your ”shop” you don’t need to have a domain right away.  You can start like me on the Etsy platform and when your shop starts to work, then you will register your domain name. (It is better to keep the same name you register with Etsy for your niche and domain name).

What’s a Niche?

A Niche in the market is a specific area of marketing that has its own particular requirements, customers, and products. Small companies can do extremely well if they can fill a specific market niche. Ex.: is a niche, ”” is a niche. Niche is a name you’ll write with your domain name (.com, .org, .net).

Niches are broad and can be broken down into sub-topics or sub-niches. What is a sub-niches or sub-topics, here some good example:

Let’s say your Niche talk about Garden, well as a Niche,  Garden or gardening are Niches already taken as a domain name but a sub-niche can be “best flowers” or “garden flowers” or this one you will recognize is  “Miracle-Gro”,  these are all subtopic or sub-niche. There are thousands of different niches to choose from.  Google Trends is another good way to see if your niche idea has a steady interest.  Don’t forget to choose something that for you will be easy to talk about, because you are doing this for the long term.

Dropshipping with Etsy?

Etsy you can also make like other platforms, but it’s a little different from the other selling platform because you need to create or write something on your products you will choose to dropship. It is personalized products mostly.

Between you and me, Etsy is the cheapest platform to register and It’s known all over the world. (I tried three different).  I highly recommend Selling on Etsy!!!


The way it works with Etsy, you need to register with Etsy on PrintFul and from PrintFul you’ll choose a product on this platform and personalize it with something you’ll write or draw.  PrintFul has a lot of different products to dropship all one color and add your personalized work.

Dropshipping Printfull


For your customers

I suggest you follow your customers for feedback and good services after purchase.  This is the first and most important thing to do after a customer makes a purchase on your E-commerce. An email to thank them for the purchase and if they have any questions you’re here for them.

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  1. Hello Lyne, Thanks for providing yet another great review for generating passive income – in simple language, and without the fluff. I think this might be good for-books as well.
    Great going!


  2. Hi Lyne, Thanks so much for providing all the info to create Etsy Shop. I didn’t know it was so easy and cheap. No monthly fees and just a few cents per product, that’s awesome. I definitely need to get started on this platform for my Ecommerce business.

    Take care

  3. Thanks for this post.
    Before I started blogging, to join Etsy was my original plan. But, it seems quite complicated (I didn’t take a look at it deeply, though) than blogging.

    Now, that I came across your post about Etsy, I might put it on my goals for next year.
    I’m actually into making planners and other printables.
    I might visit your website again for more info.

    • Hello Mina, Etsy is a really good choice, I know they have good traffic for their platform and if you put good keywords for your products, people find them easily. My pleasure if I helped you with this post if you have any other questions don’t hesitate I will answer them as soon as possible.
      Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this comprehensive article. This seems like a budget friendly version of selling on Amazon. Does it have the same potential as running an e-commerce business on Amazon?

    • Hi, It is budget-friendly, but I don’t think it’s the same potential as Amazon, because Etsy is a handmade shop and they also have their own traffic and if you put some good keywords for your products you’ll do great on your organic traffic.
      Thank you for stopping by my site

  5. Hi Lyne,
    Such an amazing review article on Etsy an online platform to sell products, it is immensely great as it helps newbie’s to get started with an online business as it has its own customer base which is a plus point for people/businesses to create their brand value.
    Selling on Etsy is a great idea, putting up products on Etsy thrusts these products into the limelight and practically it helps to get people’s eyes on your listing across the world.

    And people these days prefer unique and creative products and are excited to support small businesses.
    The tips mentioned in your article is so amazing it is a clear guide.


    • Hi Samantha, thank you for such an amazing comment. Etsy is the cheapest platform I found to sell your original and unique products And what is great about it you don’t have to register for a domain name right away. I start to sell in 2019 and I did buy my domain yet. I’m waiting to have more sell so it’s going to be official a soon as my customer grows.
      Thank you for stopping by


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