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Little Story about me!

Hello People, my name is Lyne, I’m from Canada I’m a mother of two children (an adult now) and I’m an artisan as well.  My journey here starts in March 2020 but let me tell you a little about me.  I worked in Human Resources for more than 18 years and after I took a job at the daycare center in school.



Welcome to my space

Welcome to my space on the internet.  Here I’ll talk a little about me and how I start working online from home.

My hobby is creating handmade bags, purses, and backpacks with recycling jeans and new materials.

My love of sewing and creating start when I was really young. It’s a hobby I have since I’m 12 years old.  I just start to do some handmade bags only last year.  Because of the time,! The time we don’t have as a single mom but now that my children are all growing up, it’s time for me to occupy myself.

Sewing is one of my hobbies, I learned to do it with my mother when I was a young teenager.  Everything I know about sewing my mom taught me all of it.  She even though me how to make myself clothes. 

In the 80′ I’ve made myself so many clothes, that I had two big full closets full of them to wear. Remember in the ’80s two closets full of clothes, it was like you were “Rich.” Has so many clothes at that time I could change 3 times a day to use them. 

At that time I didn’t have children and no computer so we had to make ourselves some hobbies back then!  And I’m still doing it but not so many times that I would like to do it.

If you’ll like to visit my Etsy Shop here is the link below.

Etsy Shop Creation Kalin me

Why did I decide to join affiliate marketing?

With this hobby, I worked a lot on my laptop for my Etsy shop and that’s how I decided to learn affiliate marketing.

At first, I was a little septic about all those videos I saw on Youtube where people say:  “I make 5 figure income online with affiliate marketing, or I work online doing affiliate marketing and make 4 figure income every month.”

Admit, it’s hard to believe, and that when I say to myself ” maybe you can make money online like everybody else.”

So I decided to try and do it myself!

Start to read some websites about it, “read,”  I’m talking about reading a lot of website about it.  Look at videos, I read for 2 months every day before I found this ad about Wealthy Affiliate. 

An ad where it says ” register for free,”  to learn about affiliate marketing, start your online business, and make money online!

However, I decided to look into this platform.  I was intimidated too at first.  But after watching this work platform,  I discovered a world of possibilities.  Never realized how easy things could be by working with people who know what they are doing.

Register for Free

First I register for free and start to learn affiliate marketing from the courses and lessons they have.  I learn and decided to create this website.

When you start, you don’t really know where you’re going, so I found my Domain name.

Start to write some posts and saw that a lot of my post was about helping people start working from home and make a Passive Income From Home.

I start my journey with Wealthy Affiliate in March 2020.  I use to work a 9 – 5  days job when starting and now I’m working only 2 to 3 hours a day of my day job, and the rest of the day from home on my online business.

Been an adult with ADHD and having dysorthography, I did it, never thought that I could do it, but with hard work, persistence, and patience,

I did it!!!

My Goals

My goal is to help my readers to achieve the laptop lifestyle and make a passive income from home.  I want to help people who think that they know nothing about computers, the internet, and software.  But I know they can do it. With the right tools, it’s possible.

Also, I want to help people who don’t have a good pension and don’t want to work until they’re 70 years old or more. It’s for mom or dad who lost their job due to Covid19 or just lost their job…

An even you Students who want to make a living out of an online business and work from home.

If you don’t want to do affiliate marketing, I know it’s for anybody, but not everybody can do it.  So I decided to search for you for an online job you can do at home and some of those online jobs can be probably done from anywhere you at even on vacation just need a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Some are full-time online jobs and some are part-time.  It will be for you to decide which one you want to do.

To reach the freedom lifestyle, the laptop life the best way to do it’s by doing affiliate marketing and I’ll show you how to do it.



Thank you for reading my About me page and if you’ll like to see where I built this online business and make 4 figures monthly see the post here!

Wish you all the best!!!

Take Care!


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