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WiredBucks | The #1 Influencer Network Scam!!!

What is WiredBucks? is the web’s most popular influencer rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Earn points when you earn money, invite friends, and earn, make promotional posts, answer surveys, and find great deals. Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get the latest gadgets like MacBook pro. WiredBucks has already paid out over $410,754,123 in cash and free gift cards.  Put cash back in your wallet.

This one seems too good to be true!


Wired bucks a big scam

  • Why choose us?

We have been in the internet marketing industry for a while now. Our parent company has been creating online monetizing solutions since 2008. We have grown our network to more than 200,000+ members who have earned over $400,000,000+.

How does it work?

We strive to provide straight transparency to our members. Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue. You are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relations across our network.

  • How do I earn?

Earning is so simple. You can earn by inviting friends to our site. Referring isn’t for you? You can also earn by testing some of our sponsors’ products in the members’ area.

  • How do I get paid?


When you are ready to get paid, simply request your payment in the members’ area. We pay our members through PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and mailed checks. Don’t see a payment method that works for you? We will be adding more in the future!

  • How long does it take to get paid?


Usually, payments are sent instantly when scheduled,

  • Get at least 20 clicks 
  • Get at least 5 referrals 
  • Complete at least 5 task wall tasks 
  • Don’t waste your time with wires buck (they want you to spend your money on the survey)

WiredBuks offer tasks to do and they give a reward, a point you can exchange for reward or money.  When you register to WiredBucks you get automatically $25.00. If you refer friends and they register your get pay $ 10.00 for everyone who registers with your link.

If people only click on your link you’ll earn $2.00 for each click you get.  Youtube, if you create youtube videos, you’ll earn $50.00.  If you complete surveys, each survey you complete you’ll be earning $30.00.  Another one here, if you download apps you’ll get paid $20.00.

This is easy money to earn but there’s a little work to do, I do it every day and it takes me not more than 30 minutes every day. You’ll need to share it on social media. And try to get an audience like other work you do online. This is very too good to be true!

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Choice of Rewards from WiredBuck

Here is some choice of Rewards you will be given for some surveys you’ll be doing. Some gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, PlayStation, I Phone 11 Pro Max, and more.

Sign up today for free Get $25.  Make money online with WiredBucks. WiredBucks pays you for referring friends and family to their website. You can earn up to $10 per referral. Want to know why it works and where the money comes from? Check out this link:

This is easy money and It’s just to make a little extra money Online! Make your first $200.00 with WiredBucks.

To ensure you aren’t cheating the system with multiple accounts and to make sure you are getting the most out of WireBucks. You must meet the following requirements to cash out for the first time.

Wired Bucks Scam or legit?

I don’t recommend this product!  

Yes, Wired Bucks is a Scam.

I don’t recommend this product, it is a platform where they want to get your name, email, and address after sending you some promotions they have.  I don’t know if some people have been paid but I know for a fact that all the reviews are fake.

  • Get at least 20 clicks 
  • Get at least 5 referrals 
  • Complete at least 5 task wall tasks 
  • Don’t waste your time with wires buck (they want you to spend your money on the survey)

Big Scam

This is a list of all products I found that are similar to WiredBucks and also Big Scams, be careful when you join a program!

  1. Kashtree
  2. Paid4Clout
  3. CloutPay
  4. CashOG
  5. Money Chaser
  6. Viral Pay
  7. Tap2Earn
  8. CloutBucks
  9. NiceCash
  10. Notion Cash
  11. Viral Market
  12. Viral Point
  13. Referral Pay
  14. WiredBucks
  15. PaidLeaf

Thank you for reading and be careful with Scam! If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will return to you within 12 hours

All the best!


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

4 Replies to “Make money with WiredBucks”

  1. Hy Lyne, I think this is a very thorough review of Wiredbucks. I love how you lay out the many ways you can earn from this app and I am sure that people who are looking to monetize this way will find this information very useful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Chris, thank you for this comment and your welcome. I was affraid a little about this post cause I’m don’t know much about wiredbucks but I try it and made $200. so far with them (in a month)


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