Making money working from home

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Ways to Make money online working from home?


There are SO MANY different ways you can make money online working from home, just like the offline world.  There are games you can play and make money while playing, you can sell products of your own, you can make money dropshipping with E-commerce.  There are so many ways and I’m going to show you a lot of it on some other post, but this post is to talk about Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, making money working from home online.  

You can create a website with affiliate products or open e-commerce from a webshop. You build your website and find merchandise that is available within affiliates. You can also attach other websites from the link that you will integrate into yours.  Even some merchandisers can ask you to put some adds on your website and you will generate some money there as well.

Where can you find a site that will help you create a website that will generate revenue?  My Best and recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

There is a lot of affiliate programs within the internet or merchants.

But I found this one, WEALTHY AFFILIATES platform. They have a training one on one from the beginning to the end. You have a personnel coach when you do the training and when you built your website or blogs. All the training you will do is to build your online business. The platform at WA will guide you to create a website and you’ll have all the help you can use on this platformHere at Wealthy Affiliate, we are near than 2 million members, many people who are ready to help you.


Work with trained people!      

On Wealthy affiliates, the platform is a community of people that can help you and answer your questions when you do your training and built your website. Everybody on the platform is learning or has learned how to create a website and how to make money online.

You’ll learn about the domain name, SEO, ranking your website on google or bing, keywords, and more! They have a website call JAAXY it helps you find the best keywords and the ranking.

Here you’ll start with:

  • Training
  • Domain Name sales and registration
  • Website builder
  • Website hosting that is extremely fast, with back up to 10 personals domains
  • Security package
  • Server-Class amazon
  • 24/7 Technical Support website
  • Tool critical for an affiliate marketer to build develop and track their business
  • Private Coaching
  • Network with Experts

Join now!  Start your journey with us. Wealthy Affiliate!


How Can I Make Money Online working from home?

Can I make money online?   Yes, it’s possible!!!                         

How Much Can YOU Earn as an Affiliate?

As much as you like….seriously!

Your revenue is very closely tied to the amount of traffic you can get. And remember, in order to get the traffic you need a website. You need to be creating content that is relevant and is targeting specific “low competition” keywords with every new post you create on your website.

Let’s say you get 1,000 clicks to your site in a month. This is 33 clicks per day and once you get rolling this will be more than realistic.  Out of these 1,000 clicks, you get a 20% click-through rate on your affiliate links.

1,000 x 20% = 200 affiliate clicks

Ex: 1: If 1:50 (or 2%) of these people end up buying something, you will make four (4) sales.

Ex: 2: If 1:20 (or 5%) of these people end up buying something, you will make ten (10) sales.  If you are promoting a product that pays $30 per sale (pretty typical), you will earn $120 in just four (4)  sales and $300 in ten (10) sales.


These are very conservative numbers, and this is in just one month! That same traffic is going to convert for you year-round and is going to be working for you 24 hours per day. At the end of (4) four or five (5) months, the traffic will be quadruple and more so, imagine the pay at the end of these five (5) months. Register Now!!!




I create this website to help people find good income funds for life and for retirement.  It was also created to promote some products and become an Affiliate Marketing. This website was built here at Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I want to share with you how to do it if you’d like to create an Online Job from home and make money online.

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate network See post here! 


Passive income means generating cash from a website, or a YouTube channel, or through affiliate sales. It means that even as you are resting, the seeds you sowed continue to reap their rewards. It’s time for you to achieve the digital marketing lifestyle



Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

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    I love your passion on teaching people how to make an income online. The Wealthy Affiliate program is definitely one of the mort helpful, lucrative platforms online.

    Thanks for the post, very informative and helpful


    1. Hello Steven, Thank you for you nice comment I try to make the easier possible way for people to understand.

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