Posts, 6 Things you Must Include in

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Posts 6 things, you absolutely must include

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What should be in each of your posts for your website? If your goal is to increase your traffic, there are some things you cannot pass. 

All of your Posts must absolutely have those 6 important things for SEO to find you.

As I often repeat in my Posts, creating articles is great, but it won’t be enough to get you traffic. So, let’s talk a bit about these things that must be in all of your posts.

These tips will help you create content for your posts that is more engaging for your readers, easier to read, useful, and good for your SEO.


Posts, 6 Things you Must Include in?


Posts, 6 Things you Must Include in


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

1)  Create Effective Headlines!

You only have seconds to grab the attention of a potential reader.

And when the reader is faced with several different articles in their Google search will click on the title that prompts them the most.

So rule number one, create headlines that make you want to read your articles.

When I search for information on Google, I certainly don’t have fun opening all the articles that are offered, I choose the one that seems to me to be the most interesting … and that only by reading its title.

For example, between:

 “How did I increase my traffic?“, and  “How did I double my traffic in 30 days?” 

Which one will get the most clicks?

So always try to title your articles in a way that intrigues or even persuades your readers to read your articles. I also specify that all your titles must imperatively include the keyword (s) of your articles to truly optimize your SEO.

Search engines will only find you with your keywords. An effective headline is a headline that captivates a reader and includes keywords from the content of the article.

Been a member at Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have access to the Jaaxy KW research tool to find between the two phrases which one has more traffic per month and more traffic per day and less competition.

2)  Add and optimize your images

Adding images helps make the article more visually appealing and easier to read, but that’s not all. The images are also used for Pinterest search engines.

My motto: connect the useful with the pleasant. Adding images not only makes my articles more interesting, but these images will also be useful for Pinterest.

Be careful not to use just any image. The images have copyright. If you are looking for free images for your blog, you will find some on Pixabay or pixels. If you are ready to pay for a subscription, then I recommend Shutterstock instead.

When it comes to optimizing your images, always remember to add “alt text” to your images. 

posts, alt text

6 things you must include in all your posts

Why add alt text?

Because the “alt text” contains the keywords that will automatically be added to your article description. When a reader types the same keywords, it will also give your images a chance to appear in search engines.

3) Add links to other articles

Because blogging is also about “killing two birds with one stone” whenever you can. Always seek to add links to your posts by linking an article to an older article.

Why? Again, this is all about SEO, and on the other hand, it helps redirect your readers to other parts of your blog posts.

It is enough that the links are relative to the subject of which you speak.

4)  Add Subtitles to all posts

First, it organizes your content and makes your articles easier to read. And this is also what will let Google know what your posts are about.

6 things you must include in all your posts

In a very simplified version, when a reader types a keyword in Google, Google will scan millions of articles on the lookout for this keyword, the subtitles allow Google to scan more quickly and easily and to find keywords.

Your keywords should appear in your subtitles at least once. Subtitles should be in the heading 3

5) Encourage your audience to take action

Always encourage your audience to take action on your articles. We called this a CTA – call to action. That is, you should always seek to get your readers to click or comment.

There are many ways to encourage your readers to take action …

a) Ask a question.

Seek to engage your audience through comments, asking them what they think of your articles or their own tips on the topic.

Namely that Google loves sites that have traffic, when you have comments in your articles, it also affects your ranking on Google. The more action there is on your blog, the more Google will want to list it. Unique helpful content.

b) Offer downloadable bonuses

You can also offer e-books, kits, or other bonuses in your articles in exchange for an email address. You can simply remind your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Like I do here.

6)  Re-read yourself and check the relevance of your post

It sounds obvious I know, and yet it should be mentioned. Before publishing your articles, reread yourself. On the one hand to correct spelling mistakes, and on the other to rate your content.

Are you clear in what you expressed? Or could you elaborate more? Is your article relevant? Is your article long enough? (Remember to aim for between 800-2000 words, as search engines like long articles).

Hello! My name is Lyne, Welcome to my website. It Can All Begin For You Starting Right Here with one click…

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section, and I will answer within the next 12 hours.

Thank you to read my post! Share this article to help people who need it!

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  1. Whenever I’m posting anything, I try to be as thorough as possible. Sometimes I wind up with articles measuring longer than I cared for it to, but when I go back and read it over I realize it was necessary.

    • Hi Millie, I know sometimes I feel like writing too much but for SEO it’s the way to go. With more words and great information, you have a better chance you get to be on top on the first page…
      Thank you


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