What is an Online Business?

An online business with a Wealthy Affiliate!

This post will give you a review of My Online Stat-Up vs Wealthy Affiliate.

What is My Online Start-Up?

My Online StartUp is a free 8 module course created by Chuck Nguyen designed to walk you through the steps of starting an affiliate marketing business.  It is also a primarily free video training course that teaches how to start an online business.

In 2017 he created the Digital Elites course and ran that until he started to Earn Easy Commissions in 2018 and renamed it to My Online Startup in March 2019.

Who Is Chuck Nguyen?

Chuck Nguyen is the guy behind My Online StartUp who is based in Melbourne, Australia, and started with internet marketing in 2004.  According to Chuck, he started My Online Startup to help millions around the world build a successful online business.

  • Product Name:  My Online StartUp
  • First release: June 2020
  • Creator: Chuck Nguyen
  • Product Website: MyOnline Startup.com
  • Price:  $197 or $997
  • Type of product: email marketing training book + additional material
  • Rating: 4/5

How much it cost?

Apparently, there are only two upgrade options:

  • The partner upgrade $197 one time fee or
  • The legendary partner upgrade $997 one time fee

What you’ll learn at My Online Startup?

They will show you how to build a 6-figure online business and become an affiliate marketing.  They’ll show you the easiest and simplest way to build multiple online businesses.

Chuck the owner has a fairly successful Youtube channel covering topics related to affiliate marketing like keyword research, building an email list, and productivity.

How does it work?

My Online Startup training gives you 39 lessons in 8 modules with 38 video lessons a total of 2 hours 14 minutes. Apparently, Chuck does a great job of explaining everything in an easy-to-understand way.

1 – Started Lesson 1

A personal introduction and demonstrates how to navigate around the member’s area. In this video, he gives a brief overview of what will be covered in the rest of the course.

2 – Success Mindset – 7 lessons

These lessons are all about having the right kind of mindset that’s going to set you up for success within the online world. They cover everything from knowing why and setting the right kind of income goals to how to have self-confidence and what hacks you can use to boost your productivity.

3: Affiliate Marketing – 5 Lessons

In this module, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing works, how to choose a niche, how to write about products review, how to monetize your site and maximize commissions.

4: Lead Generation – 6 Lessons

Creating a capture page and offering a high-value lead magnet to collect emails is so important. Email marketing is the way to build multiple income streams and the biggest asset to any online business and he’s not wrong.  About 80% of your affiliate income will come from your email list.

5: Authority Platform – 7 lessons

In this step, you’re going to be walked through the entire process of how to create and set up your first affiliate marketing  website and start the process of creating high-quality and relevant content that’s going to attract those all-important visitors and start generating your commissions

6: YouTube Marketing – 6 lessons

How to get your first channel set up, how to shoot and edit videos and how to choose the best keywords to target to get those all-important views which hopefully turn into sales.

7: Forum Marketing – 1 Lesson

In a video the owner, Chuck recommends signing up to the Warrior Forum and start answering digital marketing-related questions as a way to generate traffic to your offers, with an emphasis on promoting MyOnline Startup.com.

8: Targeted Solo Ads – 4 lessons

This is the final module that suggests solo ads through sites like Udimi as they are the easiest and fastest ways to generate sales.

What are Solo Ads:

Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email listed owners.  They’re typically sent as dedicated emails – so the entire message is all about your promotion. Solo Ads are expensive and apparently ineffective because it’s hard to trust vendors.

Pros and Cons:


  • offers a free detail course
  • step by step video to get you started after you take the free course
  • support Facebook pages update


  • The last youtube video is old from 2 years ago
  • cost to upgrade to insider members
  • expensive $997
  • the community is not very active
  • hidden costs and fees

Final Thoughts:

My Online Startup is legit, but I heard that the owner of easy earn commissions and digital elites academy was Chuck Nguyen companies and both have disappeared and Easy Earn Commissions is now known as My Online Startup.

I don’t say it not a good product! – but if you want my honest opinion, I would rather learn Affiliate Marketing with

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one best platform

I recommend starting an online business. Free to Start, easy to follow, and a great community of people who can help you.


Why do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate vs My Online Startup?

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for free.  The owners are really transparent with the training and you can chat with them most of all the day of the week.  They are available to chat and answer your questions. We have site support that will help you with all problems you can have with your website.

Don’t forget about Wealthy Affiliate’s community, which includes beginners and experts who have an online business and are there to help you as well.  You have a question, you just need to write it down in the appropriate section and you’ll get an answer from the owner or from anybody in the community who’s able to answer your questions.

What you’ll have access to start for free!

  • a FREE member,
  • Access to 20 of those classes for free.
  • One website
  • 30 keywords research on Jaaxy platform
  • No Technical or Prior Online Business Experience Required.
  • If you have an experience that is great,
  • Experience is definitely not a requirement here at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate?

After tried the free starter membership and you feel ready to be more dedicated to making money online.  Some people choose to say a free member but if you upgrade for Premium Member you’ll get more help, a private email, more training, more development, and access to promote Wealthy Affiliate as well.

When upgrading to Premium that means you are willing to really make an effort as well, and these are the ones that become very successful.

The training includes options for everybody no matter the previous level and will help you build step by step your online business.

Monthly payment of $49 per month, If you decide to upgrade to premium within the first 7 days, you get your first month for $19. Or, you can pay in one payment for $499(this gets you 1 month free). – And you get access to the powerful research tool Jaaxy.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate on your online business will give you a very good ROI (return on investment).

Commissions are:

  • $8.00 for the first month
  • $19.00 special offer, then
  • $23.50 thereafter.
  • Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then
  • $11.75 monthly and
  • $117.50 yearly commissions

So in the long term, your monthly fee to register with Wealthy Affiliate has a very good ROI.

What will you have access to as a Premium member?

As a premium member, you have access to:

  • community posts
  • community upgrade training
  • free classes video
  • free webinar with Jay (see below about Jay)
  • 10 websites
  • Live help
  • Private messaging
  • A website security package
  • Website backup
  • Access to all beginner training videos and courses
  • Unlimited searches using the Keyword Research tool (Jaaxy)
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Website feedback and comment platform
  • 24/7 help support
  • Website Analytics
  • Site Support

Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).

On this site all the product reviews I wrote about, Wealthy Affiliate has a better plan to offer for anybody who would like to start an affiliate marketing business.

Over one-third of Wealthy Affiliate, customers end up in the making money online niches.

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Here Some Reals comments from members of Wealthy Affiliate!

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