3 Habits that Stops your Success, 

Waiting for the perfect moment:   

Making your first youtube video, yes I need to start doing my video. Here are some excuses that people have to not start their video “ I don’t have the perfect camera, I don’t have light to have a good image.  I need a micro”, no backdrops are good enough or organized to do it.

Another good one, let say like leaving your job;  When will be the perfect moment, I’m going to wait for my bonus or I’m going to wait at the end of next month because of bla bla bla bla, I’m going to do it when…. All those reasons that we give us to not starting what we need to do to achieve success.

Theses are some bad habits that will stop you from being successful.  It is called Duck in a row syndrome. It’s a feeling that you need to have it all from A  to  Z lined up before you can even start working on your video and achieve success.  This is a way that you have to justify your procrastination with an excuse that you don’t need to start working on your video now.


Get over that Duck in a Row Syndrome, start your video with the natural lighting in front of a window.  The sun gives the light that you need to start.  Take your phone to film your video and a small microphone from your headphones.  It’s possible to start without all the extra or expensive product that you want to have,  It’s better to start with what you have than to not doing it at all!

Habit of rationalizing, not trying


Here some example of that Rationalizing is :       

It’s time to make a youtube video, I can’t it is too competitive, there is too many people are doing a video on youtube, I won’t be successful, etc.  You want to start with Wealthy Affiliate;  I don’t know how to write, I’m not a blogger, I don’t know how to make a website, I’ll start at the end of next month…….. That means your Rationalizing and you not Trying at all.  At this point you’re making excuses, not doing anything and you again Wasting Precious Time.  You’re giving up too soon, you don’t even want to try, you are procrastinating.

Another wrong habit people have, like me, I’m a perfect example and I try do avoid doing things like that.  Let say you wake up a 9 in the morning and you planned to wake up at  6 O’clock, well for some people it feels like their late and they can’t do everything they planned because they lost 3 hours in the morning so they don’t do it at all.  This is still Rationalizing your excuses by no doing it, even if you lost 3 hours, there is a lot that can be done on the rest of the day you didn’t lose. 



People even if you fall out of the track, like waking up three hours late don’t delay what you wanted to do.  Do it anyway, start what you had planned, and do it.  The worst that is could happen is that maybe you not going to finish what you wanted to do but you’ll still have progressed in your work, business, video.    Get over Rut’s

Stop your Rationalizing and Not Trying. It’s time to START your Dream Online Business, it’s time to Doing it with us at Wealthy Affiliate!


Giving up when Success Don’t happen right away

When people start Online business or youtube videos, they expect success right away. If they don’t get enough likes on their youtube videos they’re already thinking of giving up.  they usually think; “If I don’t have enough views, nobody will watch my videos, nobody’s going to like my videos”  They give up if success doesn’t happen right away    


Building a business is not a one-day success!





Some people, Oh!  I say some,  but I think it’s more,  a lot of people need to stop Expecting Success Right away, be patient guys.  you are in a Rut and you need to be patient and keep working hard on your website. It’s going to happen, you will earn money, reach your goals, and succeeded. All you need is patience and hard work. 

All that time you sabotage,  Rationalize, or waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect equipment to work with, it’s all lost because you gave in to your fears and bad habits.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.  You just need to stay focus and stop rationalizing your excuses and start working today on your Dream Job. Stay positive!!!

Quote: Don’t judge your life by a bad day, keep believing in yourself, keep Trying and Success will show its nose!!!




Stop these nasty habits and start now with us on Wealthy Affiliate start for FREE!!! 


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