Make on Google First Page

How to Stay on Google First Page!

1 – Create a list of Keywords   


The way I do it is, I make a brainstorm of the post that I want to write.  I go on Jaaxy to find a list of Keyword and keywords phrases for my titles, and I start to write my post.  Those Keywords are the words that people use to search for things on google, yahoo, and other SEO.  

Each page on your website should target a different set of keywords so that the pages aren’t competing with each other.

When using those keywords and keywords phrases on your post, tell the SEO (search engines optimization) that what you talk about in your post it’s what the people search on the internet and that will have your site rank higher and better chance to get on the first page of google.

2 – Make First Page on Google.  

In google, there are millions and more of pages that exist, and google stores them in an index.  When people make a search on the net, google can then scan through its organized index to quickly come up with relevant results.   (Keywords (phrases) = Index)

If you place your keywords in the following places of your web posts,  then Google will find your web posts easier. This is the One Important Step for showing up on the first page of Google

Google want to search on it’s organized index and will retrieve your site within his keywords. 

In every post of your website, you will need to write a title.  This title should include your keyword, KW Phrases.  It gives good quality on the search engine.  Create high-quality posts including keywords on all titles in the post.  It’s one of a ranking factor those Titles (keywords).

See below my niche  “”, Title of my post (keywords phrase) “best income fund for home affiliate marketing” and below this keywords phrase is the Meta Description.


3 – TITLE    –    META DESCRIPTION    –    URL




  • a) Title: Every post you write as a title, it appears at the top of your post but also as the title of that page’s listing in search results
  • b) Meta Description:  This is the description under the title in google search results.  It’s basically your title these keyword phrases you write on the top of your posts. The meta description helps google to put your business on the first page for the right searches and helps google searchers to keep it there.
  • c) URL:  The URL is basically a name ( the NICHE)  for the link to your website.  After the URL google put a slash and followed by text separated by dashes. 

Like mine here:

If you include keywords in your URL, Google will identify your post more quickly.  Also, the URL appears in between the title and meta description in search results. 

  • d) Alt Tags

This adds value to your website. It creates a dependable resource for your guests, ensuring all types and pieces of data are accessible for everyone.

  •  Find the best alt tags by performing searches through keyword research tools.
  •  Use this as an ongoing practice to increase accessibility for your site.
  •  Evaluate the effectiveness of your alt tags with your own website audits.


Ex of ALT Tags: 

An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review( is the Alt Tags of the image of your posts.  Google can detect further relevancy of that page and feel more comfortable putting you on its first page of search results.

4 – Make your Website Mobile Compatible 

Today everybody has mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. Most of your traffic will come from those.  Most of the people on the planet work with iPhone and mobile, so it is important that your website is mobile Compatible. It will improve your chance to rank higher on Google.

Most of the WordPress themes are mobile-friendly and Google favors mobile-friendly websites.  If you don’t have a responsive website, you will need to make adjustments to your website. That will ensure the most seamless experience for a mobile user.5


5 – Write Post on a Regular Basis

You will need to write at least three (3) to four (4) posts per week to make sure that google continued to rank you on the first page.  Google needs to know that you still working on your website and it’s still being active.

If you take a longer break without writing for a week or more, SEO(google) start de-ranking your website to a lower level. You don’t want that for you the less your work on your site the more competitive your niche becomes and you’ll lose rankings if you don’t continue to write good content. I suggest that you take three (3) hours per day and write at least four (4) posts a week, and that will tell all search engines that you still active with your site.  Organize an agenda it is your passive income for life.




6 – What about your Website URL

The URL is basically a name for the link, the domain name (your Niche). Search Engine like when people choose a short URL. You will need it to keep it relevant to the topics you choose for your website.

If you include keywords in your URL, it will help SEO (google, Yahoo) more quickly identify what your posts are about. If you look at the image below you’ll find the URL in front of the Title of your post and follow the description.


7 – Affiliate network link vs Website link 

Difference between Internal link and External link

Internal link: Internal link is a link from one page (post)  to another page (post) of your website.  This link’s in your content give facility to your readers to go read other posts and, it tel SEO that your other posts are important and informative. It is recommended that you have 2 internal links per post. 

External link:  These external links,  lead your readers from your site to another website, for additional information, product and, they can also be linked to the affiliate program.


8 – Driving Traffic on my site:

To get on the first page of Google you need to provide useful, trustworthy, easy to read, and informative content.   Your page needs to provide information, help people, and not just keywords.  

That will keep your target audience on your pages and come back.  If you want to rank on the first page of Google for a particular keyword search, that users are trying to obtain when they type that search into Google.

It’s not easy to keep your audience, it takes several engagements with business before a person converts into a customer.


Thank you for reading, if you’dl to learn more about see my post here!