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Passive income means generating cash from a website, or a YouTube channel, or through affiliate sales. It means that even as you are resting, the seeds you sowed continue to reap their rewards. It’s time for you to achieve the digital marketing lifestyle

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Last week I was reading a post and I fell on this one and this is something I didn’t believe before registering with Wealthy Affiliate!

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I Make Money While I Sleep!

Last Update: July 01, 2020

OK, this is NOT a post to brag, rather, I just want to prove to whoever wants some proof that it is possible to make money while sleeping!


There is a NO better feeling of accomplishment when you wake up in the morning and open your email and find that there is money coming in while sleeping! Look at the image above and the hours I receive the emails are during the middle of the night when I do sleep! 🙂

It’s the whole purpose of this online thing!!


How did I get there?  By working at it! Working as an Affiliate Marketing that’s the way to make a passive income from home, and it is the best way to make money while sleeping and at Home.

Even when I felt like there was no purpose to it…

I remember looking at blogs like this one and saying to myself “One day this will be me”.  Well, it started to happen in 2020 for me.

It took longer than someone that works at it 8-12 hours a day. I can only work part-time (2-4 hours per day) but I am doing it!  My stats are getting better and better every month… Not enough to fire my boss YET, but I am getting closer and closer every day!

My month of June has been my best month yet with a conversion rate of 11% (Referrals that went premium) which is pretty good.

If I compare June 2020 to January 2020 I have an increase of 825% in referrals. 🙂  All of this to say that it is possible if you keep pushing forward and never quit!!!  And to me, this is just the beginning.   Seeing the results I have today only pushes me, even more, to keep on moving forward working even harder at it!

My goal is to, one day (sooner than later), blog about the day I fire my boss!


Here another post who makes money while sleeping… That the beauty of Affiliate Marketing!! with Wealthy Affiliate!



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