5 Types of People Who Can’t Make Money Online!

Why People fail to make money online.


Life is not easy today, if you are alone to pay all the expenses of life, like me, you try to find things or another job to have more income at the end of the month. 

Is it possible to make money online? Yes, it is!!!  Today with the concept of making money online, not everybody can do it. 

Need to boost your income, do it from your home, make a full time living by doing any online job or business.  Just need your laptop, and start affiliate marketing, or sell your services online as a freelancer, take surveys, or even dropshipping.

You can sell your product or services with your own website, blog, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…). Most payments are also made online.  So you don’t need to do any payment manually or go to the bank.  You just need to register online with Paypal (very high security)  or even with your Bank.  But it’s a fact that making money online it’s not for everybody.  

Some people will never believe you can live from an income online. 

“Never believe” That is why many people despite making effort fail to make money online, or business online.  You need to be consistent and believe in what you do.

Some people are not fit for it and, just to do online business or just make money online.  They try it and fail.  So most of them also claim that it’s a myth you can’t make money online.  It’s a Scam, they give you negative points to exchange and you never have enough. 

Here will see 5 types of people who Can’t make money online.

5 Type of People Who Can’t make money online?


Some people you don’t know much about the internet and computers are one type of people you don’t believe in it and won’t achieve it if they try. Why don’t they succeed in an Online Business, they tend to be too negative and just don’t believe it.  If you put your mind in not believing it you won’t succeed.  A lot of those people are from the “ 80’ “ and only think that the computer is to write letters and play games.

1 – Non-Technical People Skills


Like I said early in this post, people you worked at the beginning on computers when they start writing letters, played games on the computer, people from the “ 80’ “ They write letters, email, CV or just notepad, maybe agenda and play games. Most of those people will do what they need to do on the computer and then shut it down to give it a rest because they want to play more after lunch.

Oh!!! I heard this one from my older sisters believe me!!!

2 – Over Smart People

 Those who instead of following the basic rules try to devise everything according to their own way  (like two of my sisters in the  80’)  Never used a computer to work with them and still say it’s impossible to make money online.   “or on the computer, as she said”.  Those who instead of following the rules and do the training step by step, try to devise their own rules to be successful online and miserably fail.

3 – People without patient

People who want everything fast can’t be successful in the online world. (that was me before I learn about the internet and Wealthy Affiliate).  Either they have to change their mindset and have the patience or look into another profession. Online businesses need time to build and take time to understand the way internetwork.

One needs to be patient and then once they start earning nobody can stop them from earning,  learning, more and more.


4 – People who are afraid to commit mistakes

You have to try every method until you succeed in your adventure.  If you are afraid of committing mistakes you won’t do anything new   The online world is full of trials and errors.  

You would remain glued to common methods and will not innovate.  Not committing any mistake means you equally fail to make any headway and would standstill.  

Always remember this phrase and I know that you already heard it  “ we learn from our mistake.”


5 – People you don’t Believe in the Power on investing

To make money online, you have to invest time, work, effort.  Simply with your hard labor, you can’t achieve your goals online.  Equally, you have to invest in yourself and also in your project to improve its quality.  Without quality, it’s difficult to achieve your online goals.  You will maybe need to invest a little money for adds or even being just an Ebook that can help you achieve this online Business.



You may disagree with me on the five types of people who can’t succeed online, and just a few types can make money online.  I was one of those 5 types who did not believe in making money online a couple of years ago.

But I start to read and research and look into the possibility of doing it and now I made research, I gain patience within the years and gain time to read a lot on the subject and within the time now I can say that I’m on the road to the success with Wealthy Affiliate.