What is Simple Traffic About

Review of Simple Traffic and Review of WorldProfit!

What is Simple Traffic?

Simple Traffic is a website traffic provider that uses cutting-edge visitor forwarding software to supply websites with real visitors.  The traffic is directly forwarded to user websites from a vast group of websites and domains that are owned by Simple Traffic, the best web traffic sites

Generate revenue

The simple traffic delivers 100% real and has the chance to convert into sales, leads, and sign-ups. Receive more clicks. The visitors you receive can navigate your website and click on your links, unlike bots or fake visitors.

Improve your position on Google and other search engines by proving your website receives visitors. Boost in analytics our traffic will be visible in your Google Analytics so you can measure your success.

what is simple traffic about

How Simple Traffic deliver real visitors

With their visitors forwarding software, they can seamlessly redirect their quality traffic to your website in a split second!

A new visitor reaches one of our rented websites or parked domains that have huge amounts of traffic. Within a split second, they determine the visitor’s demographics and check to see if it matches the targeting you choose.

The Visitor is forwarded to you.

If the visitor matches your targeted demographics they are then instantly forwarded to your site directly. No click or advertisement is required.

Simple Traffic has a consumer rating of 4.98 stars from 34 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.  Consumers satisfied with Simple Traffic most frequently mention google ads.  Simple Traffic ranks 10th among SEO sites.

Are the visitors real?

Absolutely!  They have an excessive amount of real traffic that comes through our domain network. When they receive a visitor on any of the sites in the network we check if they match the targeting you choose, and if they do, they are instantly forwarded directly to your website. No click or ad required.

Does this work with Adsense?

Their service can promote sites using any ad platform.

But they recommend you do not promote websites with AdSense installed because AdSense does not Allow forwarded traffic. 

How does the free trial work?

Just Sign up here and you’ll get 500 visitors per day for the first 5 days on any of our plans, that’s 2500 visitors for free!

After your trial ends you will be moved onto the full subscription and will begin paying the monthly fee.  Cancel at any time during your trial and you will not be charged.

How much cost Simple Traffic?

Simple Traffic has four different plan to register:

Huddle Plan $15 per month/500 visitors per day

  • 15k Visitors
  • Real visitor subscription
  • Helpful insights & tracking
  • Advanced targeting

Crowd Plan $28 per month/1000 visitors per day

  • 30k
  • Includes feature Huddle plan

Club Plan $40 per month/ 1500 visitors per day

  • 45k visitors
  • Includes feature Huddle plan

Club Plan $50 per month/ 2000 visitors per day

  • 60k visitors
  • Includes feature Huddle plan

Simple traffic rating

Is Simple Traffic a Scam or Legit?

Simple traffic is not a scam, it’s a legit product because the visitors’ simple traffic forward you are from their rented websites and domain that get a huge amount of traffic and if the traffic matches your target they forward it to you.

Now let’s talk about WorldProfit!

What are Worldprofit associates?

This Worldprofit review will give you an overview of the membership site and show you the significant Worldprofit changes from an insider’s perspective.

I first joined Worldprofit as a free associate in august 2020 because I wanted the free traffic Worldprofit gives to new members.  Worldprofit requires new members to watch a presentation before getting the free traffic offer.

At the time, I wanted more visitors to see my website and have goodies to give to my customers. That was the one reason I joined Worldprofit.

Here I’m going to give you a Worldprofit overview, and I will discuss why you will find negative Worldprofit reviews.


What is world profit about?

What is Worldprofits?

Worldprofit was incorporated in 1994, it is a well-established information technology company,

  • Product: Worldprofit software
  • Co-founder: Geoge Kosch and Sandi Hunter
  • Price: Free to register

Worldprofit is a Canadian website hosting company, they were the first one in Alberta and one of the largest in Western Canada.

They have more than 2 million members worldwide, which include both free members and fully upgraded Silver,  Platinum, and VIP members. Members can take advantage of the full range of business training, products, and services offered by Worldprofit Inc.

What do Worldprofit offers?

  • Software & tools
  • Resources to build an online business
  • Website hosting WordPress
  • Tools to generate leads and traffic
  • Bootcamp training
  • Develop branding
  • Create a social media presence
  • Training 150 online lessons
  • Live Interactive with co-founder
  • Weekly training with co-founder
  • Teach the skills you need to create your business
  • Give you the knowledge required to work on your website
  • Personalized help
  • Training and support are in-house available when need it

Worldprofit is a software service company that has researched, created, and developed most of the business and marketing software it offers.

They provide resources for creating and publishing content.  Members have access to ebook tools, graphic design software, article marketing, and blogging.  They offer affordable advertising from traffic sources and their trusted partners.

Worldprofit was one of the first companies to provide an affiliate marketing program long before affiliate marketing became what it is today.  The Worldprofit’s line of products, services, and software continues to grow to enable members to earn commissions confidently.


  • How to get your included bonuses., traffic, leads, and more
  • Email marketing and advertising
  • Content marketing – blogging
  • Search engine marketing – includes search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display advertising – includes pay-per-click
  • Online classified advertising – eBay for example
  • Social media marketing – includes content marketing
  • Mobile advertising – text message ads, webpages
  • Live chat video

World profit members

The Worldprofit use of a live video chat session is unique. Visitors and members may ​chat with an experienced, trained member selected to serve as an LBC consultant. As always, monitor skill sets and “bedside” manners vary person-to-person.

What does Worldprofit cost?

Worldprofit has three levels of membership, which are the

  • free Associate membership,
  • $99/month Silver membership,
  • $149/month Platinum VIP membership.
  • Worldprofit offers discounts for annual payments.

Pros and Cons:


  • Live Business Center
  • Extensive training
  • FREE to join.
  • A vast number of products and services available
  • A long-established business
  • Solid Better Business Bureau rating. BBB, Edmonton, Canada has given Worldprofit a top score.


  • 90 days waiting before getting paid
  • It’s not your actual website
  • The amount of training and reference material may be overwhelming
  • leadership stresses the importance of starting correctly.
  • Some of the resources and techniques offered need updating.
  • New members should expect that new members they sponsor may not stay around or build the business. ​ They often come only for the traffic
  • Ad/traffic exchange with a risk of phishing scams.




Is Worldprofit a Scam or legit?

Worldprofit is a legit product, but getting people to sign up to WorldProfit under you is not easy because a lot of people register only for free to gain traffic only.

Most of the visitors either are already signed up or the traffic has little to no interest in your link therefore little to no value to you because they are doing the same thing you are.

I recommend trying it for free before register(or not)  for premium members.  I heard some very negative comment such as:

  • People had a hard time getting paid.
  • 50 000 visitors just registering for free(I’m registered since august and had no visitors at all from the Worldprofit account or on my website)
  • No refund policy
  • Outdated promotional methods.
  • Outdated site design

Does Worldprofit work?

In my personal opinion, No. The whole idea of traffic/ad/email exchange is a bit old-fashioned, and the site is outdated. You might manage to fool some prospects who do not know about online marketing, but you’ll lose your credibility by inviting people to such an old system.  I had a hard time finding myself when I register.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

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All the best!

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