What is a Ebook about?

What is an eBook?

An ebook is a text presented in a format that allows it to be read on a computer or handheld device. eg. iPad, cell phone.

An eBook is a creation of what you want to talk about. Any topic you can choose as a designer, sewing, mechanic, or even haunted house, scary story, or a cours on how to help people on something or how to make a passive income online. Anything you want to write and have a bit of knowledge about.

Some are available in printed versions and can be read as a physical book.
the ebook is mainly used to, educate people on a topic, generate leads for your business, teach, writing step by step, organizing tips, or just a story about cars or hunted stories. An eBook is simply a digital version of a physical book.


How to Write my eBook?

  1. Choose your topic (the same audience of the website, if you have one)
  2. Outline each chapter of your ebook
  3. Break down each chapter as you write
  4. Design your ebook, choose great colors
  5. Incorporate visuals (images)
  6. Highlight quotes or stats
  7. Place appropriate calls to action within your ebook
  8. Convert it into a PDF
  9. Create a dedicated landing page for your ebook

Promote your ebook and track its success there are many software out there that create eBooks for you, I have found one great platform where I wrote a review about is Sqribble.  They have a lot of tools such as creating professional ebooks, reports, tutorials, lead magnets, white papers, and digital.

Where to sell my eBooks?

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Fiverr.com
  • Click Bank
  • Blurb
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • On your own website
  • The bookseller
  • Kindle publisher


There are so many more platforms than just those nine ones, but what about selling on your own website? While doing the training at Wealthy Affiliate and building your website you can also sell your eBook on your website and you will not have to pay any fees for selling. The price of an ebook depends on the number of pages the cost can go from less than $ 5 to over $100.

I suggest a search on this one because there’s a lot to think about here.

Based on research more than a million ebooks were self-published and it’s rising to go up.  In fact, big publishing houses are losing steam according to those research.

Selling ebooks directly gives you control, independence, and the percentage of all sales.  It also helps to build your engagement with your audience and create that all-important email list of people who want to hear more from you. 

The Benefit of Self-Publishing!

A benefit to self-publishing is that you have complete control over the way you market and sell your ebook. Here I’m talking about an ebook of maybe 20 pages but if you have an EBook story like “Harry Potter” and would like the chance to win a prize as a best seller I suggest that you go to a publisher.

Securely processes credit card and PayPal payments without any changes to your site, a quick checkout for your customers to use without having to leave your site PDF stamping to personalize each copy with your buyer’s name.

If you decide to write your ebook and building your online business with us…

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with free websites where you can market and promote your own Ebook  Many writers think that traditionally published authors have it easy when it comes to marketing.  Not so!

Even if you decide to use a site that specifically deals with selling E-books, You can certainly be a member of Wealthy Affiliate

Where you can market your Ebooks, Sharing meaningful content with Keywords around your Ebooks. Use Google Analytics to track for in-depth analysis.



Ebook has become a big business online.  Everything seems to be going digital these days, Ebooks are no exception.  If you look at the prices of online publishers and sell your ebook, they charge up to $500 and more for this service. Imagine the economy you will do if you publish it within your website! 

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life.

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