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If you’re looking for a free Website Builder, you’re at the right place.  As a beginner, you might not know where to go for a website for affiliate marketing.  I’ve been here from march 2020 now and for this website is already been found from SEO (google). 

In the 4 first month I took the time to build my website and I scratch the first one and create this new website and it as just been on the net since July 15, and people from a search on google already found it and this is really good for the search engine organization.

What does this mean?  It means that Google has already shown a post from my website to be seen, It says that people already find my website on a search engine.

Only starting to create your website is already the beginning of a successful business model. Let’s now take a quick look at what is affiliate marketing and then I’ll give you Super Affiliate Tips and Secrets to give you a good head start.

Affiliate Marketing       

Now in 2020 and because of Covid19, the rise in online businesses starts and continues to increase at a rapid rate and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Compare to a day job, work online is more rewarding, du to all the privilege of being at home, making money. Of course, the best way to earn online a passive income is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but need a lot of hard work for the first four (4) to six (6)  months but after these first six (6) month the work gets better and better and easy to continue.

Anyway, to have success in affiliate marketing, there are certain steps that you need to follow.  If you follow these steps and work hard there is a great chance that you’ll earn a passive income.


What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

How does Affiliate Marketing work?      


Affiliate Marketing is an agreement between companies and a person who wants to promote their products and that person receives a commission for generating website traffic or sales to the companies.

Some programs offer commissions based on new sales, there are some types who offer based on generating leads or an action like sending up for a newsletter.  Bloggers or influencers could be affiliate marketers and they are people who run a site or blog and has readers that trust them.

What happens is the blogger loves a product he finds on your website And decides to buy it. So you will make a commission of that sell. The same blogger by your link and verify that the merchant has an affiliate link.  Then the blogger reaches and applies to join the affiliate program.  Once they approve his application they will provide him with his own affiliate link that tracks sales back to him,. and will then create a blog post about the benefits of using the product and will explain why he loves it so much and will include his special affiliate link.

His audience will then read the content and will click on his link.  Many of them decided to try the product out after clicking the company’s site through his special link.  For each transaction that went through his link, he will receive a commission.

Why a website for Affiliate Marketing?   

Most consumers will purchase a product or service based on recommendations of somebody they trust, especially if this somebody is using the product and has great knowledge of it. Affiliate marketing is more powerful than advertisements.  

I believe that if you plan to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a website where you can provide help on the Niche you will decide to go in.  You must develop an audience that will trust you. 


How am I going to find all that?

Below I will give you step by step how to do it!

1 –  Find your Niche

  • Your Niche, what are you passionate about? (pets, health, sport, etc)
  • Is this niche profitable?
  • Can I write about this topic for a long time (this is your business)
  • How consumers are interested in these products (of your Niche)
  • Is there enough room for another affiliate marketer for this niche
  • Are there affiliate programs for this niche


 2 – Search for Affiliate Programs  

  • After finding your niche choose an affiliate program
  • look for what commission they offer
  • need a commission like $1 for each cost per action
  • what kind of support they have
  • take time choosing an affiliate program see post on product review


The first two steps are about the research of your Niche and which program you will choose (more profitable for you always) the third step will be creating content that will build your Website.  Like I say in my other post of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews”   I recommend this one started for FREE!  If you decide to register Premium within seven (7) days we will be offering you to register at WA special at $19 for the first month and $49/ month after.


Now back to our step by step for building your website.


3 – Start Built your Free Website 

  • Purchase a domain –
  • purchase a web hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a theme
  • build content/post


To build a website you’ll need of course WordPress software and some plugins.  I know that all the plugins we use with Wealthy Affiliate are free when your premium members but if you decide to stay free members you might have to pay for some plugins.  Theses plugins you’ll need to have your website running up.  The good thing about WordPress it’s easy and friendly to use and SEO as well.  

There you go your site is created!


4 –  Time to create original content

  • content needs to be helpful for your readers
  • need to be interesting content, helpful, maybe advise 
  • valuable content to keep the reader’s interest
  • right more content then promoting too many products (more words than pictures)
  • be more useful possible for readers
  • Be Patient


These are general rules to succeed in the affiliate business. Your audience needs to trust you to buy anything from you. It’s the same as an outside job where you need to convince clients to buy things out of the store.  You’ll try to make your customers interest in your product but as an affiliate marketer, you describe the product make reviews of it, and gain the trust of your readers. This is the difference between selling products vs promoting a product.


5 –  Build your Audience  

  • Share your post on social media
  • creating useful content get your audience
  • using SEO methods to improve your rankings
  • media/group on Facebook are a very good audience
  • Share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
  • google ad
  • invest in paid advertising on social media
  • guest posting to popular blogs (share a post with someone who has a big audience)  this is not the easiest way, some people will ask a fee for this one.


6 – Promote Products with affiliate links

  • choose products relative at your Niche
  • don’t put adds that can take most of your post, be discreet
  • take effective methods
  • product reviews
  • email promotions, 
  • in text content, links
  • discounts and giveaways???
  • BE Patient


With all this hard work,  I will never say this enough you need to be patient,. Once you’ll have all this established and have the trust of your audience,  you will start to earn money.  Because they trust you, they’ll buy share your website talk about it, refer some people, and as an Affiliate Marketer that’s what you need.


7 – Do it the right way

  • learn how to build your website
  • I suggest Wealthy Affiliate for all it’s good training and community of help(free) to have a better chance and get the best way to built and get SEO to find you easier and get a better chance to succeed.
  • I try to promote without a website but I should take the training of WA at that time I wouldn’t have lost all the time I lost. These are my seven steps to build your website, here are some tips from friends you have an Online Business.


Tips From a super Affiliate

(friend of mine who is an affiliate since 2016 give me those 3 tips to succeed within the time)

 Be Helpful

  • Need to be helpful with your readers, help them find what they search for, is your audience is struggling with, and provide solutions that will help them get what they are looking for. 

 Work on your website Consistently It’s Your Online Business!  

  • you will need to work consistently on your website (like an outside day job)
  • you need to answer to comment of your readers
  • you will need to add content to get big results 
  • to generate good traffic you need to work constantly on your website

 Persevere keep on going! 

  • overcome hurdles to come across your journey
  • ask questions if you have a problem with hurdles
  • Be Patient I won’t say it enough 
  • never-never give up

So much learning to do on your work through these problems and that’s also why joining a training program where you can have expert people and trained people to answer your questions and give the help you need while building your Online Business.

If you leave a comment or leave questions I work every day on my website so I will answer you. If you like to know more about the website what’s a Niche See here!


Thank you for reading this far…