Update Old Content?

Update Old Content!

How to boost an old article?

It’s important to update old content on your site. It gives them another chance to be found by SEO.  How to update old content? We will talk about this below in this post.

I don’t know about you but when I reread my old content I am either ashamed or want to laugh! When I started of course I didn’t know anything about it.

I didn’t pay more attention to the quality of my photos, the layout of my articles, and even less to SEO. I was a bit lost with all the training and keywords, meta title, and more.

I still found that the content was there and instead of leaving it like that or removing the old content.  Non, give it a second chance at life. They might interest people who read me today but didn’t know me at the time. So update Old Content.

This is why it is better to update Old Content and not deleting it!

update old content

Update old content?


You might not know it but Pinterest, when used well, can be a huge source of traffic. Update your old posts by adding an image in Pinterest format – feel free to use Canva to create it – on which you can write the article title.

This way you can share your articles on Pinterest yourself, but also the people who liked them. You will find an example with the photo accompanying this article!

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Rewrite the introduction with keywords. Try to make it inviting, Try to capture the audience with the tips and tricks you offer below in the post.

Feel free to restructure your article to match what you are offering now. If you didn’t include a title or a period, feel free to make the text airier. If your introductions or your text was in the center of your page, then now it is justified to change it too.


If there have been any changes to the topic you are discussing, or if you have found additional information, please add/modify it. Likewise, if you have written an article on the same theme but which complements it, consider inserting a link to it, it will help your SEO.


Speaking of SEO – if you don’t know what it is I invite you to read Understanding SEO Basics – remember to verify that your images contain a title in the Alt tag. Check that your titles are well worded etc.


Share your updated articles on social networks. Whether it’s Pinterest Facebook, Twitter, Google+ don’t limit yourself. Like I said in the intro, some people who follow you today may not have followed you a few months ago.

Updating and sharing the article will allow you to reach more people. This is what I did a few days ago with my article How to Manage Your Blog’s Facebook Page, and I got a lot of positive feedback from people who had learned something from my article.

Promote the new update content!

Give your old articles a “facelift”. And especially to share them because they will always help someone!

All the articles you have written are worth reading. And just because they’re months or years old and no longer look like the person you are today, doesn’t mean they should be put aside!


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2 thoughts on “Update Old Content?”

  1. I’m glad I found this article as updating old content is something I’d planned to do a while back, but this has prompted me. I think writing improves naturally as you write more and more. Looking back my old posts from two years ago I can certainly see room for improvement. This included introductions and meta descriptions. Also, some Amazon links are of date, so if like me you use Amazon, it could mean updating reviews. I’ve also been creating pins for each post for a while now and it definitely brings traffic. This is something else I need to add in older posts as I update them. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, glad that I help with this article. A website needs to be taking care of. Old article means when we begin and I know when I began I didn’t have really good skills to write so I agree it needs some improvement.
      Thank you for stopping by


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