What About Affiliate Marketing Programs

About Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing is the make-money machine!

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? And that you could make money from home through this process? About affiliate marketing programs?

In this article, I will explain about Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Also how for me affiliate marketing is the best way to get started on the web.

You will also learn the steps to follow to get off to a good start and the mistakes to avoid.

About Affiliate Marketing Programs

Definition of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products you like to others. So you earn a commission on each sale made. More commonly referred to as word of mouth, promoting or advertising a product.

This is where you say to yourself “but I do this all the time with my girlfriends”. Yes, indeed you can be remunerated by doing what you have always done.

When you tell a friend that you have found a great deal or that you have found THE revolutionary product. It will then be sufficient to check if an affiliate program exists for this product.

To do this, simply type the brand name of the product followed by the word “affiliation” or “partner”. If affiliate programs exist you will find a dedicated affiliate or partnership page on the brand’s website.

Then you’ll grab an affiliate link or affiliate links back to the merchant’s site, and that’s when all the magic happens. This link will be your precious one, it will be enough to share it with your friends or with the people to whom you will recommend the product.

Once this affiliate link is clicked a cookie will be installed on his computer indicating that it was sent by you.

And if a purchase is made through your link then you will be commissioned a percentage generally varying between 10 and 100%.

Yes, you read that 100% commission rates, I will explain why 100% and where to find this type of product in the rest of this article.

Why is affiliation the best way to get started on the internet?

I started this website in July 2021 without much conviction, I didn’t really think that we could make a living on the web. Or rather we often tell ourselves that we are not capable of it and that if others succeed it will not necessarily be true for us.

And yet 2 months later, I received this first email saying “Congratulations, you have won a commission”. At this point, it is impossible to describe the state we are in. Several emotions are jostling in us, joy, doubt, fear but above all our false beliefs collapse.

In this way, a virtuous circle begins, you are happy, you believe in it, so you are motivated to continue, you work more and therefore you earn more.

Before I got to that, I searched the web for a long time for a way to make money from my couch. I then discovered multiple ways to get started but none appealed to me, as it required too much investment in either time or money.

As a pre-retired stay-at-home mom, I had no money to invest, so I absolutely had to find something else, so that’s when I came across a video talking about membership free to start.


Make money sharing affiliate links of products you like? So no need to have any expertise or to create a product, no need to deal with after-sales service, and above all-zero time constraints. I organize myself, however, I want and from where I want to promote a product.

You now understand why becoming an affiliate and promoting products is the best way to start or even grow a business on the web. It is the source of income requiring the least responsibility and offering the most passive income.

But be careful, there are still rules to follow, things to know and mistakes not to make. This is what we will discuss in the rest of this article.

What about Affiliate Marketing Programs? Where to Start and work with the Right Platform?

This is where the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform is one of the most lucrative tools to work with. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform where you’ll learn affiliate marketing with keywords, SEO training, and all the tips and tricks you’ll learn to become a super affiliate. (SEO search engine optimization)

Affiliate marketing can be easy to do, but to make money there is a procedure you need to learn to get the traffic needed to succeed.  If you don’t apply the rules about keywords, SEO won’t get your website ranking on its first page and you’ll have a hard time finding yourself in this “Wizz machine” that is the internet SEO…

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll start within a 7-day free trial.  In this free trial, you’ll be able to learn the 10 courses of the first lesson of the Online Entrepreneur Certification.  This will have you start your own affiliate online business

About the membership free to start

I start to look on this platform with the free membership to start, and I did the free 10 courses they give to start your website business.  When people say who don’t need any skills, I personally think that this is not true. 

Leaning the skills of a super affiliate is getting a chance to have your business on the top page of Google (the most powerful SEO).   

The hosting platform I’m talking about is the Wealthy Affiliate platform and its community. You see to manage to get on the top page of SEO, there are skills people need to learn.  

And at Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn all the skills for a premium membership account.  This premium membership account has a cost of $49/month but you will be able to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get an ROI for this investment.

ROI is a return on investment.   If you look at this investment that will cost you $ 1. 63 a day (less than a Starbucks coffee) to learn skills that will help you earn 4 to 5 digit figures/month.  It’s quite an investment! 

about Affiliate Marketing Programs

Heads up: My posts may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links You won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

Which product to choose?

There are certain products that should be favored in affiliate marketing, I told you about commission percentages above. To hope to have a large percentage, you have to focus on digital products or information products.

Indeed, physical products, due to their high production cost, do not offer the possibility of rewarding affiliates with more than 10% commissions. To be profitable, you will therefore have to sell a lot of products.

While digital and news products offer commissions ranging from 30 to 100% sometimes.

Sure the seller can, if they want, reward you with 100% of the total price, to reward you for bringing them a customer. For him, it is only a product of appeal.

However, among information and digital products, I advise you to sell training courses that have a fairly high price, so this will allow you to earn good money and generate income quickly.
This can range from 100 to 1000 $ in commission rate per sale or even more. Or to sell subscription products, the sums will be lower, it can be $10 $30 or $ 100 per month. But the fact that it’s recurring gives you passive income every month.
If the job is done well in finding qualified clients, your income can be collected for a very long time, without having to start the job over each time. Yes you read that correctly I’m talking about work, indeed no business, no matter how affiliated, makes it rain money without a minimum of work.
While affiliate marketing has many benefits, it is remembered that it is still a lucrative business. Like all ethical ways of making money some effort has to be made, this is what I’ll tell you about in the last part.  

How to succeed in affiliation? What about Affiliate Marketing Programs

Mistakes and Misconceptions in Affiliate Marketing.

The first is to think that this activity does not require any work, that the money will fall from the sky while you sip a Pina Colada on an island paradise. It is possible but before that, it will still take some effort.

The second is having no action plan and wanting to copy-paste links everywhere. On Facebook groups, in forums, blogs, or under youtube videos. It doesn’t work and anyone who does affiliate will tell you.

The third is to think that it does not require any skill and that you can go for it with your eyes closed, no there is a minimum of things to know. Training yourself, if only to have the basics, is essential for a good start.

Either for free, by reading a lot on the subject like this kind of article, or by looking for free training.

The one that I highly recommend, for those who have a minimum of English, is Affiliate BootCamp which is a training session bringing together super The Wealthy affiliate, you will discover all the steps to put in place to get off to a good start.

The fourth is to target everyone and sell to everyone, if you see broad, out of greed or heightened ambition, you will not sell to anyone.

And finally the fifth is to promote shoddy products, that’s the biggest mistake you could make. You will lose the trust your audience has in you and you can never get it back.

Once your reputation is made, no mercy or forgiveness on the web, no way to go back.
Once this is well established you will surely wait for this step, where to start then?

Step by step guide about Affiliate Marketing Programs 

The principle of affiliation is simple, register with an affiliate platform, or contact a seller and then promote the product of others in order to earn a commission. Like influencers, you are an advertiser and business provider.

But to hope to be paid and have a real return on investment, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: About Affiliate Marketing Programs

Before you start you need to think about a niche, topic to talk about.  What will be easy for you to talk about on your website.  The topic can be about, health, wealth, pet, cooking anything that is yours have interest in.

Step 2: About Affiliate Marketing Programs

Audience.  For your business you will need to get an audience who believes in you and will get confidence and after they will buy from you. Your primary goal should be to help them. Find effective solutions to people’s problems.

This part is very important to learn about your audience is the best way to be successful.

Step 3: About Affiliate Marketing Programs

Create a community interested in your products.
For this step several channels are available, it’s up to you to see which one suits you best.

Social networks are the fastest way to build an audience, so necessarily the fastest way to sell a product and earn commissions.

The blog or website, thanks to SEO. This channel takes more time but once well referenced, it is the one that will bring you the most and this on an ongoing basis.

This can be the main source of income for a blogger, in fact, it is the easiest way to monetize his blog. And finally a Youtube channel, or Podcasts.

All these channels, whatever they are, must serve a single cause: TO INCREASE your email list.

Indeed, emailing remains the best way to develop a relationship of trust and proximity with your audience. It’s yours, it’s your traffic, you no longer need to convince him or pay anyone to advertise you. The email list is the number 1 asset of online sales and web marketing in general.

Step 4: About Affiliate Marketing Programs

the last step, bring VALUE. Yes, it is nice to have an audience, but I really want to press on this primordial, essential and necessary point. They are not pigeons, nor walking portfolios. Whether on social networks, your email list, or others, help and give as much information as possible. Create content with high added value for your target.

Don’t just look for what they buy, your free content or private chats should be as answers as paid content. If you follow these steps, you are sure to create income from affiliate marketing.

Of course, there are many other ways out there, but the important thing when starting out is to set a guideline and not go all over the place until you reach your goals.

Conclusion about Affiliate Marketing Programs 

As you can read affiliate marketing is a lucrative business and accessible to many people. You just need to avoid the mistakes most people make and take some essential steps.
Training and applying can get you where you want to go. But if you keep consuming content and never take action, then nothing will simply happen. Here is the training that I recommend to you, to start with good basics.


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