What is Affilorama About

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Two good Affiliate Marketing Platforms!

Affilorama vs  Wealthy Affiliate!

Affiliate marketing has been providing an income opportunity for a long time now.  Not everyone is aware of how viable it is.
An affiliate marketer says that it’s legit and it can provide you a stable source of cash. Even a passive income if you’re good and consistent enough. There is a lot of marketers who have taken advantage of those platforms. They have
success stories to share about it.

What is Affilorama?

What is Affilorama about, it’s the brainchild of Mark Ling, who in 2006 decided to launch this program with Simon Slade.  Mark’s objective was to rely on his knowledge in affiliate marketing, product ownership, and affiliate program management to come up with step-by-step video lesson courses that would be used to educate people.

Affilorama has grown to have a membership of more than 900 000 people distributed all over the world.  Currently, it offers free introductory videos and detailed training and tool packages.

Since he makes Affiliorama a platform to earn affiliate marketing. He’s helping a lot of people to be affiliates.
Since then Affilorama has become an award-winning online training for affiliate marketers. It’s still coaching a lot of them to be successful in this field.
what is Affilorama review


  • Product Name: Affiliorama a platform
  • URL: www.affilorama.com
  • Owners: Mark Ling
  • Price: Free membership
  • Price: Premium Membership $67/month
  • More + Upsells
  • Recommend: Yes

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

Why use Affilorama?

Their training program has a lot to offer. Like video training lessons, task-based lessons, and tutorials as well.
They also give a lot of material. Like ebooks and PDFs that you should learn before being a full-time affiliate.
Besides, they provide levels of membership and related products that you can avail. 
They have the training to learn affiliate to high-level ones. Ones that could help you with your journey in being an affiliate.
Affilorama is one of the good platforms to learn affiliate marketing. As they offer good affiliate marketing training in the field.

Who is Affilorama for?

If you are looking to become an online affiliate marketer and make money on the internet. Then Affilorama can be for you.
It doesn’t focus on newbies.  What I mean about don’t focus on newbies! If you have NO knowledge of affiliate marketing it can be very difficult to learn at Affilorama. They don’t have the support you’ll get at Wealthy Affiliate, which I will talk about below.

What you’ll receive by being an Affiliate for Affilorama?

Affilorama offers a lot of benefits when you become an affiliate.  You’ll learn the basics of being an affiliate and if you already knew something about it you could also use their advanced training for you to master to be better in this industry.

  • How to Find a Niche
  • Learn about market contents
  • You’ll learn the basics of online marketing
  • learn to make affiliate websites
  • You’ll learn advanced level for online marketing

What does the Program offer?

  • Lessons and video training Introduction about marketing basics
  • Marketing Research for niches and other products
  • Content Creation for product reviews and content
  • Site building to help you with site hostings and domains and links
  • Marketing Ideas for blogging and social media
  • SEO for building quality links and page ranking
  • PPC is for finding keywords, tracking, and landing pages
  • Affiliate Outsourcing how to encourage people to work and motivated them

Affilorama Tools

A good free tool that helps you to track how well your site is doing compared to others.  You’ll be able to see keywords that are ranking and if it reaches other social media.  Affilorama promotes 3  products that will give you an edge.

Affilorama Blueprint

The cost of this tool is $197 which is a step-by-step guide for your affiliate business. It will also help you find the right niche and build a website. As well as choosing good products for your online business.

Affilorama Jetpack

The cost of this tool is $997 which will help you with your business.
This product has all the things you want to help you. Like sequencing newsletters, website hosting, and content, and of course, hooking subscribers


  • Affilorama – free to register $0
  • 30 days free trial and get access to inside the platform
  • Affilorama – Premium member $1 for the first-month trial, then $67/month
  • Affilorama Tools
  • Basic – $0
  • Bronze – $17/month
  • Silver – $47/month
  • Gold – $97/month
  • Affilorama Jetpack – $997 (one-time fee)

Note: All that the above costs are in USD

The premium member plan includes 100+ free videos and lessons. Forums, advanced training videos, product creation training, affiliate blog Bootcamp training. And also free hosting for 15 domains.


Pros and Cons:


  • Tutorials easy to follow
  • Free lessons, videos, and articles
  • Credible and well-known founder
  • Can have access to big marketing affiliate communities
  • Free membership for starters to learn the basics
  • Support from other affiliate members
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Free membership limited
  • Has so many options it can be overwhelming for starters
  • Quite expensive for their upsells
  • Don’t have direct access to the founder
  • Some information is out-dated

Final Thoughts for Affilorama.

Affiliorama offers great products and quality training and tools.  This product is recommendable for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing. Also to anyone who wanted to earn money online. It doesn’t focus on newbies, it can also be used by people who wanted to gain more knowledge. And wanted to get to know the ins and outs of the business.
It can get expensive if you avail their other products and if you are starting as an affiliate it could be too much.

Alternative For Newbies easy to follow!

A good alternative to Affilorama especially for newbies is Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer as well a free membership to start, a premium membership at $19 for the first month, and $49/month after.  Since last year a Premium Plus membership at $90/month.


wealthy affiliate with coach

What do they offer?

Start for free with:

As a free starter, you’ll have access to one website. Access to 20 classes for newbies. One-on-one coach with the owner, and 30 keywords research on the Jaaxy keyword Research Tool.

Why this Alternative is better for Newbies?

Wealthy Affiliate is a friendly user.  With this platform, you’ll get as much help that you’ll need. They have a community of 2.3 million people who are ready to help you if you struggle to work at home. Working at home alone is not always easy!  This is one great reason to register.  You are never alone at Wealthy Affiliate.
Every lesson has an up-date training, and video walk-throughs. And more, you can access Jay’s webinars and videos to help with all the lessons and more.  

Thank you for stopping by, for any questions, leave a comment below.

Which you all the Best!

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4 Replies to “What is Affilorama About”

  1. I love Wealthy affiliate. Amazing from the first click. Their tutorial is even for complete beginners like me. The big advantage is that they start a blog with wealthy affiliate. It’s really great. I agree with everything that is written above.

    1. Hello Tessa, Your right for beginners, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the good platforms to learn affiliate marketing, especially for beginners.
      Thank you

  2. I too encountered Affilorama a few years ago. It’s actually a good platform run by an upstanding guy. And while it’s good, my personal opinion is that Wealthy Affiliate is better – more options, more content, more features & benefits, and a lower price than Affilorama. You can’t beat that.

    1. Hello Kevon, I agree with you Affilorama is more expensive than Wealthy affiliates and especially for newbies, Affilorama is not a very friendly user. Newbies are better to start with Wealthy Affiliates to have a chance to learn it the have a hard time to make money they can learn for SEO and free traffic. Thank you for stopping by

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