What is an Email List For?

What is an Email list for?  

An email list is a list of names and email addresses from people who have given you their email by registering and giving you permission to send them newsletters, promotional ads, discounts, coupons, and/or mini-courses, or more.  It’s a way to keep in communication with your customers about what’s new and important to them.


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If you’re looking to send automated messages to your customers based on their buying or browsing behavior, check out Aweber 

  • Email is 40 X more effective than Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter for acquiring new customers. 
  • An email has an ROI (return on investment) of 4 X higher than any other digital marketing platform.

Do not take emails from other options than the one who registers on your site.  It will be considered spamming and that will hurt your reputation.  

Campaigns are great for those one-time announcements like special promotions or weekly newsletters.

These are just a few of the many statistics out there, showing how important and how effective email marketing still is, and will be moving forward.

Why Do I Need an Email List?

Building customer relationships are very important for every business out there.  And generating an email list is how you would nurture these relationships. There are so many advantages and benefits of an email list, in my opinion, it’s better to have one than don’t have one.  Did you know that for every 1$ spent on Email Marketing the average returns exceed 38$?

Below you’ll read some advantages of having an email list for your business.

     1) Total Controle: 

It is a good way to grow your followers and engage with them in a positive way and an email list is the only true thing your business owns and has total control of.

Social media is still an awesome tool to drive traffic to your business, but you have no control of those platform decisions, to change algorithms, or simply shut down 

      2) Easy and Cheap: 

Emails are easy to set up and have no cost to mail out.  If we compare the good old days of printing each ad and stamping each envelope, today’s automation makes it so simple, fast, and most often free.

The wonderful thing about autoresponders is that you just have to write the email once and set it up to send it out to your entire email list. (AWeber, Thrive, etc.)

Same for a course or video to send out, the same thing you do make one, and send it to thousands at the same time.

With scheduler platforms, you can also pre-specify when you want to send them.  You’ll program a date and an hour and your promotion, memo, course or video will be sent with your email list.

And you’re in control of how often you send them. It is the most efficient and affordable way to stay in contact with your readers, and stay engaged with them, and send them other valuable “freebies” (relevant to your Niche).

     3) Segmented and Personal:

A great way to build a trusting connection with email lists.  Privacy your readers are essentially getting a one on one with you in the privacy of their inbox.

We are all hoping for more sales, but don’t get pushy on sales, get to know your customers, try to know what they need, it’s all about them and not you.  Grow the relationship by offering solutions to problems they can have.

 4)  Targeted and Purposeful.

The original goal of your email list is to create more sales, to deliver your current news, make marketing your products but always think about customers before you think about yourself.  

There are some important priorities to consider, to make your list great!

  1. Relevance (to your niche)
  2. Quality 

The volume of email There’s a fine line between sending too many and not sending enough

  5) Measuring and Testing

Any reputable autoresponder you choose will provide complimentary analysis reports. As you study these reports, you’ll get to know which emails were clicked on most.  From open rates to unsubscribe rates and everything in between.  Which had the best click-through rate, how many were shared with friends?

All this information gives you an answer as to where you can improve your emails.  Is the information you offer is valuable enough for your followers.

Don’t forget feedback, you can get it directly from your followers. by sending them questionnaires or surveys, you can let them tell you what they need.

      6) Sales and More Sales

When we do this right, we can boost our brand’s reputation, spread the word about our products and services, and increase our sales in the process.  We all want sales of our email list.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can include newsletters with updates on the company, or promotions of sales and exclusive deals for subscribers. Marketing emails may also seek to share a general message on the company’s behalf, such as in the wake of a natural disaster or company scandal.

At its best, email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their audience. At its worst, this kind of marketing can drive customers away with persistently annoying spam emails.

lead magnets

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something awesome that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to create.  Most lead magnets are digital materials like PDFs, MP3 audio files, or videos that you can create yourself at minimal or no cost.

It can be absolutely anything you want, so long as it provides value to your visitors for free.

Some popular lead magnet examples are:

  • ebooks
  • A cheat sheet of tips or resources
  • White papers or case studies
  • A webinar
  • Free trials or samples
  • A free quote or consultation
  • Quizzes 
  • A coupon

The possibilities are endless!  For even more lead magnet ideas, check out our list of lead magnet ideas to grow your email list.



What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

To have a lead magnet to be highly effective, here are 5 criteria for you to consider:

  1. Easily consumed: Lead magnets are only effective when the audience uses them.
  2. Creates noticeable improvement: People continue to buy products and services if they work well. Your lead magnet will become successful if it’s as valuable as your products and services.
  3. Actionable: Lead magnets need to provide an actionable tool, skillset, or useful information that your audience can apply.
  4. Relevant: If you’ve done your homework about your prospects, you’ll have no trouble coming up with a lead magnet subject that solves problems.
  5. Immediately available: People love instant gratification, so give it to them right then and there.

Check out 4 Ways to Deliver a Lead Magnet to see how easy it is to get your lead magnet out there using OptinMonster.

Let’s take a look at a few real-life lead magnet examples.

Read here 69 Highly Effective lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

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  1. Thanks for this easy guide. I love it. One thing you said above that really resonated with me is: don’t send too many emails. I have subscribed to certain email lists that seem to send me one email per day and recommending some product. Seriously I think that’s too much. If every website does that I would be getting perhaps 20-30 emails per day at the minimum.

    • Hello Clark, I’m the same here, if I receive too much I just deleted them. I’m not the kind of person who sent emails for publicity I prefer that people register to my site than sending Emails.
      Thank you for your comment it’s always a pleasure to see what people think

  2. What is a email list is a very interesting and helpful article for anyone interested in entering email marketing, and you have provided a very good guide to help us all pursue email marketing to our blog or business website.

    Is email marketing as successful for a blog as it is for a business website, I have thought about this many times but it overwhelms me to get started plus is it really worth my time when I am just a new blogger online?


    • Hi Jeff, I know that for some it is very good, I didn’t even organize mine yet. I just did a post of it but I need to organize mine soon. For some people, it’s a good thing to have an Email list but I prefer that readers register than sending email every week. But I’m going to do it very soon.
      Thank you for your comment

  3. What a clever way of building an email list. Yes, you are right, don’t bombard your client/customer with tons of emails per day. Otherwise they will be put off and unsubscribe you.

    Many Thanks for sharing the clever ideas

    • Hello Habib, Yes your write I don’t like to overload customers with email, I prefer that they register but I’m going to send some but maybe only one’s or two times per month. So they will see that I don’t want to annoy they so they don’t unsubscribe

      thank you Habib for your comment

  4. This is great info! I am still working on building my email list. The email response provider I am using is really good and provides indepth analysis of sent email campaigns Do you have any tips on how to build an email list?


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