What is Commission Code About?

What is Commission Code?

The Commission Code is an online training program. A program can help people make money through affiliate marketing.  Users aren’t required to sell as part of this program. The commission code will only need about ten minutes of time online a day to make it happen.

What is commission code about

It’s a make-money online package, encouraging you to sell the product itself to others. Who then also be able to sell it.  The necessary tool is already done for you, so you barely require or need to learn marketing skills, such as SEO, Keywords, tag, meta tags, etc…

A program like the commission code can help you earn a passive income?  Let’s read and see!

How much does it cost?

  • Product: The Commission Code
  • Creator: William McCrea
  • Main Benefits: make money through affiliate marketing
  • Category: Online Training Program
  • Price: $ 9 Trial (14days)/ $47 per month

Commission Code is not a Scam – BUT – I don’t recommend

How does it work?

The Commission Code is a system that you can use with ease to make money.  It’s all done for you on this platform. Domain, page builder, traffic, sales letter, copywriting, landing page.
So even the least tech-savvy would be able to get started making commissions without any confusion.
The Commission Code online program is very simple. It doesn’t need the least technical knowledge as one would imagine.  To start with, sign in to your Commission code account and one has to enter their Clickbank user name. This helps to integrate all your income into your Clickbank account.

The code here is the unique affiliate link. One gets paid a commission when someone uses their affiliate link. code to become a member of the Commission Code to buy its digitalized programs.

  1. Log into your private member’s area
  2. Copy one line of code and place it exactly where Martin tells you in his 66-second training video.
  3. Receive the same Done-For-You campaigns which made $11 527.85 of passive income in 27 days.
After this process, you send a little traffic from revealed traffic sources. and watch the commissions come in.

Getting Traffic To Your Funnels

You’ll need to set up the funnels and the autoresponder and you’ll receive a few traffic solutions within the Commission Code member.  These links that you receive are also affiliate links from the owner which means that the owner is going to earn a commission each time he sells a traffic package.

So if I understand this concept that means you share your commission sale with the owner.  You can choose from the following providers for traffic:

  • TrafficForMe.com (SoloAd marketplace)
  • The MLM Traffic Center – SoloAd marketplace
  • Wayne Crowe – private SoloAd vendor
  • Udimi – SoloAd marketplace

The bonus of Commission Code

They want a steady group of people benefitting from their program. wich why the cost of the services is quite cheap.  On top of that, they are offering bonuses too.

  • Capture page Mystery: Secrets to increasing conversions and increasing leads.
  • Segmenting Secrets: Ways of almost knowing what your list wants to buy, to help make huge profits.
  • Anatomy of Bonus Page: Secrets to using a simple bonus page. A page that makes people click on your affiliate link and buy the products

What I like about Commission Code:

  • Click Bank Product 60 days money-back guarantee

What I don’t like about Commission Code:

  • Testimonials are fake
  • make money instantly (Impossible)
  • Work only 10 mins per day (at least one hour)
  • Comes with $100’s In hidden Costs
  • Designed to make the owner richer(share commission)
  • Owner hides his Identity

If you really want to learn Affiliate Marketing you’ll learn all you need to know to build your Online Business. – With help from the community who are experts and beginners!

You will learn to build and create your website, with the right tools.



Pros and Cons for Commission Code


  • Only need 10 minutes per day. So it is a time-saving program too.
  • Quick and easy money-making program
  • Give effective results
  • Helps to lead a financially stable life
  • No initial investment is required
  • Have the flexibility to work when and where you want
  • Become part of a larger, more economically affluent group of affiliate marketers.
  • It’s a risk-free program as the creator offers a money-back guarantee for 2 months.


  • The program is available only online.  So you require an internet connection to access it.
  • The commission is shared between you and the “owner”
  • Quick easy making money with 10 min work per day…IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Final Thoughts!

The Commission Code provides an opportunity to make a supplemental income. An income that requires little or no work at all.  Without the need to sell or even blog. The ability to make a little extra money for savings or for retirement is a big deal.  Participants don’t need to be an expert in marketing. Even well-versed in sales, but this program makes it possible for anyone to thrive.
This product Commission Code is not a Scam.BUT – I don’t recommend this product because your commission is been shared between you and the “owner”.  So they take a part of your commission.


Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.  Let me know in the comment.

All the Best!


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4 thoughts on “What is Commission Code About?”

  1. Hi,

    Many thanks for this detailed review of Commission Code. Working for only 10 minutes per day? Seems like a dream life with no efforts at all. However it soon wakes you up with hidden owner and upsells as well as it has fake reviews.

    The owner will take a cut of the money you earn. How much can you come up with in the end then?

    It’s another quick get rich program which I would not sign up for.

    Thank you for the recommendation of more legit program Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Habib, At first when I heard about them I really thought It was a good product but the more I read about them the more I question myself, working 10 minutes a day and make that kind of money, its a bit exaggerate… and after I learn that the link you share as the account of the owner so the commission would be shared between you and somebody else. So really don’t recommend it.
      thank you for your comment

  2. It’s so easy to spot a scam nowadays, and I still can’t believe how people still fall for them.

    How on earth do you think that you can make a thousand bucks by tomorrow with less than 10 minutes of work per day?

    These DFY systems need to get regulated, and it’s about time we start to campaign for that.

    Do you know where I can report such fraud? I’ve seen many ‘scam report’ sites on the web, but none of them takes any action. (even if you register it).

    Thanks for the Commission Code review btw. I’m sure it will benefit many!

    • Hello Gorjan, Yes this product is very a scam and you can be reported at the BBB but it depends on your country. Here in Canada, it would be BBB. But that the reason I make some reviews to make sure that my readers don’t get caught in a scam.
      Thank you for your comment


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