What is Crowdfire About?

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What is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is the super clever Social Media Manager that will help you develop and grow online.  You will save a lot of time by handling all of your social media account from one area.  Let Crowdfire do the hard paintings of finding and sharing content, so you have more time to focus on other stuff!



Yes, Crowdfire works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Vimeo, PartnerStack, and plenty of other great platforms.



How much does Crowdfire cost?

This platform is free to join, but they have different plans members can upgrade and make more money out of it!  The more you upgrade more you get easy strategies to work with.




How much can I earn?

As much as you want! There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer and earn from. You earn on every single payment made by your referred customers.


What can Crowdfire do for you?

– Analyse your Social account, download analytics reports, and schedule an export for weekly/ monthly Analytics.

– Reply to all your Social mentions from a single dashboard. Your Social CRM is sorted. – Compose your own posts and schedule them to go out later. Isn’t it that great!

– Automatically find and recommend articles and pictures your target market will love, so you can share them to all of your social profiles and keep your timelines humming!

– Keep an eye fixed out for any updates on your website, weblog, or online stores; and create a brief, stunning post about the replacement to easily proportion on all your social profiles

– Schedule all of your posts in advance and publish them robotically at pleasant times or at a time chosen by way of you. Saving you heaps of time and effort!

– Take away the headache of crafting separate posts for each individual social profile and automagically personalize your posts for all of your profiles!

– Use the Chrome extension to proportion your favorite pages from the internet to all of your social debts in 2 smooth clicks!

– Add your preferred websites and blogs as your source for brand spanking new content material with the use of the RSS characteristic!

Create a social media calendar.

Plan when you are going to post and keep track of the content you have created. A social media calendar will help you do that. You can create it in Excel, or you can use templates or tools specially designed for content management.

Schedule posts

Facebook offers the option to schedule posts and ads, but if you use a social media automation tool you can not only schedule posts but also manage all your social media accounts so you can better plan content for each of them. Also, these types of tools can help you discover new content ideas and create specific posts for each social network.

Schedule content for the whole year for one or multiple social media accounts. Choose the right hour to post and have everything calculated.

Correlate it with the content from your blog, website, Instagram, and other social media channels

With Crowdfire, you can find curated content, schedule your posts, engage with your audience, deep-dive into analytics and create custom reports. Now introducing Social listening.

Try it for free


Final Thoughts about Crowdfire!

Crowdfire is legit and it’s the one tool that affiliate marketers or all online businesses should register to this platform.

It’s a lifesaver of time and you even get paid to save your time just by sharing your link.

Join the program and get your unique tracking link. You’ll earn when customers sign up. And when your customers spend! Earn 35% of every single payment that they make, even if you’re asleep!

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4 thoughts on “What is Crowdfire About?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information on Crowdfire. I like using a Social Media to grow my online business. I also like managing my social media accounts from one area. Less time and effort increases efficiency as stated by the Pareto Principle. I appreciate knowing about this platform.

  2. Hi Lyne, Social media sharing is very time consuming, but important to get organic traffic. So to find a tool like Crowdfire that can time the effort out of social media sharing, is fantastic. And to be able to earn affiliate revenue, is a big plus to sign up with Crowdfire.
    I had previously looked at different software for social sharing, but it didn’t support Pinterest, and as I am quite active on Pinterest, I wanted that to be included. So great to see that Crowdfire does support Pinterest as well.

    • Hi, Yes Crowdfire does support Pinterest and a lot of other popular social media. I save so much time with this software and in addition, you make money with it. This is a great platform for online business owners. Thank you for stopping by.


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