What Is Digital Marketing Strategies?

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7 Categories of digital marketing strategies are


Digital Marketing Strategies is a broad concept and acquiring complete knowledge or skill in this subject is quite difficult.  Many people mixt digital marketing with Online marketing and vice versa.  

Online marketing is a particular content we will try to make it simpler and easier for people who are actually interested to understand the concepts.

Digital Marketing is advertising that people used digital channels, and that includes social media, mobile applications, web applications, emails, search engines, websites, and more.  Digital Marketing particularly uses electronic channels for advertising. 

Online Marketing includes 7  important categories and they bring most of the traffic to your websites. It is very important that you must know each of them to boost your traffic and to grow your business goals.

1. How to use the Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality of traffic for your websites. It increases the visibility of websites and concentrates on the organic result. It includes different kinds of searches, such as image searches, video searches, academic searches, and more. You can hire the best search engine optimization professionals for improving the rank of your websites.

2 – Search Engine Marketing: 

Search Engine Marketing is promoting websites on the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) with the help of paid advertising.  It can include the strategies for SEO also.  It is considered to be the most effective way to promote your products on search engines.

3 – Content Marketing:  

It’s associated with the creation and sharing of Online materials, including blogs, videos, and social media posts.  It doesn’t directly promote a brand but aims at increasing the curiosity among people about a specific brand

4 –  Social Media Marketing: 

It uses social media to promote products or services.  With the help of social media, you can build your brand, can increase traffic, and can improve your brand engagements

5 – Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:

In the Pay Per Click Advertising, advertisers pay a fee when their ads get clicked.  It increases the purchase potential and is not for increasing traffic.  It is one of the most Online marketing strategies for you. 

To achieve PPC Success you need to have all those things that SEO recommends: Diverse Strategy – measuring keyword intent – Quality Score Best Practice – Conversion and monetization – Visibility about multiple Platform – Outside the box testing – Deep Review of Analytics Data (SEO, funnels).


6 – Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting other people’s products and the advertisers get a commission.  It is based on the revenue sharing model.  Promoters will get financial incentives through affiliate marketing.  You will get financial incentives for every product you sell. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a Passive Income online and for me, it’s with Wealthy Affiliate the most helpful, lucrative platforms online.




7 – Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a process of sending commercial messages to a group of people using emails.  Companies send promotional offers to their potential customers through emails, and it is called email marketing.

Now, these are the online marketing. But you also have the offline digital marketing and it is included in the digital marketing strategies.

  1. Enhanced Offline marketing: It is entirely offline marketing, but it is enhanced with electronic devices.
  2. Radio Marketing: Those who listen to radios are very accustomed to this ad.
  3. Television marketing: Al TV commercials come under this category.
  4. Phone marketing: It opens a new area with phone marketing.


Here, you will get the best strategies for your digital marketing. Understand every field and find out the right strategies for your business.



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  1. Thank you for explaining what is digital marketing, you explained this very well for even people without any experience with those big fancy business terms. I thank you for sharing this article, and I am sure your readers will return time after time to learn more from your website.


    1. Hi Jeff I try to explain it the easiest way possible for readers to understand
      thank you for this nice comment and I hope that readers return.


  2. An excellent read Lyne,

    You made it so easy with examples for a newbie to understand. Which are the most effective strategy according to you?

    1. Hello Neel, This post as been publish to fast, Id’m not quite done with it I’ll answer you question right after I’m done with this post.
      Sorry my mistake I’m going to write wich is the most effective stategy.


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