What is Free Websites builder 2.0?

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What is Free Monthly Websites 2.0?

The free website builder – Review – Free Monthly Website 2.0

Free  Monthly Websites 2.0 is a platform where people have the opportunity to own a brand new content website each and every month at no cost.

No cost whatsoever!  Free Monthly Websites 2.0

Seems too good to be true!

Read below the review of Free Monthly Website 2.0. 


free monthly websites 2.0

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How does Free Monthly Websites 2.0 work

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 works by giving you a niche and Adsense-ready website as a zip file. They offer websites created around all the popular niches like health, wellbeing, personal development,  internet marketing, and many more besides.

The way to use the free sites is to buy a domain name and then buy opt for a hosting package. All you need to do then is unzip the free website files to your computer and then upload them to your host provider, and you will be able to host multiple sites with one domain.

They provide some very detailed training videos, which talk you through setting up your site. You will be up and running in no time. (running not Ranking big difference).

They also offer a free and paid program you can easily make money by promoting their program if you understand affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is about promoting a product, write about the product, put your keywords in the right place on your website.  Learn SEO, keywords, tags, and how to rank in SEO. You need to have the knowledge about all this  STRATEGIE to have your website rank on Google’s first page, but if you are an Expert this product is for you.

You can upgrade for an additional cost of $10 per month and that will give you access to a wide range of services which we will go into later on. 

Well, there we are friends, ” FREE ” Websites 2.0.  Nothing is free on the internet! You’ll be asked to pay for some program to have your business running.

Can you make money with Free Monthly websites 2.0?

You have the website whose Adsense is ready to use. With AdSense, you can make money of course but, you’ll be asked to open an account with Google AdSense and you’ll need to get the traffic to click on those ads.

Each preloaded offer on your website has your Clickbank affiliate link in it, so if you are lucky enough to start getting website traffic quickly you can make money.  (with that free traffic from SEO)

How to get that traffic quickly?

How can you get this free traffic? That’s an important part of affiliate marketing.  To make money with a website, you’ll work for this traffic.

To get this free traffic you’ll need to learn SEO, keywords, and meta tags that will help  Google find your website, and rank it on its first page.

Free website 2.0 does not give you this free traffic. They offer free websites that have done for you with copy/paste content, landing page, and all the easy stuff to build a site and free WordPress website that every platform will give you to start your online business.

You will need to learn about getting free traffic for SEO find your site and rank your post on the first page of Google.  And we know that Google prioritizes Rich High-Quality Content to push your website on its first page.

They offer a revenue affiliate program that can help in paying for your business costs. You get Free Website 2.0 but you’ll pay for business costs and the program to be able to promote their affiliate program.

A company needs to gain money to pay a commission for an affiliate program.  What we are trying to say here is that nothing is free.  You will get those free websites for free but if you don’t know how to rank on the first page of SEO and you have copy/paste content then Google will put your website on its last page (like page 97 or page 100).

Since 2005 Google has really changed its algorithm and update and will update again.  Google classifies all websites with good unique and rich content and keywords ranking to give the best information to people who search on SEO.

Is Free Monthly Websites 2.0 worth it?

If you are a free member it is worth it as you get some help and guidance to get started that you can’t fail.

People who understand domain hosting and know how to modify WordPress and just want to get on with marketing their free website.

You really want to turn this into your own cash machine, then Pro is the way to go.  According to your goals and aims, you may need to make a membership upgrade and start paying. 

Every platform for affiliate marketing offer’s a free website to start an online business.

Premium membership Free Monthly Websites 2.0 You’ll get:

Premium membership: $10/month fee

  • 20+ pages of PLR content instead of 10 (copy/paste)
  • More themes to make your site unique
  • Add your own ad’s to your site instead of the prefilled ads you get with the free websites.
  • You can edit every aspect of the site to make it a truly unique experience
  • Receive bonus content every month, from graphics to tutorials and ebooks
  • Copyright details removed and replaced with your own information
  • Traffic generating training 

Remember if you control the content then you decide what additional revenue streams to plug into your site.

Pros & Cons for Free Websites 2.0


  • You are able to add your own unique content, images, videos, and anything else that you wish to use as part of your marketing strategy.
  • If you don’t upgrade you will still get a Free Website every month.
  • The owners give services to make their money by placing small adverts on your free websites that they give you.


  • The websites come preloaded with content, which is copy/paste content.
  • Have 20,000 customers all uploading the same websites to the internet.
  • Chances are Google won’t rank you very highly as you will not have unique content.  Google recognizes copy/paste content and reaches for Creative content to put upon its first page.
  • So it is advisable to change or amend the content on your website before you set it to go live.
  • Google put high-quality content, keywords that will rank, and content that have 1800 to 3000 words or more. If you don’t change the content you’ll have a low rank and not get that free traffic that you need to make money.

Free monthly websites 2.0 is it a scam or legit?.

Free  Monthly Websites 2.0  is a legit product.  It’s a good product for you, and you’ll need to learn how google classifies its websites.   

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 offer you

  • A free website every month for life
  • Preloaded with content to give you inspiration (to built)
  • Adsense ready oh and did I forget to say it was free for life
  • (you can get Adsense Free with any platform)
  • A great affiliate program that pays you recurring revenue (which you’ll need to pay a fee/month to promote this program.

How SEO works, where to put your keywords on your website, how many tags can I put on your website? 

How to convert visitors from your site to keep them as customers? 

For all those questions for a new website or beginners in affiliate marketing, we can answer all those questions here at Wealthy Affiliate.

A good Alternative to Free web 2.0 is Wealthy Affiliate

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

easy to follow why friends we’ll explain it below…

free monthly websites 2.0


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you’ll learn, about SEO, keywords, tag, meta tags, how to write quality content, landing page, links, backlinks, and more…

  • No experience need it
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Training with the best and Expert
  • Help when need it (24/7)
  • Start for free!
  • Live Chat
  • Help center,  and expert help
  • We’ll show you How to build your Online Business
  • Now over 2.3 million members are ready to help.
  • Site Support and more.
  • Don’t need any degree
  • Access to more than 10 website

Start for Free

Start for Free. You’ll have a 7-day free trial and after we’ll offer you a special fee for the first month at $19, and after it will be $49/month to register for Premium Membership, and you’ll get access to the FREE Jaaxy keywords research tool (value of $99/month free) to work on your website.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have an ROI (return on investment) when you’ll promote WA on your site.

Commissions are $8.00 for the first month $19.00 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly commissions.

Commissions are $23.50 for the first month’s $49.00 special offer, then $46.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $11.75 for special offer referrals, then $23.25 monthly, and $232.50 yearly commissions.

With Premium Member you’ll learn to get this free traffic for your website.  You’ll have access to a wonderful community of people.  These people are from beginners to expert marketers who are ready to help you if you struggle with anything from the training to build your business and to monetize your site.

Any training has an update and a lot of members from Wealthy Affiliate have extra training that will help you on working on your site.  You’ll learn everything a good affiliate marketer needs to know.

free monthly websites 2.0

Start here with Wealthy Affiliate! 



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Thank you for taking the time to read our post!  And, if you decide to register with us at Wealthy Affiliate search for me Lynep65 and I’ll be there to welcome you and to help you with your journey.

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2 Replies to “What is Free Websites builder 2.0?”

  1. Hi Lyne,

    Yes, even if you have a free website, you still need to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic, we cannot make sales on our websites. And, the PLR content is not working that well nowadays. Using them might get your website punished by Google, so I suggest people create content by themselves. The alternative you recommended in the last paragraphs trigger my interests, and I will love to take a serious look soon.


    1. Hi Matt, Yes I know, like I said in this post every platform will give you a website free to start building the only thing you need to pay is your Domain name. But if people look at the start with free monthly websites they will need to buy to promote the product and also they need to pay up-sell to have the chance to upgrade with their site. That the reason I put an alternative to them where you’ll have a fee to pay but you’ll have an ROI with this one who is a Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for stopping by

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