What is Live Marketing HQ About?

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What is Live Marketing HQ?

These days, in this economy, not knowing what will happen to your day job can be very scary.  Here in Canada, we’re going on our third confinement with this covid19 pandemic.  So it’s time to start working online!
When working from home and exploring the world of internet marketing taking a course will help.  Live Marketing HQ is an affiliate marketing course created by Justin Atlan.

This course helps thousands of men and women from all walks of life to cut loose from their day jobs. They start working online and become self-styled online entrepreneurs.

Live Marketing HQ is for who

  • Product: Live Marketing HQ
  • Owner: Justin Atlan
  • Price: $17 for the Ultimate Copywriting Guide. (Discounted here to $6.97)
  • Optional upgrade $47/month for the Live Marketing HQ training
  • Optional upsell for the Builder 2.0 software for two payments of $297
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Live Marketing HQ; Legit
  • Training: 9 of 10
  • Support: 8.5 of 10
  • Owner of LMHQ

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

When it comes to any kinds of sales copy? Good is not good enough. Justin Atlan went on the hunt for the best of the best copywriters. That’s when they discovered the digital marketing specialized copywriter, Matt O’Connor.
The copywriting guide is So Powerful, so they decided to title the manual:

 >> The Ultimate Copywriting Guide < <

77 Surefire Tips to Speed up Your Online Marketing Success.


The Ebook

The program offers you to get an ebook, the Ultimate Copywriting Guide. This ebook will teach you, through 77 tips on how to write a sales page or content copy that sells.

The cost of the ebook is only $17 and it is currently discounted for only $6.97  Live Marketing HQ review.

When you buy it, you get offered to get the Live Marketing HQ training that costs $47/month, and you can cancel anytime.

ClickBank marketplace provides training on two ways for making money.

  • As a publisher who sells his own product.
  • As an affiliate marketing who promotes others’ products for a commission.

For Who LMHQ is it?

Live Marketing HQ is another platform where people like moms. dads anybody who lost their jobs and wants to work online. This ebook is a step-by-step product that will help you build an online business to earn money from it.

Now besides the copywriting guide and the training of LM HQ. They also have software that you can use to build and host your sales pages, landing pages, opt-in pages, and more.

And that software is Builder 2.0, or AutoPilot Funnels, and it costs two payments of $297 each, for lifetime access.
You can choose to get the LMHQ training or the Builder 2.0 software or both of them.
That you can use if you want to make money as a ClickBank merchant or affiliate.

How does Live Marketing HQ work?

12 strategies as follows:

  1.   Today, content rules.
  2.   Know-like-trust-buy “gauntlet”.
  3.  Basics of a digital sales funnel.
  4.  Choose your weapon.
  5.   Make the ClickBank Marketplace your swipe file.
  6.  Know what’s going on with ClickBank.
  7.   Targeting-the key you need to understand your market.
  8.  Writing stories that sell & compel.
  9.   The hook is your market differentiation.
  10.  Research unlocks the riches you seek.
  11.  How to optimize your efforts.
  12.  The offer.

A guide from the Live Marketing HQ program. It’s a useful ebook that contains 77 tips from Matt O’Connor. Matt is a successful copywriter with more than 12 years of experience.

The LM HQ training program offers training on two business models:

  1.  Selling Your Own Products Through ClickBank.

ClickBank is a marketplace that sells digital products. Products such as courses, ebooks, software tools, and more…

2. Promoting Others Products  As an Affiliate Marketing



Live Marketing HQ training is an option on the checkout page and the software offers an upsell on the next page.

Pros & Cons;


  • The Ultimate Copywriting Guide is very helpful, and it’s being at a very low price. Live Marketing HQ.
  • Training is one of our favorite ways to making money online.  Digital publishing, and affiliate marketing.
  • The software offers two payments for lifetime access. They allow you to use it for unlimited products. Pages, opt-in pages, and membership sites.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Justin Atlan is an experienced internet marketer.


  • The Live Marketing HQ training program is still new. Since there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s risk-free to join it.
  • The monthly cost of the training is a bit pricey for some people.  Yet, you can cancel your membership anytime.
  • Justin will keep sending you promotional emails to join other programs.

lynesplan.comHello! My name is Lyne, Welcome to my space on the internet. Here you’ll find writing about topics such as creating More Income For Yourself By Working From The Comfort Of Your Home, online jobs, affiliate marketing, Deals, scams, saving, and making money.

It Can All Begin For You Starting Right Here with one click…

Final Thoughts

Live Marketing HQ is legit. The Ultimate Copywriting Guide is a good ebook. An ebook will be useful for all affiliates and digital publishers. People who are trying to make money online.

I recommend that you get the ebook at least since it they sell it now at a discounted price.

Live Marketing HQ focuses on how they teach you, how to make money as a merchant on ClickBank.

As an affiliate marketing through the paid traffic methods, which still costs you money to do.

So take this manual with our encouragements. Hold it close. Print it out.

For a Great Alternative

With a different approach to do affiliate marketing. Then I recommend you Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go. You’ll never be alone while you work on your website.  There is always an Expert there that can help you.

This is great having help when you need it!

You’ll learn how to build an affiliate business with organic traffic. (free traffic from SEO).  Wealthy Affiliate offers you all the necessary training and tools for almost the same cost as the Live Marketing HQ.  And, with WA you’ll get the help you need while working on your business.


Thank you for stopping by our website!

Wish you all the best!



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2 Replies to “What is Live Marketing HQ About?”

  1. Hi Lyne, I first came across Justin Atlan when I signed up for Clickbank University a few years back. While he was one of the teachers, he was also responsible in a big way for putting that course together, And it was Clickbank’s official training program. So Justin is the real deal when looking for a legitimate mentor/coach (there are so many fake “gurus” out there). I hadn’t heard about Live Marketing HQ, so thanks for letting us know about it.

    1. Hello Gary, happy to hear that. Justin Atlan built this training for people who want to learn about affiliate marketing. And I know it’s a great course because one of my friends try it and is still with Live marketing HQ. It’s a great platform to work with
      Thank you for your comment

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