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  1. This is one of the most honest perpetual income reviews I have seen out there. You covered the most important points people might need to know. That’s awesome.

    Honestly, solo ads aren’t good for beginners. And as you stated in this review, the newbies might earn some money. But will it be profits? I don’t think so. Solo ads are very dangerous for beginners, that’s why I don’t always recommend that route.

    Plus, you only have the ability to promote one product!? Affiliate Marketing means promoting every single product of your choice, not only one. So, this reduces the earning potential.

    I also hate the fact that with perpetual income, you don’t own the business. And this is very problematic. I mean, If the system crashes, you lose everything. That’s the main issue with Done-For-You systems. They don’t teach you how to do affiliate marketing.

    I hope many beginners see your review before joining this program.


    1. Hi Warly, I try to be the most honest possible, I read a lot on Perpetual Incom 365 and some reviews out there recommend it…

      Me no I don’t recommend it, if you know how to count it’s easy to see that there is more fee than ROI before you make profits from Perpetual Income 365 you will be spending a lot. And tell me about promoting only one product…wow what if the platform shut down well there you go no more income… I really don’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket… Affiliate Marketing is to promote more than one product so you can make a real income from home.
      I search for a long time before joining Wealthy Affiliate and I’m very happy to have joined them. Now I’m working from home most of the time so this is great. I just love it.

      Thank you for stopping by my site

  2. This is a perfect layout of what the WA platform has to offer others that are looking for perpetual income. We’ve been using the WA platform and love the results that it has for us, listen to Lyne, and she will who you what you’ll need to know.


    1. Thank you Matt/Doloris, I agree with you Wa is a great place to work with and you’ll get so much inspiration and motivation from the people on this platform, it is really a great place for beginners.
      All the best

  3. That’s a really honest review, which is very difficult to find nowadays. When I start reading I thought it was a great idea but then going through your article we can see that things doesn’t work in that way. We know there is no magic to earn money online but a lot of works.

    Thank you for sharing your review and make us more aware and be more careful when choosing to embark in any online adventure.

    1. Hello TGP, It’s the same as an outside job, there is no magic way to make money online. Every job outdoor or work at home will need some work to be successful. Nobody can make such easy money like some ads. The magic of all this is to find a good platform to work with to learn with the best, and have confidence in the work you do. Thank you for stopping by

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