What is Real Money?

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What is Real Money Stream?

Real Money Streams is a website that provides you many opportunities to earn money. By doing fun tasks at your leisure and earn thousands of dollars per month. It provides you online as well as offline opportunities to work with.
Real Money Streams claims that you do not need to have any previous experience or skills. To complete their tasks, also claims that there are all kinds of tasks that are available. One will have ample opportunities to earn money from this website.

what is real money streams.com


  • Product: Real Money Stream
  • Website URL: RealMoneyStream.com
  • Owner: Chris Johnson
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Recommended: NO…

How does it work?

When you become a member of Real Money Streams. They will present the bonuses before the differents areas to work.

Bonuses Include the following:

  • Special bonus videos
  • Quickstart Guide to making RealMoneyStreams eBook
  • Beginners Guide to work online
  • The complete paid to surf the net
  • The Secret High Paying Online Jobs

You’ll also get access to their Massive Reference Library

  • Blogging Professional
  • Domain Cash Generator
  • Google Adwords & Adsense made simple
  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program
  • Twitter profits Unleashed
  • Selling on eBay
  • Get paid via PayPal online cheque or Bank Transfer.

The Product

Most of these items are of lesser value, some of them are disappointing. The special bonuses at the start of this list for example. This is a link to a different, very poor-quality program.
If you click to watch the special bonus videos. They send you to another site completely. It is called OnlineProfitsBreakthrough.com. Whoever owns Real Money Streams will earn a commission. If you sign up for this program because they are an affiliate.
So what’s going on here is that the owner of Real Money Streams? They found various low-income ways to make money online and packaged it up to sell as Real Money Streams. This owner will earn money when you buy the product. Small commissions with some of the tasks involved.

The owner sets up a nice page in the member’s area with various tasks that you can choose to complete. Each of these tasks has a link that takes you to Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is a section of the Amazon platform, where you can perform various tasks for a fixed fee.

Amazon Turk is a crowdsourced website.  A website that allows business owners to outsource various tasks.  So Real Money Streams is an affiliate of Amazon.  They are playing the middleman by getting jobs for these companies…

Crowdsourcing is a sourcing model. Sourcing is which individuals or organizations get goods and services. Including ideas, voting, micro-tasks. Finances from a larger, open, and often evolving group of participants.

The fees that you paid for these menial tasks are very minor.  The majority of these are paying a few cents for each activity you complete.  Some even say that you’d be lucky to earn about $1.75 per hour.

Offline Tasks

These tasks to do are often a mystery shopper type. You’ll see a map showing where these activities you can do.
Then choose a task like examining a store, checking menus are correct. Shelves stocked, or other things businesses want to know about their competition.
While this is also a legitimate method of making a few bucks, the returns are very low. Not only is the pay mediocre, but you are also supposed to be there. It might cost you more than the task itself.
There’s also the fact that there is a limited time. You’ll find that most jobs are in major cities, rather than in rural areas.

Pros and Cons:


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • ClickBank Product


  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Old and outdated material
  • Very little pay for much work
  • Many negative points for this product

If you’re really looking to make money online and you’re ready to put time, energy into it here is my #1 Recommendation.

My One Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate


Why Wealthy Affiliate is my one recommendation to make a passive income from home.  You’ll work may be as much as all those products ask you to work but all the time-work you’ll put into will be for you… for your own online business.

You’ll be the only one who makes the commissions and you don’t have to share your earnings with WA… NO!  All the commissions you make it is yours to keep.  This is your Business, your earning.

There’s a lot to learn when you register at Wealthy Affiliate, but all the time, the energy you’ll put into this is for you.

For your own Benefits, and believe me, Benefit will be there…

Help from Wealthy Affiliate.

With us, at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll receive the help and support you need.  I’ll be there to answer your questions and to help you. We are real people in the community. How an affiliate like me can earn trust? By recommending to you the right things and telling you the real story.
So trust me for a while! I can save you one or two years of sheer waste of both time and money, as you try one scheme after another, online. I have been there and done it all. 

Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate

If you register Premium member yes there is a fee of $19 for the first month. Then $49 per month (this is $1.59 per day only) (after but you’ll have an ROI (return on investment). If you promote wealthy affiliates see what you will receive for commission:
Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online. You can earn consistent revenue by referring others to the community!

Per Premium Signup

Commissions are $8.00 for the first month $19.00 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly commissions.


Per Premium Plus Signup

Commissions are $23.50 for the first month’s $49.00 special offer, then $46.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $11.75 for special offer referrals, then $23.25 monthly, and $232.50 yearly commissions.


Back to Real Money Streams

Is Real Money Streams a scam?  No…

Would I recommend it?   No

Real Money Streams is not a scam. It has provides some training and a money-back guarantee since it is a ClickBank product. This program is a waste of time, it’s outdated and you will not make $500/week.
It isn’t a scam because there’s actually a product attached, even if it is old.  You can find much better yourself with a simple click below.
If you’re serious about making money online, there are some excellent ways to do this. I found the easiest way, with the fewest start-up costs is blogging or affiliate marketing.
With the proper training and tools. You can make yourself a generous monthly passive income.

Isn’t that the best way to go? Doing work now that could still be paying you months and years down the road? This is what I do, and I can tell you it works!

Final Thoughts

It’s that there’s no way you’re going to see an income of $500+ per week. You get pocket-change if you’re lucky, but that’s about it.
This product creator has put a lot of hype into video making. You think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But unfortunately, that’s all it is. HYPE!
Now granted, in 2013, these sites offered better-paying jobs than they do now.  Who knows?  If this person cared about helping people, he’d update his product and tell the truth!
Thank you for stopping by my site. Leave a comment, and if you want to do affiliate marketing with us at Wealthy Affiliate, create an account.
A new beginning can start TODAY!


All the best!


Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

4 Replies to “What is Real Money?”

  1. Hi Lyne,

    Thank you for the warning about Real Money! Ive been trying really hard to get involved in making money online as Im sick of working my 9-5. I’ve been super overwhelmed with all the products out there and all the overhyped scams, like Real Money… Do you have any resources or tolls that you WOULD recommend??

    1. Hello Dev,
      Yes, I have an alternative if you look at the post I wrote about my number one recommendation with Wealthy Affiliate, You’ll learn all you need to know to build your Online Business. I recommend it’s my number one platform to make a passive income from home.
      Thank you for stopping by my site

  2. It is important people understand the building a thriving online business takes time. Of course there are many ways to make quick bucks online and some people would prefer that route but if your intention is to create a long lasting online business then you need to invest in yourself and genuinely help people. Thanks for sharing a explicate post on Real Money Stream and it’s modus operandi.

    1. Hello Satz, Yes there are a lot of quick ways to make money but most of those who you can make quick money must cost more than what you’ll earn. Here RM Streams is not a scam but let me tell you that here you’ll spend more than you’ll earn for sure. Your best try is to start with a wealthy affiliate you can only make a blog and it can pay a little. Thank you

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