What is Videly About?

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What is Videly?

Videly is a cloud-based software. It will show you how to put together a video that is already made and posted to someone on the internet. It is a tool that will help when creating videos. What is videly about?

Videly helps to find untapped buyer keywords. It helps you to get better rankings on Google and YouTube.

what is videly about

How much does Videly cost?

VideLy has only a one-time fee, no monthly payment.

What is Videly about and how much it cost?

  • Price: $47
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Vendor: Vlad & Stoica
  • Support: dedicated and responsive
  • Recommended: Yes, we recommend it!

What is Videly About?

The Software works in Hindi or any other language and in any Niche.  You can do keyword research and rank for any foreign language. Actually, ranking in foreign languages is even easier.
About 75% of marketers use YouTube to promote their products and services. Videly is a powerful marketing keyword tool. For Youtube ranking, and for affiliate marketers to work with.
The owner develops Videly with reverse engineering to the Youtube algorithm.
In this way, Videly makes a search in the Youtube data and finds the best keywords for your Videos.
The potential of traffic in SEO is incredible. If you want more views for your offers, local businesses, and/or your blog.
Videly is the one!


How Does it work?

Videly has 3 Steps to follow:

1) Find Untapped Keywords: When you enter the dashboard, you enter a keyword related to your video and your niche. Then Videly will generate the Titles and descriptions for your video.

2)Autopilot SEO Optimization:  With one click Videly will analyze your competitors. It will identify all the weak points in their videos and will exploit them.  After a few seconds, Videly give you a balanced combination. A combination of title descriptions and tags that will get you Top Rankings!

3)Copy/Paste and Profit!  Upload your new video or update your existing video title, description, and tags. The on Youtube watch the views flooding your offers, and it will tell you how many Competitors.

Videly will tell you how many monthly searches there are for each keyword. It will also tell you how hard or easy it is to RANK for those keywords.

what is videly about

Who can use Videly?

Here is a list of people or companies who can use Videly:

  • SEO beginner
  • Agency
  • Bloggers
  • Youtuber
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online business builder for SEO, keywords, and ranking

BONUS included from Videly

1)Content Syndication Training:

40 On-Screen, Easy-To-Follow. Video Tutorials on how to market and publish your content.

2) Facebook Marketing Excellence:

Facebook marketing excellence training guide. Cheatsheet, mind map, resource report, and 10 info-packed training videos!

3) Influential Blogging:

Beginners Guide To Your Path To Becoming a Better Blogger For More Influence and Success

4) E-mail Domination:

Within this package, you’ll find videos that will help you to build your Email list

5) Webinar Conversions Blueprint:

Step-by-Step Video Course How to Build High Converting Sales.  Webinars From Start to Finish

6) The Traffic Handbook:

In this ebook, you will learn how to drive traffic.

7) 7 Figure Mastery:

Several are organized into 32 parts. This epic course is all you need to know on how to start one successful 6 figure online business!

8) Foolproof Webinar Follow-Ups:

7-Part, Step-by-Step Video Course.  Why Your Existing Webinar Isn’t Producing The Sales Conversions You Want. You’ll Also Learn How to Take It To The Next Level, and Skyrocket Your Sales Conversions… Starting Today!

9) Email Marketing Influence:

Learn More About Email Marketing Strategies

10) Product Launch Ignition:

This bonus will help you in launching your first online product without any hassle.

11) FB Ad Secrets: 

A step-by-step training course that shows you how to run successful Facebook ads

12) Smart Funnels Blueprint:

How to set up your sales funnel to achieve this goal in finding the “diamond in the rough” buyers.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

Videly Pros and Cons:


  • Reverse Engineers Goolge & YT Ranking System
  • Finds untapped, buyer keywords that can exploit.
  • Gets Ranked to perfect SEO optimized Titles, Description and Tags
  • Works in any language or any other language, and in any Niche!
  • Drives 100%  free visitors from Google and Youtube
  • Tap into the massive potential of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO


  • Need Internet connection every time you need to use it
  • No Download
  • Can bug a bit (low chance)

Is Videly legit or a Scam?

Videly is legit and yes, this software is worth buying. It will help you rank on YouTube and Google. Now more people try to rank for a keyword and it’s starting to become more competitive in today’s era. We know that it will still go up.
For anyone that is also trying to start an agency by helping clients with SEO… Then suggest buying Videly. 
If you’re a Content Creator, Advertiser, Business Owner, or/and an affiliate marketer… Videly power tool is for you.

An Alternative for Videly is Jaaxy!

What is Jaaxy and what can JAAXY can do?

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, similar to Videly.  For affiliate marketers, Jaaxy comes free with a Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Keyword research
  • Alphabet Soup Search used with Google Instant
  • Brainstorm 100 fresh Ideas and
  • create and Manage powerful lists of keyword
  • getting rankings and
  • SEO tools
  • determining site rank (where am I ranked in Google)
  • finding affiliate programs
  • Keyword lists manager
  • certain types of keywords and
  • also program details
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program, Finder
  • Site Rank Analysis

what is videly about, what is jaaxy

How much Jaaxy cost?

Jaaxy has 3 differents Plans:

  • Free Plan: limited to 30 searches or site lookups
  • Jaaxy Pro: start at $49 per month
  • Jaaxy Enterprise: starts at $99 per month.

To read the full review of Jaaxy Research Tool and you can try it now!

We recommend  100 % Jaaxy when building a website. Jaaxy is a must if you want SEO (search engine optimization) to find and get more free traffic on your website.
Building an online business is enough challenges, why add more?
Jaaxy keywords research tool is one important tool to work with while building a website.
Thank you for stopping by my website and if you have any questions, it will be a pleasure for us to answer them.

Wish you all the best!






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  1. I haven’t begun to make my own videos yet, but when I do, I think this tool will be very useful, especially if it can check the competition and help us outrank them by generating better titles and keywords.

    Great idea and the price is ok as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

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