What is Viglink.com

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What is Viglink.com?

VigLink is a tool that connects advertisers (affiliate marketers, bloggers, publishers, etc…) to merchants.  You can say it is an affiliate network program that offers a win-win situation for both parties.

It’s similar in some ways to affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ShareA Sale.  Through VigLink can do so much more than what ordinary affiliate networks can do.  You can use it as an ad network as well as the affiliate network. If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, read my post on Affiliate Marketing.


what is viglink, affiliate link generator


How Does VigLink Work?

When signing up with VigLink, it’ll scan your complete website. After scan help, you insert profitable and suitable affiliate links into your content.
Now, VigLink works with 30 000 and more merchants. Then they have plenty of affiliate programs associated with them. 
You earn a commission as soon as a reader makes a buy.  If the links are Pay Per Click (PPC) links then you get the commission every time someone clicks on it.
It has Cost Per Click, Cost Per Action, and Cost Per Sale advertisers, but most of them cost Per Sale products. If your website or niche cannot make sales, you will earn less compare to Infolinks. But if your website depends on affiliate marketing, you will make a good income with this network.

what is viglink



When you install the VigLink code on your Website, it will automatically link your keywords to the advertiser’s websites.  It will also convert your existing links to affiliate links.  When anyone purchases through that link, you will get a commission.  That means there is a chance to get extra income with your existing content and links.

VigLink can be used with other affiliate networks like Adsense and Media.net Ads also.

What is more profitable than this…
VigLink automatically hyperlinks the terms as an affiliate link if it matches or suits the commercial products or services.

Basically, you’ll get access to plenty of affiliate programs just by making an account with VigLink.

It”s FREE.

You don’t need to apply for all sorts of various affiliate programs individually at all.

Products and Advertisers.

It has Cost Per Click, Cost Per Action, and Cost Per Sale advertisers, but most of them cost Per Sale products. If your website depends on affiliate marketing, you will make a good income with this network.

It is a huge network with over 50000 advertisers and 500M+ products, 250M+ daily active consumers, and $1 B+ annual consumer purchases.  I did not see any other affiliate network with this number of advertisers. It is partnered with almost all retail stores like Amazon and all other digital products and services.

what is viglink for

Here are some Merchants from Viglink.

I’ll present three of Viglink merchants but there is a lot more than three.


a viglink merchand quill

Quill.com is a Retail Store Supplier that sells:

  • Office supplier
  • Office technology
  • Safety supplier
  • Healthy supplier
  • Workwear supplier
  • Teaching School supplier
  • Tool part supplier
  • Coffee & Breakroom supplier

city cuircut

Circuitcity.com is the third VigLink merchant that I want to present to you. Circuit city sells

  • Computer & Tablets
  • Appliances
  • Cell phone
  • Car electronic GPS
  • TV& home theater
  • Camera & camcorders
  • Video game
  • Home, Garage & office

And you recognize this big sign…


Walmart link for affiliate marketing

Even the big Supercenter Walmart is a Marchand of Viglink.

VigLink Convert

VigLink convert will automatically transfer any already existing non-affiliated links on your website into affiliate links to generate more money for you. Not all the links your post have will be turned into affiliate links.  The system will first scan your complete website’s link and will match it with their affiliate program database to spot which link has the potential to make money.

When somebody clicks on any link will be redirected to the sale page also known as the “Affiliate Page” of that particular product or service related to your blog category. After the transition is done, the commission will be credited to your VigLink account which later on can be transferred into your Paypal or bank account.

VigLink Insert

VigLink automates the process of identification of commercial keywords (name of any goods/services) from website articles and hyperlinks them with the most profitable affiliate offer they have.  All you need to do is just focus on writing good articles and VigLink insert automatically links commercial keywords on your behalf.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!

VigLink Anywhere

Unlike other affiliate networks, VigLink isn’t limited to just making money from the website.  It gives you the power to make money through social media and Email Marketing. VigLink Anywhere is the coolest feature that gives you the capability to generate custom merchant (Commercial/referral) links to promote it anywhere you want; it’d be a Facebook (status, comment, or message), Twitter, Email list, or any social networks…

You’ve copied the URL of any offer you want to promote and paste it into Viglink Anywhere and you’ll get a custom referral.

Viglink merchant

How to Sign Up with VigLink?

  1. Go to VigLink
  2. Sign up as a Publisher
  3. Put Your Email Address & Password
  4. Enter your Website URL
  5. Select Website Category
  6. Check your inbox
  7. Click on the confirmation link
  8. Your request will be held under review
  9. Once Approved, Set up your profile
  10. Configure your campaign (Campaign title, type, category, and CMS you use)
  11. Sign up Done!

Will it have an effect on existing affiliate links?

No, it will not affect your existing affiliate links. When you select Reaffiliate affiliated links option in the settings, it will convert all your existing affiliate links with VigLink affiliate links. Otherwise, your affiliate links work as usual.


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Final Thoughts!

All beginners should learn about VigLink, this one is a must…

VigLink has a referral program also.  If you refer VigLink to your readers of friends, they pay you 35 % of the VigLink commission for the first year.

Thank you for stopping by my site, don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.






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  1. Wow, that is so interesting. Great also for new affiliate marketers who can save lots of time approaching businesses individually.

    Having said that, they don’t seem to have my niche (helping new bloggers to get started) although I have another blog on Personal Development that it could work for.

    Many thanks for sharing.



    1. Hi Jean, Happy to share with you, when I learn about VigLink I was surprised about everything they have for affiliate marketing it’s a very good platform for beginners. Happy to shared with you
      thank you for your comment

  2. Hi Lyne, I was very interested in reading about Viglink and will definitely look into it. It’s good to hear you can keep existing affiliate links, but I wonder if Google Adsense allows Viglink. I’ve started making fairly decent amounts with Adsense so wouldn’t want to lose it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lyne, I have never heard of viglink. I find this to be very interesting and do believe I will give this a try. I am very new to the world of affiliate marketing and I am always learning new things. Without you, I probably would have never heard of this either. I am going to bookmark your post so I can come back to it to get started. Thank you

    1. Hello, I heard about them since February but never read a post of it until just a week ago. So that when I decide to do a post of it and let beginners like me know about it… I’ve been band from Adsense, don’t know why so I decided to go with VigLink. thank you for reading and bookmark as well. I really appreciate it

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