What is Wealthy Affiliate For?

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My goal with Wealthy Affiliate!

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Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can learn affiliate marketing.

Here below I’m going to write about my goals at a wealthy affiliate.  I want to share with you my journey since I register and I’m very happy to have made this decision and worked with WA.

Well here I am at my three (3) months with Wealthy Affiliate, my goal was to have my website running on SEO and I did it.  At this time I decide to change and start another website after two (2) days of working on my first one.

Why would I do that?

Here a little story about my first day with WA. Start my training, choose my domain name, built the website choose my theme, and worked on my site for two (2) days, and after two (2) days trash my first website.

Why trash it after two days?

The domain I choose at first, I didn’t understand very well what I was doing at the beginning so I choose a domain about a product I don’t really know about and after two days my about me page, policy page, and one post and after that, I had nothing more to talk about this product.

So I went and buy another domain name in another very different Niche from the first one. I didn’t understand very well what was a Niche at first so that why I change after the first two days. And now I have my new website built, writing posts about this topic, and it was a great Niche by the way…

My Three (3) months at Wealthy Affiliate!

My third month was good I had 26 published posts from my second website, a couple of outside visitors but not very much. I start a new strategy that my coach suggested and start another website on another completely different Niche from the second website.

Why again starting all over?

Here is why. The second website that I start was good but I went with a too big competitive niche and it would have taken me too much time to get on the first page of google of any SEO.

Another reason I change Niche Again, I write some posts to reviews Jaaxy research tools, wealthy affiliate review, and talking about SEO, traffic that wasn’t relevant with my second Niche

That the reason I try another one with keyword research and very low QRS for my website. (QRS from Jaaxy research platform)  I took the posts I’ve written on my second website and transfer them to my third Niche choice.

So I register my third domain name and choose a Niche where the products are easier to find and review. And start to write posts on my third website. This was at the end of April 2020.

I already had 6 posts from my other website that I trash and worked hard and in mid-July, I publish some posts and I had my third (3) website running out and continued to work on it.

Why was it easier for reviews?

It was easier to write reviews for me because I start to write posts about the training I was doing here at Wealthy Affiliate. Start by What is a NICHE? That post was easy for me to write because I mix up three-time so I learn a lot from the mistakes I made. So I took my 2 first niches errors and write a post out of these mistakes, and It turns out to be a very good post.

My six (6) months with Wealthy Affiliate!

July was my six months of learning and working with Wealthy Affiliate. But for my third website has only one month publish. My third month with my new third website was in September and I had…

28 published posts
12 review posts, 16 general keyword

  • 28 posts x 5 clicks per day (average) = 140 clicks/day Not bad for only 2 months published.


Now I’m at my 9 1/2 months with Wealthy Affiliate and almost finish my Online Entrepreneur Certification.  If you’re reading this post then I am certified as Online Entrepreneur.

My website is running great on SEO and I already have some people who register to my Aweber Email List, and I have 2 referrals with Wealthy Affiliate. They are not registered Premium but still, they start for Free and register. So I think that my website is going well for me now.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Just 9 months and I learned so much with Wealthy Affiliate… I didn’t know much about working online and didn’t really believe it at first, but it is the right way to do it, to make money online is with Wealthy Affiliate where you learn to become an entrepreneur and make a passive income from home.

For nine 9th months, I have

  • 60 posts
  • 30 review posts
  • 30 general keywords posts
  • 19 subscribes to my Emails list


My twelve (12) months with Wealthy Affiliate!

In three months I’ll be at my one-year anniversary working with WA. I would have to come back and write my adventure but for now, I will work and give all the best and make at least 10 or 12 posts from now.  My objective is to have more subscribers and some referrals to register for premium members with us at Wealthy Affiliate.

In this post, I want to say Thank you to Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all the expert help I received on this platform I never thought that working on the internet you can have that much help I received, and motivating words from the members.

Thank you for following me on my journey friends!

Final thought!

This is my journey with Wealthy Affiliate and I suggest you people who want to make money …No I recommend anybody who wants to work online, make money online and become an affiliate marketing.

Start with us at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn everything that you’ll need to know to work with SEO, Keywords, and all those software where we don’t know about but you’ll learn here at WA and all its community of good experts and beginners.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!  If you decide to register with us at Wealthy Affiliate search for my name Lynep65 and I’ll be there for you.  And if you register and start your training I highly suggest that you follow Jay’s training with video when doing your courses here is his link to Jay!

Review; Wealthy Affiliate!

All the Best!!!

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