Write Good Introduction for Your Posts

Write a Good Introduction for your blog post?

A good introduction to a blog post will allow you to immediately add value to your audience. It helps to arouse curiosity to make you want to read more and also plays a role in SEO. In short, it’s a super powerful 3 in 1 paragraph.

Writing a good introduction to a blog post is, thus, an important step in the writing process. Yet it can be overlooked. Personally, I know that if I am tired or in a rush, I will tend not to think about my intro. And chances are that you too find yourself in this situation on a regular basis!

However, your intro is the first impression you will have when you open your article. It must thus be treated.

So what should you think about in the introduction to your blog posts? When to write it? What elements can you add to make it look great? Here are all my tips on the subject!


Good Introduction

The two main elements for the introduction of a blog post

There are two things that can transform the introduction of a blog post. Make it more impactful, catchy, and problematic. If you want to improve your articles.
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The hook – on how to write a good introduction

Your hook is what allows you to catch your reader’s attention, to bond with her in a way. You catch her attention and make her more attentive to what you’re going to say next.
To make a hook, you have several possibilities. Storytelling includes in your introduction. A story, an anecdote, a situation, values… which illustrate your subject. By doing this, you arouse curiosity and you help your audience to feel concerned. The facts with certain themes and certain subjects. You can start with facts, figures, a very concrete situation.
It will allow you to establish your authority and inspire confidence. A little touch of humor can humanize your introduction. It can immediately create a friendly bond.
Either way and for the rest of your article, feel free to be yourself. It’s your peculiarities and your way of expressing yourself that build a unique feather.

The problem – on how to write a good introduction

An effective blog post is one that answers a problem your audience is having. And who says the problem, says problematic. If you’ve ever written essays, this is bound to remind you of something.

Your problem, it announces the color. She said: “okay, here we are going to talk about such and such a subject. And we are going to give solutions to such and such a question”.
Your reader, immediately understands that she is in the right place and if she wants to stay and read more!

The most basic formulation of a problem is to ask a question, quite. It doesn’t have to be but doesn’t try to do “better” by avoiding the issue. In a blog post, I find the question has the merit of getting to the point and being effective. We know that the reader can leave very, very, so keeping it simple and efficient is always a good idea.

Optimize the introduction of a blog post

Since we are talking about blogging and the web. There is bound to be an “optimization” dimension that can also be added to your article introduction.

SEO in the introduction of a blog post

Your blog post introduction is no exception to SEO. Optimization for natural referencing in search engines.
So how do you optimize the introduction of your article? So that Google immediately understands what’s present your content, and to the right people?

The main action is to use your keyword, of course. The main keyword of your article should appear as quickly as possible. It has to be in the first paragraph and if you put it in the first sentence, even better.

By doing this, you set the scene right away, and you help Google understand that these are the words that matter. You can also bold your keyword to make it even more prominent.

Add a call to action

Optimization is not just about SEO! Your blog post introduction can also be optimized to convert your audience. And in particular to increase subscriptions to your newsletter.

You might tell me: isn’t it a bit too early to put in a form to subscribe to the newsletter FROM the introduction? Frankly, I thought the same before, and I completely changed my mind … because it works!
So of course, you don’t just give them the idea to sign up for your newsletter. You offer them to receive something that is related to the theme of your article. (beware of the GDPR: you must also indicate that people will also receive your newsletter).

This is not a cold sale, that comes out of nowhere, and indeed surely wouldn’t be relevant. On the contrary: you add even more value, by offering even more content to help your audience. And that’s great!

How to write a good introduction?

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Back to a good introduction…

The introduction of an article comes at the end!

If you wrote essays when you were a high school student. Your teachers might have already given you this advice. An introduction must be written last!
And for a blog post, it’s the same thing. Your introduction will be much better constructed and effective if you save it to the end.
Write your entire blog post first before.
Thank you to take the time to read my posts!
How do you start your post? 
Do you write the post and write the introduction at the last?
Let me know in the comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Write Good Introduction for Your Posts”

    • Hi Brianna, Yes, I start with “the questions as “what is the product about.” How does it work and so on? And after all that I write my introduction, it helps me with my keywords and where to put them. Also, help me how to start the post. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. I write often and find the most challenging part about doing a post is coming up with an intro that sells. That’s how my attitude is because it acts as the beginning of a job interview. If the intro doesn’t have the “wow” factor then what will the rest of the article be like?

    • Hi Millie, It is the most challenging part of the article. You want your readers to be captive right from the beginning! At first, I wrote all my articles, and when I was finished, I’d always come back to the intro and change it all over. The intro is the place where all readers stop read if it’s not “catchy” right away! And you want to keep them captive right away.
      Thank you for stopping by!


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